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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease affecting millions of lives all over the world. It is characterized by persistently high blood sugar levels.

Whatever food we eat is converted into sugar after digestion and transferred to the blood stream. This glucose is the fodder for all the body cells which require a daily dosage of energy to sustain themselves.

Insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas is primarily responsible for the development of Diabetes mellitus in such patients. When this hormone is not working properly or the body cells fail to respond to it, the blood sugar remains in the blood and the body cells starve causing damage to the vital body organs like the kidneys, liver and heart.


  • Diabetic patients experience a rapid fall in weight, as like the other cells of the body, the fat cells are also not able to utilize the sugar available in blood for their maintenance.
  • Dehydration is another feature which affects the body cells.
  • The patient feels thirsty and anxious all the time.
  • Painful and frequent urination which is accompanied by urinary tract infections.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Uncontrollable hunger pangs due to fluctuating blood sugar levels.
  • Some patients are accidentally diagnosed with the condition as they do not experience any visible symptoms of the disease. They are usually diagnosed as part of a routine examination or while getting tested for another disease.


Pre diabetes involves presence of high blood sugar levels which are not high enough to qualify as full blown Diabetes. The effects are damaging on a long term basis especially for the heart and the nervous system.

It is usually a result of an improper lifestyle and can be easily managed by making dietary changes and exercising on a regular basis.


A family history of Diabetes is a predisposing factor to some extent for the development of Diabetes. General population has an incidence ratio of 1 in 300 people for Diabetes.

Especially in case of type - 1 Diabetes, this chance occurrence is considerable. In type - 1 diabetic patients, there is a faulty immune response because of which the beta cells are killed and there is very little or no insulin to control blood sugar levels in the body.

Generally, type - 1 Diabetes, Pre - Diabetes and gestational diabetes have some degree of genetic predisposition for the development of disease.

Diabetes type - 2, Pre - diabetes and gestational diabetes may develop due to poor diet and inadequate exercise.


Diabetes affects many organs in the body. In fact, there is no single cell that is spared in a Diabetic patient. It leads to a slow and steady loss of body functions. Vital body organs like the heart, kidneys, eyes, nervous system and the skin as a whole are affected by Diabetes.


Long term complications of Diabetes include stroke, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, urinary infections and coronary artery disease.

Dyslipidemia is another serious complication of Diabetes. It is characterized by an imbalance of the blood cholesterol levels. This results in clogging of arteries which cause heart problems.

Diabetes is not a fatal disease in itself. Chronic Diabetes leads to the development of such complications which damage the vital organ systems like the heart and cause death.


Natural supplements to maintain healthy blood sugar levels can be used as great dietary supplementation which help to support the overall health status of the body.

There are many nutraceutical preparations which prove to be very effective in the maintenance of blood sugar levels and are equally good for all Diabetics.

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda's for a healthy immune system

Planet Ayurveda has a list of Natural Supplements that work very well to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. It is an international organization which supplies best quality natural supplements all over the world.

Here is a list of Planet Ayurveda's natural supplements for a healthy blood glucose levels.


  1. Fenugreek Capsules: 2 Capsules, twice daily after meals.
  2. Karela Capsules: 2 Capsules, twice daily after meals.
  3. Diabeta Plus Capsules: 2 Capsules twice daily after meals.
  4. Madhumehantak Churna: 1 - 2 tea spoon full twice daily with plain water, after meals.


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