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Ayurvedic Approach to Cancer

Interview of Dr. Madan Gulati (MD - Ayurveda)

Rajeev kharwanda: Myself, Rajeev kharwanda again welcome you all to Sanjivani program, Namaskar. Friends, today on our show Sanjivani, we are going to talk about Cancer. For this in our studio, today we have invited Dr. Madan Gulati, who has more than 42 years' experience in the field of Ayurveda. And Dr Sahib has retired from the post of deputy director Ayurveda from Chandigarh administration. Dr. Gulati we heartily welcome you in our studio.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Thank you

Rajeev: Dr Sahib, Cancer in these days has become like cold and flu. Now a days, every second or third person we come across has cancer in any form. Please let us know what actually cancer is?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Basically in our body there are cells and their division is controlled in our body. This cell division is known as mitosis or meiosis. When this division becomes uncontrolled or cells which keep multiplying without any control, called as CANCER. Cancer cells keep forming and breaking in body of every one. It is like a mechanism in our body. For e.g. there are breaks. As you have heard about some persons have stones, formation of cysts, or tumor. Basically this is a form of a mechanism of brain which is basically a form of defense mechanism. For example crystals or calcium crystals are there in our body, another example, there is a waste in our house and we want to accommodate it in one place in dustbin. Basically this phenomenon of cancer is also part of our body mechanism when cells in our body accumulate chemicals and get collected in one place is called cancer or some time we call it tumor. Like cyst formation or stone formation all this is a part of our body's defense mechanism or you can call they are breaks of our body.

Rajeev: Dr Sahib we heard about cancer related to all body parts but never heard cancer related to heart, why is it like this?

Dr. Madan Gulati: You have asked very right question and it will also clear the cause of cancer too. Basically you have heard about breast cancer, prostate cancer, lungs cancer, kidney, every organ has it, in liver too, even blood cancer is also there but heart doesn't have it so why is it so? So root cause of cancer is blockage! When there is not proper supply of oxygen or glucose to any organ then two things can happen there. 1. Atrophy of that organ means cells of that organ start dying without proper nutrition. For e.g. in liver there is not proper supply of oxygen and glucose and cells of liver lack nutrition and which leads to cirrhosis of liver, such condition if happens in kidney, it will lead to kidney failure and in brain this will lead to brain atrophy but these cells can live without nutrition for 2-3 days. Some cells without lack of nutrition leads to atrophy but some cells start resisting and don't want to die and find other way to get nutrition so start getting it from nearby cells and start overburden them. for e.g. if brother is studying abroad and he is in need of money and his exams are near so what he will do, if you are sending money regularly then he will concentrate on studies and if not then he is in need and he will get money by wrong ways, means he will rob a bank then he will get lots of money, like this what we call it in modern science - Angiogenesis. Angiogenesis starts causing proliferation, there cells start getting unlimited food and their multiplication also gets increased and this leads to development of cancer in that particular organ. So in any organ where it occurs that organs size starts increasing. But brain doesn't want that affected organ gains such size or has pain so its tendency is to send these cells to other organs through blood stream. So when these cells infiltrate other organs there happens to be a very magnificent mechanism which is called signaling system. Suppose the infection starts from the breast and cells went to liver, I am just giving the e.g., so they went to liver, in liver, the liver cells will send a message to breast cells that these cells are sent by you. If their message gets connected so they will reply that these cells are dangerous and liver cells will destroy them. This way, it will not lead to metastasis there. This type of cancer doesn't spread and doesn't become dangerous and it will not spread. But that signal system doesn't work properly for e.g if somebody comes to your house in the evening and tell that Dr Gulati has send him and owner of house will confirm it with me that I have sent this person to their house. I will reply back that I haven't sent this person as he is very dangerous. And that person calls me and phone doesn't get connected and then he will start staying there. Like that cells start infiltrating there and start eating nearby cells. So what is signaling system, there is a dioxin a substance which we call dls (dioxin like substance) which are chemicals today in our diet as we bring grocery from the stores and this grocery we bring home have so many chemicals like coloring agents, flavoring agents, tastemakers, even we have spoiled the earth with chemicals, fertilizers and they all are carcinogenic. We use microwave, Oven, and plastics, all these are made from dioxin like substances. The food which comes in closed packets due to industrialization and even refined oils these all are carcinogenic, even in medicines, coloring agents, flavoring agents and preservative we use like parabin, sodium parabin all these substances have dioxin like substances. These substances impair the signaling system and that is the root cause that these dioxin like substances accumulate more in body and lead to failure of signaling system which leads to spread of cancer to other organs, called as metastasis. These dioxins have made cancer so common these days because we are consuming foods having these substances.

