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Benefits of Spinach in Prostate Cancer


Spinach have 100 percent power to kill Prostate cancer cells in vitro and reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men by upto 82 Percent. Neoxanthin is a Special Carotenoid that is found in spinach, and study shows that spinach kill all main types of male prostate cancer cells. Killing birtually 100 Percent of LNCAP cells, 89 percent of PC-3 cells, 85 percent of DU 145 cells after 72 hours of treatment in vitro. Neoxanthin was the only most effective carotenoid most helpful in prostate cancer cells reducing. It includes lycopene and beta-carotene. Spinach kills prostate cancer completely and Only fucoxanthin of seaweed is second in cancer killing. Other study which is done by South Africa found that men who eat more spinach or cabbage 5 time weekly reduced their prostate cancer risk by 40 percent. Spinach is not only the best for men but also best for women as well because old study by America found that women who use to eat more carrots or spinach twice a week had 44 percent less change to have breast cancer. Eating Raw vegetables is more benefitiable. The other benefit of green leaf vegetables is that they rich source of alkalizer in our diet, In other words they are anti-cancer power source.


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