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Dr. Madan Gulati's Interview For Newspaper in Latvia

Dr. Madan Gulati

Why did I choose medicine? To help the humanity. It is a beautiful science because it is the only science through which we can help the society. The patient's suffering is the duty of the doctor – to become a doctor and to relieve the suffering of someone. And I'm a double doctor, you could say, I also cure the body, as well as the mind and soul. Ayurvedic doctors know that it's important not only to know the body because 'human' means the body, and 'being' means life, so we also cure the soul and mind. In Ayurveda we are taught like this.

In Ayurveda we think that we should be physically and mentally happy. Our health is very important, we should be healthy in the body - physical health, then mental health, then social health, then spiritual health. We cover the four. You may give some medicine, do some massage, some pranayama, yoga – all these are combined.

I used to do some meditation – when there is meditation, there is no need for medication. So I believe in this, I love meditation. There are meditation centres and I advise people to do meditation – this is also a part of the health. We are controlled by hormones, and hormones are controlled by our thoughts, so when we are under stress, stress hormones are released, and stress hormones are the cause of many problems.

In Ayurveda we give medicine, as well as we teach how to live happy. We are double doctors. I am devoted to this system, I love this system. Ayurveda is the science of life. ‘Ayur’ plus ‘veda’. ‘Ayur’ means life. Our aim is to make the person healthy.

In Ayurveda there are two very important parts – the promotive and the curative health. We give the promotive health to a healthy patient – how to remain healthy, so we give prevention treatment. That is the preventive and promotive health. The second part is the curative part – we eradicate the disease, not only suppress the symptoms. For example, we give some Ayurvedic medicine which is not going to cause any side effects. There are many side effects in modern medicine, but in Ayurveda we give medicine that doesn’t cause any side effects. That is the best system – to cure the disease and not cause other diseases. Chemicals are very bad but in Ayurveda we give herbs, and these herbal medicines are a part of our life, so our liver accepts it. But the chemicals the liver doesn’t accept. So all these are taken into consideration, that is why I chose the Ayurvedic system of medicine. To give a relief, to cure the disease, not only just to suppress the disease. That is not our aim. According to the modern system, disease is ‘dis ease’ – to bring the ease to the person. But in Ayurveda we believe in eradication of the disease, not only the symptoms.

We believe in three energies: Vata, Pitta, Kapha – that is, the kinetic energy, thermal energy and potential energy, so we make the balance with some medicine, some massage, some mental exercise and a pranayama. And we give diet advice also – what they should take – what is going to increase Vata, Pitta and Kapha. For example, there are six tastes in Ayurveda – we believe there is sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Sweet, astringent and bitter are best for Pitta. For a person who has more thermal energy, we advise them to take something that is sweet, not too sweet, a little bit of astringent – pumpkin, cucumber. A person suffering from kinetic energy where Vata is increased, we advise them to take sweet, sour and salty. A person suffering from a Kapha disease where the potential energy is disturbed – we advise they should take pungent, bitter and astringent. We make diet decisions and give diet advice. Diet is very important. When diet is wrong - no need for medicine. When diet is right – no use of medicine. This is very important. I advise a patient to take green things – because when you take greens, you will remain in teens. We also boost the immune system, that is the preventive health. Medicines that are given to a normal person to remain healthy.

People consider Ayurveda an alternative medicine. But it is not alternative, Ayurveda is for all, not just the Indian people. People suffer from problems which are not being cured, just suppressed. For example, a person is suffering from hypertension, so they take medicine for their whole life, a person suffering from diabetes has to take medicine their whole life, epilepsy – whole life, it is a nonsense. Why not eradicate the disease?

In Ayurveda we don't treat the disease, we treat the patient as a whole. It is a holistic system. What we give to the patient – that is a holistic approach. In Ayurveda we as doctors check the pulse to see how much Vata is disturbed, how much Pitta and Kapha is disturbed. We make the balance. Ayurveda is not for Latvians or Indians, it is for all. Because Ayurveda was given by God. Human body is like a machine. If you go to a shop, purchase a camera, a TV, some electric item, they give you manual instructions, how you should be using the item. And God created this beautiful machine – a human being, and Ayurveda is a manual of instructions given by God Himself. Ayurveda is not only for Indians, it is for Latvians, Americans. Everyone can take pepper – it's everywhere, curcumin is everywhere, mint is everywhere, ginger is everywhere.

For example, ginger should be given to a Pitta patient in a proper quantity. But an acne patient shouldn't take sour taste. That is the beauty of Ayurveda, we take the patient as a whole and we take the pulse, we see the eyes, nails, tongue, sometimes we just observe. We have to identify Vatta, Pita, Kapha.