Rajeev: Dr Sahib, by listening you, two things become clear, first is that one of the reason for cancer is blockage. Means oxygen and glucose which heart has to provide.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Heart is working day and night and its muscle doesn't have capacity to stay without nutrition for 2-3 days so it will lead to heart attack and person will die, that's why heart doesn't get cancer. What happens in other organs like liver, its cells can live without nutrition for 2-3 days or atrophy will happen there or these cells will convert into cancer cells. So for converting in cancer cells it takes 2-3 days and after angiogenesis it starts spreading to other parts as metastasis happens there in lack of dioxin. If body doesn't produce dioxin then our body signaling system will work properly and these cells will not grow there and will not spread too.

Rajeev: So, we have to stop blockages and make signaling system strong. How we can do these two things properly?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Very much right! For stopping blockages we have to use raw food which is called disciplined intelligent persons food. Use coconut water in the morning, it acts as an antidioxin, all leaves for all types of blockages even in heart blockage act as a natural bypass. They increase collateral circulation. Even recently in 1998 noble prize was awarded on this. So for blockages, we give sorbitrate tablet in which nitric oxide or trinitroglycrine is there. It is present naturally in leaves like in coriander leaves. So take out juice of coriander leaves and give 2-3 tsp. of it, also of fresh spinach leaves juice which have nitric oxide naturally in them. One who start taking it they will not have any blockage. Even people will not have heart blockages and there will be no need for bypass of heart. In cancer cases also, cancer will not occur if we regularly take juice of leaves according to our body weight. If somebody is 60kg, he must take at least 30 gram juice at least. Coriander leaves, spinach leaves, betel leaves, mint leaves, reddish leaves, curry leaves, all greens… look, god has created more than half of earth green, god knows that we are going to make dioxin like substances and one should eat greens as antidotes. That's why it is told, eat greens and live in your teens. Green has very important role if someone wants to protect from cancer as they have antioxidants as they also stop blockages when we will take green vegetables, chemicals like dioxins will get clear. Also consuming nuts and sprouts in the diet, play big role in this problem. So mostly in these things there are antioxidants which do oxidation like free radicals phenomenon where dioxin helps in the formation of free radicals. So if we want to check free radicals which we consider cause of cancer, free radicals are like a chain reaction in our body and they keep increasing like chains, if we want to stop this chain reaction we should use antioxidants. Antioxidants are present in raw things for e.g. you drink one fresh glass of orange juice, it is living food and there are enzymes in it. Reaching in our body system, they target all those parts inside the body which are affected by the disease and anti-oxidants reach at their right place. Gunter blobel got noble prize recently, he gave address code concept to the world. In ayurveda there are nayaya like khali kapot nayaya, kedari kulya nayaya. In khali kapot nayaya same thing has been described as food has address codes and wherever in body anything is required that is provided there. So when we take living things like coriander leaves, spinach leaves or mint leaves… for e.g. take cabbage leaves they have same mechanism as they also help in making nitric oxide but if we cook it, they we will not get all those properties.

Rajeev: Means, living food talks also as you said and consuming them provide nutrition to all those parts of body where this nutrition is required but it should be living food and not packed or canned food and it should not be a junk food too. The things you are taking in raw form only those going to work.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Suppose you start taking fruits till afternoon so there will no production of dioxin and living food will have antidioxin and it will act as an anticancer. If your weight is 60 kg then one should consume around 600 Gms of fruits. So multiply your weight with 10. Suppose your weight is 80 kg then you have to take 800 Gms of fruits daily in breakfast and before that, take coconut water.

