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Cancer & Ayurveda, Lifestyle & Disease Mongering - Interview of Dr. Madan Gulati

Interviewer: Greetings Doctor. I would like to introduce my viewers. We have Doctor Madan Gulati among us who has 40 years of experience in Ayurveda. He has retired as a deputy director from Ayush department. He has very good experience. We would like to know about Ayurveda. Doctor please tell our viewers about that many diseases are spreading. Every day we hear about some new disease. What is the main cause behind these diseases? What is the reason for so many diseases nowadays?

Doctor: Ayurveda says... What is disease? Disease is a type of energy. For eg. We have a tyre of a cycle or a car's tyre. If the air becomes more in the tyre. There is a range for it, right? If something goes above the range it is harmful. If it goes below range as per standard, in the same way we have set range in our body. Like we have Vata, Pitta and Kapha energies. When these energies become imbalanced, if it goes below or above range, it becomes the root cause of that disease. Disease occurs when the three energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha in our body become imbalanced.

Interviewer: Nowadays we have many diseases like high cholesterol, heart blockage, liver failure, kidney failure, autoimmune disorders. Diabetes, blood pressure. How are these treated in Ayurveda? What are the possibilities?

Doctor: Diabetes mellitus nowadays has become a nightmare among people. I think it is a big conspiracy. During our school / study time we read in a book Harrison that the range for diabetes in 1979 was 200. We used to consider a person as diabetic when his blood sugar level 200. More than it harms us. The NTD group had parameters and claimed 200 as its range. Later in 1997 the range was decreased. Like in a school a teacher passes students who achieve 33%. If principal says we will fail students achieving 50% then more students will fail naturally. If we fail students with 80% then everybody might fail. Medical science says something and medical industry says something. For personal benefits they decrease the parameters. Three companies are getting benefitted with insulin. Modern companies which make medicines have decreased the parameters. No big research was done. They decide it only in a meeting that the product which is decreasing their sales its parameters should be brought down. Like diabetes the range for blood pressure has also been decreased. The range for blood pressure used to be 108. It has also been decreased which scares the patient. Actually many Diseases don't exist. Naturally if you will keep decreasing the parameters, you will have to give more medicines. Now days a disease is being produced. Cholesterol is a life giving force. Alzheimer's disease has also become a threat nowadays. Cholesterol is very important for ladies. Diseases do not exist. Medicine industry make diseases a nightmare. So that more medicines are sold. It is very well mentioned in Ayurveda that if we suppress the natural urges of body, then we are inviting so many problems. Sometimes we stop our urine. We have four good friends in our body. First is diarrhea, vomiting, pain and temperature. These are our natural defense mechanisms. Our body's immune system fights the disease causing bacteria and virus. Now what is temperature? It is a way to fight the toxins. It is very good friend. People who don't get temperature means their immune system is low. We take analgesic drugs. If our signal system fails, everything gets suppressed.

Interviewer: What would you like to say about cancer?

Doctor: There are many types of cancer. Why don't we have heart cancer? If blockage occurs, heart attack occurs and patient dies. If nutrition is not supplied to other organs, atrophy occurs, organ dies. I will explain now how cancer starts. If the cells decide to stop dying, they keep taking and absorbing excess nutrients from our body and start multiplying. So they grow in unlimited size. All antibiotics disturbs the signaling system in our body. When signal system gets disturbed disease starts spreading like cancer. Suppressant drugs disturbs our signal system. All the medicines taken for small-small infections are the root cause of disturbing signal system in our body. It's not good to eat medicine whole life. There is cure to every medicine if we keep our channels correct. If we have tea in morning, signal system gets suppressed. Alcohol and tobacco disturbs our system.

Interviewer: So how can we improve our signal system?

Doctor: I would say not to have medicines for small-small problems. It's better to stop taking medicines. We should avoid electronics. When you do biopsy tumor stars increasing more. Sometimes diagnosing tumors can create more problem. The bhasmas we give for diseases they do miracles in our body. It keeps our immune system better. They give us marvelous results. Metastasis stops. We tell people for natural diet. Take more fruits. Stop having milk products. Refined should be totally avoided. Avoid items which are packed. Follow the diet chart. Try to have disciplined food first and later VIP food. Have salad first and then have normal food. Have uncooked food items before having cooked food. Try to have green vegetables and green leaves. Leaf juice, and other vegetable juices. People start eating after they have cancer. So to avoid cancer it's better to take this diet. Take this diet before as well as after. Eat green vegetables before normal food. It balances vata and pitta. It balances our signal system. If we want to cure cancer, we should consume leaves to consume nitrous oxide. Endogenesis occurs because of blockage.

Interviewer: Any medicinal herbs for cancer?

Doctor: Yes we have many combination of herbs for this problem which increases body's immunity. To stop metasis, our bhasmaa preparation do very good work. Curcumin contributes a lot in healing cancer. It is anticancer drug. Given as combination with other herbs gives great effect. Combination of Curcumin and black pepper does wonders. Kachnaar very good for cancer. When toxins enter our body our immune system kills it. But autoimmune diseases occurring in our body the only cause is ama formation in body. Ama is a kind of raw juice formed in our body. It's an endotoxin, a toxin formed internally within body. It leads to blockage and finally cancer. We should have food on time to avoid formation of ama ras in our body. Undigested food also causes toxins. We should have organic food. Bread, biscuit are all degenerative food items. Anything heated and then cooled and if again heated and eaten causes toxins in our body. Frozen food is a very big cause for such problems. Animal food also causes formation of ama ras. Try to avoid formation of ama formation in body. Avoid having food after sunset, before 7 or 8pm. Ayurveda says to have food on time. If you are not healthy what will be the use of money and big factories? Give time to your body. Meditation plays a big role in it. There is no need of medication if you meditate. If you want to live long and save yourself from diseases do meditation at a good place. It will increase you will power and play miracle in fighting diseases.

Interviewer: Thank you doctor for giving such valuable information to our viewers. I hope our viewers will keep these points and lifestyle in mind and will save themselves from diseases. Thanks a lot.


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