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Ashwagandha Capsules - Digestion Improvement, Stomach Disorders Treatment

People often have gastro-intestinal problems. Ashwaganda improves digestion. Ashwaganda normalize the hormones cortisol, epinepherine, and norepinepherine -- which when raised will route the blood away from the digestive system leading to symptoms of various stomach disorders. Ashwagandha is a Dietary Supplement known by the botanical name withania somnifera. Some use this product for stress relief while others take it for its antioxidant benefits. Ashwagandha root contains flavonoids and ingredients of the withanolide class. Ashwagandha capsules help people strengthen their immune system after an illness. They also provide nourishment to bones and muscles. In curing constipation ashwagandha capsule are very much beneficial.

Ashwagandha capsules reduce anxiety and stress levels, increases vitality and vigor. It improves both physical and mental performance. As A Dietary Supplement ashwagandha dosage is a rejuvenating herb that helps improve physical and mental ability, supports energy, stamina, vitality, and is a tonic to overall health. Ashwagandha capsules support the immune system, and helps in cases of nervous debility and seminal debility. The leaves of ashwagandha are used in the treatment of tumors and inflammation in various stomach parts. Ashwagandha is a potential source of hypoglycemic, diuretic and hypocholesterolemic agents. It helps in increasing urine sodium, urine volume, significant decrease in serum cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (low density lipoproteins) and VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) cholesterol, hence it is helpful in treating various stomach disorders.

  • Serving Size - 1 Vegi Cap
  • Servings Per Container - 60
  • Each 500 mg Capsule Contains - Best Quality Herbal Extracts 10:1

Dosage - 1-2 capsules twice daily, with plain water after meals

Ashwagandha capsules are considered magnificent for the heart and lungs. Regular intake of Ashwagandha Capsules controls the blood pressure and regulates the heartbeat naturally. It has a strong protective effect on the nervous system. It also works as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain and swellings. Ashwagandha revitalizes body and decreases body fatigue caused due to accumulation of toxins in the body. It helps to maintain proper nourishment of the tissues while supporting the proper function of the reproductive system. There is no limit to the benefits provided by these capsules. This powerful herb provides with all of the health support in respect to various stomach disorders like constipation and gastro-intestinal problems. Ashwagandha promotes natural ability of the body to fight stresses, including those related to poor diet and resultantly support circulatory, immune, adrenal, and reproductive systems in the body.

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