Rajeev: And how to take juice of leaves like you told half your weight and took that in Gms.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Take 30 Gms of it before the breakfast and divide it into two equal quantities and have it then. We also can take coconut water. It is also living food and anti-cancerous. Whenever I have a cancer patient, I put them on coconut water. It is also called sadaphal, it has all enzymes which are needed in the body. With this, take mint leaves or have some ginger because they do deepen –pachan (correction of digestive system and proper digestion of food) and increase its efficiency. In ayurveda adrak (ginger) is praised for its great qualities as it is mentioned there that "bhojan agre sadev pathyam lavan adrakam bhakshanam Agni sandeepnam mrityum jihwa kanth visodhnam". So, if we take coconut water by sip or slowly then even in diabetic patients, it gives good effect. With it, take mint leaves or black pepper. In cancer Tulsi (Basel leaves) and even Haldi (turmeric) have very good results, even black pepper and Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) too give good results. All these natural herbs are anti-cancerous and they have antioxidants in them. Giloy is also called amrita so it means it acts like amrit and Tulsi too acts like amrit. Black pepper has great role too. All alkaline things are anticancerous. One reason we can also tell that, those acidic things which have ph. less than 7 are cancerous. When we start taking more alkaline foods like which are anti-acidic, like pumpkin juice, bottle gourd juice, ridge gourd juice, Indian round gourd juice, they all are climbers and have alkalinity in them and act as a anti-cancerous. Cancer cells grow more in acidic medium, so all food we take from market like bhujia, biscuits, canned food etc. they all produce dioxin and are acidic in nature and increase acidity in body. Also cooked meal and all chemicals and fertilizers used in the agriculture cause cancer. These days' cancer cases are increasing because we have polluted all our foods, lifestyles and even our mental status is spoiled. Thus, such negative energies becoming part of our body which also cause multiplication of cancerous cells and form cancer.

Rajeev: Dr. Sahib, once I was very saddened to see some happening and it happened in front of my eyes. One day I was taking tea on roadside tea stall then a person came there and told him to pack tea. Tea stall owner packed tea in black colored plastic bag and laborer took it. I thought, I should tell that person that you are making it poison by carrying it in plastic bag. This I am talking about illiterate persons but if we talk about literate people, it has become very much a fashion that we order online food and food sellers pack hot food in plastic bags, so isn't it going to cause cancer?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes it is 100% carcinogenic. And plastic produce dioxins and it is carcinogenic. Cancer has basically 2 parts: when it occurs in hard tissues, it is called carcinoma and when it occurs in soft tissues, it is called sarcoma and they spread very fast. So these are cancer cells which are carcinogenic and produce cancer. Well, these food items as you gave example, was very good and tobacco eating also causes cancer. Another cause for cancer also has been seen is that constant irritation of any body part of body leads to cancer like in your mouth ,the teeth is irritating and you are taking tobacco constantly will lead to cancer.

Rajeev: It means tobacco and cigarettes are definite causes of cancer but according to you, any wound which is constantly irritating can also lead to cancer! Dr Sahib we were talking about tobacco and cigarettes, so these are very dangerous.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes they are cause of mouth cancer, lung cancer and it will occur definitely if person is taking tobacco, cigarettes or beedi constantly from 15-20 years. We can't say that he is not going to have cancer. Suppose we are taking betel leaves with adding tobacco and who is taking it regularly will have mouth cancer. Other thing is irritation which if occurring regularly and there are many other causes of cancer but the main one is which I explained - Dioxin mechanism. We have to check dioxin like substances and totally remove them from your life. All packed foods, tin food, and refined foods, all preservative, coloring agents added in foods and all over cooked food items have dioxins like substances.

Rajeev: Well, samosas we are eating in market and they are frying them in constantly heating oil, so is it also a cause?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes it is, specially reheated oil is also a cancer causing reason which has dioxin like substances. This reheated oil is very dangerous. In Ayurveda it is written "tail ghritam cha paniyam kashay vyajan adikam shirshitam punah sa taptam tat sarv vishwat tawet" even modern science is following this rule what our Ayurveda has told long time ago. Eating cold food, reheated food or using oil ghee and reheating them, they all are cause of cancer. This is the cause of Ama, free radicals formation and this free radicals formation in these days is called dioxins. In Ayurveda we have word called AMA and this Ama is dioxin and it also produced from using reheated oil.

Rajeev: There are many researches going on over cancer in day to day life and you talked about dioxins which I think is part of latest researches.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes it is.

