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Amla - Nature's Richest Source of Natural Vitamin C

Amla or Indian gooseberry is just a small berry but it has Natural Vitamin C which is just about equal to 30 oranges !! Isn't it amazing ! !

Yes, it's true. Amla berries are so sour to taste and they are so rich in natural vitamin C. Herbal supplements which are made from natural sources are always better than their counterparts or chemical based vitamins.

Chemical Composition of Amla Fruit

The fruit pulp, which constitutes 90.97 per cent of the whole fruit, contains 70.5 per cent moisture. The total soluble solids constitute 23.8 per cent of the juice. The acidity of Amla is 3.28 per cent on pulp basis. The pulp contains 5.09 percent total sugars and 5.08 per cent reducing sugars. The ascorbic acid content is 1,094.53 mg per 100 ml of juice. The tannins and pectin content of the pulp is 2.73 per cent and 0.59 per cent respectively.

The fruit pulp contains 0.75 per cent protein. The mineral content of the edible portion, as represented by its ash, is 2.922 per cent. The percentage content of the mineral elements, viz. phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron is 0.027, 0.368, 0.059, 0.248 and 0.004 respectively.

Comparison of Amla Saar with Other Sources of Vitamin C

Daily Requirement of Vitamin C 90-150 mg per da

1. Amla Saar 625-930mg
2. Kaju (Cashew Nuts-kernels) 200 mg
3. Amrood (Guava) 160 mg
4. Dhania Leaves (Green Coriander) 135 mg
5. Chukandar (Beetroot) 88 mg
6. Cabbage 85 mg
7. Papaya 57 mg
8. Cauliflower 56 mg
9. Pineapple 39 mg
10. Orange 30 mg
11. Lemon 26 mg

Amla juice reduces unwanted fat because it increases total protein levels; this is due to its ability to create a positive nitrogen balance and it also significantly reduces the levels of free fatty acids. In addition, Amla, in a raw or natural form, reduces cholesterol and cholesterol induced atherosclerosis (Obstruction of the arteries), making it a useful natural product to fight obesity. One study shows that it prevented atheroma (degeneration of the artery walls due to fat and scar tissue). Furthermore, Amla juice has exhibited considerable effect in inhibiting the HIV virus which ultimately results in the disease AIDS.

Medicinal Properties of Amla

The medicinal properties of Emblica officinalis have been mentioned by many authors.

  • Journal of Ethnopharmacol 1996 Feb;50(2):61-8 Hypolipidaemic effect of fruit juice of Emblica officinalis in cholesterol-fed rabbits. By Mathur R, Sharma A, Dixit VP, Varma M. - Department of Home Science (Food and Nutrition), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India. The lipid lowering and antiatherosclerotic effects of Emblica officinalis (Amla) fresh juice were evaluated in cholesterol-fed rabbits (rendered hyperlipidaemic by atherogenic diet and cholesterol feeding). E. officinalis fresh juice was administered at a dose of 5 ml/kg body weight per rabbit per day for 60 days. Serum cholesterol, TG, phospholipid and LDL levels were lowered by 82%, 66%, 77% and 90%, respectively. Similarly, the tissue lipid levels showed a significant reduction following E. officinalis juice administration. Aortic plaques were regressed. E. officinalis juice treated rabbits excreted more cholesterol and phospholipids, suggesting that the mode of absorption was affected. E. officinalis juice is an effective hypolipidaemic agent and can be used as a pharmaceutical tool in hyperlipidaemic subjects.
  • Amla Saar is used in treatment of Acne and other skin problems.
  • Amla Saar is very effective in treatment of Acidity and Peptic ulcers.
  • Amla Saar is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, essential amino acids and many other vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Regular Use of Amla Saar improves immunity, fights cancers, rejuvenates the body.
  • It fights chronic diseases like hypertension, high Cholesterol, Diabetes, AIDS, influenza, Chronic cough and cold, Chronic infections, Chronic fatigue and Chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Ayurveda describes it as one of the best herbs for Diabetes, bleeding disorders, strength and stamina promoter.

Amla Supplements

Planet Ayurveda provides 4 Amla supplements which are 100 percent pure and natural. All the supplements are free from chemicals and side effects and are 100 percent vegetarian. The Amla supplements of Planet Ayurveda contains pure Amla (Indian gooseberry) in it.

1. Amla Capsules (Amlaki Rasayan)

Amla Capsules are nature's richest source of natural vitamin C Amla capsules are one of the best natural supplements of Vitmain C. Amla capsules contain standardized extract of Amla fruit pulp. Our Amla capsules do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, coloring or flavoring agents. They are 100 % natural Vitamin C supplement and are way better than their un-natural vitamin C supplements.

  • Serving Size - 1 Vegi Cap
  • Servings Per Container - 60
  • Each 500 mg Capsule Contains - Best Quality Standardized Herbal Extract of Amla berries 10:1

Dosage : 1-2 capsules twice daily, with plain water

2. Amla Saar - The Purest Amla Juice

Amla is perhaps the single most often mentioned herb in "Charak Samhita" - Ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine literature (500 BC). The fruit is has the highest content of vitamin C of any natural occurring substances in nature. Amla is most useful treatment of ulcers and hyperacidity. Amla builds immune system to fight against all kind of viruses like that of Hepatitis, AIDS, Influenza and many others.

The Vitamin C content of Amla Saar is between 625 mg - 930 mg per 100 grams ! Amla juice has 20-25 times more vitamin C than orange juice. Wow ! Isn't it amazing ?


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