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Ayurvedic Treatment of Eczema

EczemaAbout Eczema

The word eczema is derived from the greek word "eczein" which means "to boil". Eczema is a medical condition in which the skin become red, itchy, and rough. It causes the skin to become inflamed and people generally call it dermatitis.

Types of Eczema

There are different types of eczema which are explained below:

1. Atopic dermatitis

It is also known as atopic eczema and is the most common type of eczema. Mostly it affects skin on the hands, feet, face and back of the knees. It can occur at any age but usually begins during childhood.

2. Contact dermatitis

Chemicals and frequent hand washing are the main cause of this type of eczema. It can occur by coming into contact with an allergic substance (allergic contact dermatitis) and by touching a strong irritating substance (Irritant contact dermatitis).

3. Dyshidrotic dermatitis

It affects hands and feet. Severe Itching may be the first symptom. Later on, blister can appear and then scaly patches can appear.

4. Nummular dermatitis

It affects men more than women. It causes red marks of coin shaped. The marks mostly appear on the legs, forearms, lower back, hips, and backs of the hands.

5. Neurodermatitis

It results due to frequent scratching of the same area over time which in turn leads to infection.

6. Seborrheic dermatitis

It is commonly known as dandruff. It mainly affects scalp but often affects eyebrows, sides of the nose centre of the chest.

7. Stasis dermatitis

It is caused by blood pooling in the veins in your legs. It leads to weeping and crusting of the skin.

Ayurvedic approach for eczema

Ayurveda is one of the ancient healthcare system that provides the natural way to take care of the body in a healthy way.

According to Ayurveda it is caused by the vitiation of all the three doshas vatta, pitta and kapha. In Ayurveda, it is called as "Vicharchika". The most common vicharika is the pitta vitiated vicharika. Imbalance between pitta and the blood results in the vitiation of the skin and hence leads to Vicharika.

Cause of eczema

The exact cause of eczema is not known but the overactive response of the body's immune system to an irritant leads to this skin disease.

The general causes of the eczema are:

  • It is commonly found in families with the history of other allergies or asthma.
  • It may results due to respiratory infections or colds.
  • Stress can make the condition worse.
  • Even exposure to some household products such as soap or detergent can cause eczema.
  • Exposure to animal dander (skin or hair) may result eczema.
  • Too hot too cold temperature even results in eczema in some people.

Herbal Remedies for Eczema

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Skin Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of eczema. These herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda.

Dosage / Usage

  1. Neem Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meals.
  2. Radiant Skin Hair Nails Formula - 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meals.
  3. Gandhak Rasayan - 2 tablets twice daily, with plain water after meals.
  4. Manjishtha Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meals.
  5. Nirgundi Oil - As directed by physician.
  6. Tea Tree-Aloe Vera Premium Handmade Bathing Bar - As directed by physician.

Products Description

1. Neem Capsules

Standardized extract of Neem (Azadirachta indica) is used to prepare Neem capsules that possess all the medicinal properties of neem. These capsules help to treat any kind of skin ailment like psoriasis, eczema, ringworm and other infectious and non-infectious skin diseases. These capsules are full of medicinal properties just like the herb neem, possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

2. Radiant Skin Hair Nails Formula

As the name suggests these herbal capsules help to maintain the health of the skin and help to treat ailments like psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, scabies etc. It helps in maintaining the elasticity, smoothness and firmness of the skin. Strength of hair and nails is also improved by these herbal capsules.

3. Gandhak Rasayan

These herbal tablets help in maintaining the moisturized skin and remove the dead skin cells. Purified sulphur (shuddh gandhak) is used to prepare these herbal tablets. Gandhak rasayan tablets have the property of drawing the moisture from the surrounding atmosphere into the skin, hence preventing dryness. It also helps to treat many skin ailments like acne, leprosy, ringworm, scabies etc.

4. Manjistha Capsules

Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha) is the herb used in standardized form to prepare these herbal capsules. It possesses numerous medicinal properties like they act as a blood purifier, promote early wound healing, treat calcium deficiency, relieve skin ailments, relieve menstrual cramps, detoxify the body, destroy tumors and treat joint pains.

5. Nirgundi Oil

Vitex negundo is the main herb content of this oil that helps in relieving various skin complaints. There are also some other herbs in small proportion in Nirgundi oil to enhance its medicinal quality, like Manjistha, Kalihari and Haridra. It aids in faster wound healing, relieves pain, treats leprosy, inflammation of the skin, lesions on the skin, etc.

6. Tea Tree-Aloe Vera Premium Handmade Bathing Bar

Tea tree oil is the main ingredient of this paraben free bathing soap. Aloe is also present in this herbal soap. Both of the herbs help in maintaining healthy and moisturized skin. It prevents infectious diseases of the skin and also helps to treat them. Regular use of this soap prevents dry skin, moisturizes the skin and clears off the infectious lesions present on the skin.

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