Rajeev: Dr Sahib, if we talk about daily routine of our diet, what should it like be?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Suppose if I talk about a general diet chart about it, in morning coconut water should be a part of diet and with it take 4-5 leaves of Tulsi and take adrak too. Take Hunja tea as it is antioxidant rich. There is a hunja tribes which live up to 120 -150 yrs. They lived in northern side of Kashmir and they live long life. Like in Kashmir, people drink kahwa like this that tribe have hunja tea. So when this tea is researched and its constituents were 3 Tulsi leaves, 4 leaves of mint, this formula is very easy to remember and 1 small cardamom and little piece of Dalchini (cinnamon), add 5 gm. adrak (ginger) and some quantity of guda (jaggery) and boil these ingredients for 5-10 minutes over low heat. Later, add lemon after taking it away from flames and then drink. In place of jaggery, one can add honey, but do not heat it. Don't use white sugar as it is carcinogenic and have dioxins in it. Use of chemicals in excess cause cancer. In refinery also, products are made at high temperature, like this plastic is also made and these products are carcinogenic. Take natural products like ghee, almonds. One research showed that if you want to keep away from cancer, use vitamin 17 and what is it? It is also an antioxidant. For that, eat 7-8 almonds, walnuts and have some raisins, dates and figs. So take them in morning with hunja tea.

Rajeev: So Dr Sahib, we don't need to add milk in it and can we have it in any season?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes don't add milk and one can have it in any season and for winters it is very good. It can be taken by all age groups. Dalchini (cinnamon), has good effects in blockages. In heart blockages we give cinnamon as I told you blockages is root cause of cancer. In starting you told one thing that all organs have cancer but it doesn't affect heart, so what is the reason, it is blockages and we have to remove this. Cinnamon works here very well. Take hunja tea, coconut water, take fruits in morning take salads and use green veggie leaves. And after that take your normal diet. This will not only help in cancer but diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and even in heart problems. In Ayurveda a word strotas avrodh is used. In one chapter it is written "ati pravriti sango vaha siranaam granthi api vaha vimarg gamnam cha api strotasam dusthi lakshanam" in Ayurvedic texts the cause of all diseases is strotas avrodh that means blockages of channels is root cause of all diseases. I like this concept as strotas avrodh is cause of heart problem and also cancer. So we should not let strotas avrodh to happen and for this use all things which will open strotas avarodh. Diet rich in nitric oxide, or use turmeric, black pepper as it is very good and removes channel blockages (strotas avrodh). Today the herbs working very well in cancer are turmeric and black pepper in concentrative form. The herb licorice (mulethi) is also working very well. Bhallatak is also doing well as cancer herb.

Rajeev: Dr Sahib, it looks like that Ayurveda and naturopathy have very common things in between them.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes they are two faces of same coin as principle is same.

Rajeev: And rule naturopathy says that as near we can stay to nature, we can have healthy and disease free life. In naturopathy they ask to learn the art of eating vegetables raw to get rid of so many diseases. I think Ayurveda and all latest researches are proving these things. This thing has become very important that tin food, packed food, cooked food, junk food, we all should avoid them. All things having chemicals, preservatives should be avoided. One should take fruits, vegetables and even sprouts and make habit of eating them in raw form.

Dr. Madan Gulati: As I just explained that scientist gunter beble who worked over address code. He worked on it and told that in our living food there is code and it works in our body where it is needed. In naturopathy, principle has same mechanism and if you check Ayurveda definition which says "ya bi kriya bhi jayante shareere dhatawe seh chikitsa vikarnam karm tat visyamatam" so it says go for any kriya (treatment) which brings our dhatus (tissues) in equilibrium. In cancer if we follow natural diet and natural formulas, we can get rid of it!

Rajeev: Ok Dr Sahib. Till now we talked about the preventive part so now we will talk, like… when someone gets to know that he/she has 3rd stage or advance stage cancer so all the things, we discussed above are helpful in curing that cancer?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes definitely, they will be helpful and you have to tell them that, you need to take this living food regularly for 8-9 months. Less cooked food, and if he wants to recover in natural way then start morning with coconut water, take Tulsi/Basil leaves, Pudina/Mint leaves and till mid-day take only fruits and fresh fruit juices and give salad and very less cooked food. These antioxidants will remove cancer cells from body. And other than this, in Ayurveda- medicines like swaran bhasma, heerak bhasma and other bhasma work in angiogenesis. Like in allopathy they use chemotherapy like that in Ayurveda, bhasmas are used which act as antioxidants and check this phenomenon.

Rajeev: This is very much clear that we should not start curing any disease from hearing about it from here and there. We should start its treatment from qualified doctor otherwise it can harm you more and can cause wrong affects. And Dr. Sahib we are thankful to you from our heart that you managed to provide us your precious time and made our viewers to gain and learn very important things about cancer. And we believe that all our listeners will follow these things which we discussed as a part of daily routine. Thank you for coming!


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