In Ayurveda giving the name of a disease is not as important as in modern science where the patient is diagnosed. For any type of disease, you have to see how much Vata, Pitta and Kapha, how much kinetic, thermal and potential energy there is. We identify, see the pulse and make the diagnosis. We make the balance of Vata, Pita, Kapha because in Ayurveda the disease is the imbalance of those three energies. And just to make the balance – that is the cure. Ayurveda is not that difficult. A human being has the Sun – Pitta, what the Sun does in the Universe, that is Pitta in a body, what the Moon does in the Universe, that is Kapha in a body, what the wind does, that is Vatta. We need to understand the functions of the Sun, Moon and air because same are functions in the body.

The Universe is made up of five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air, ether, those are nanomolecules. An atom has a number of neutrons and protons, that is the atomic weight – that is the earth, the weight is due to earth. Water element is the force when the electrons are moving. When the atom blasts, there is heat, that is the fire. Where the electrons are moving, that is the space, air, that is ether. These five elements make the three energies. We make the balance with the diet. What we see in the body, the molecules, are also in the diet we take. For example, we give an apple – the apple has the same molecules. We give something bitter to a person, we are giving air and ether to the body. If we want to lose the fire, we will have to give bitter, astringent or sweet.

I would like to say that Ayurveda is not for Indians only, it is for the whole world.

I am impressed by the people in Latvia, I give the best wishes to Latvians.

There are more and more medical doctors who are getting to know Ayurveda because they want the patient to be cured, not only treated.

A doctor should tell the patient that smoking is going to cause cancer, it is a big problem. People suffer from cancer, no one is protected. There is a hundred percent chance that a person who doesn't leave smoking, will get cancer. Also the colon cancer is very common. When we eat meat, there will be a burning sensation, it will cause hyperacidity, then colitis, then ulcerative colitis, ultimately – the cancer.

There are six stages of every disease. First stage is the local accumulation. For example, if there is an elevated level of acid in the stomach, you take some medicine but really there are things you just shouldn't eat. First there is accumulation, then aggravation. When the bucket is full, there is spreading. So the first three stages are crossed. If a patient comes to me with hyperacidity, I say that there are things they shouldn't eat, and if the person doesn't make any changes, the process continues. In Ayurveda we say that the cause of the disease should be removed fast. If there are things harming you, you should stop doing or taking those. The last stages of every disease are localization, manifestation and complications.

Ayurveda is for all of humanity. Ayurveda is traditional for a doctor who comes from India but now it is spreading.

Preventive, promotive and curative health is combined in Ayurveda, not only treatment. There is a difference between the treatment and the cure. We should be very clear that we shouldn't only treat the patient but also cure the patient.

About The Pulse

We put the index finger, the middle and the ring finger on the wrist. Index finger tells us about Vata, middle finger is for Pitta and the ring finger is for Kapha. The movement for Vata pulse is like a snake. For example, for a hypertension patient there is more Pitta – Vata and Pitta are imbalanced. Pitta pulse movement is like a frog. Kapha pulse is like a swan, it is very smooth. It is an observation, it depends on the experience. I have 40 years of experience in this field. There are so many books on the pulse diagnosis now, many books have been written, also by the European doctors, there are very good.

There is a big conspiracy behind diabetes to just sell the medicine, like Metformin. They stop giving them fruits – no apples, no bananas, pears, no fruits sweet in taste. They say, you may eat bread. But bread contains gluten and milk products are the root cause of diabetes. I will strongly say that if a person stops taking milk and milk products, the glucose level will automatically come down. All milk products are very dangerous for a diabetes patient. First of all, we stop giving milk products. I have cured many type I diabetes patients by just stopping the consumption of milk products. A diabetes patient should take a lot of fruits and nuts for breakfast, whatever they like.

For example, if a person weights 80 kilograms, then I advise to take 800 grams of fruits and nuts for breakfast.  In lunch they should take 800 grams of spinach, cabbage, tomato, cucumber – a lot of leaves and a salad of uncooked vegetables. This is known as the DIP food – disciplined and intelligent person's food. After taking the DIP food, they can eat whatever they want, that is called the VIP food (very important person) – that is for the taste buds, not for the disease.

Mangoes, bananas are very good for a diabetes patient, all sweet fruits. Fruits are good for them because they have fructose, not glucose. Glucose is in, for example, wheat which is very bad for diabetes patients. Diabetes patients should stop milk products, refined foods and packed, processed food.

DIP is for the pulse, VIP is not for the pulse. DIP food contains living enzymes. For example, you have packed and fresh orange juice. If we take one drop of fresh juice and put it under the microscope, we see that there is a movement but in packed food we don't see any movement. If we give fresh orange juice to a patient for 15 days, their glucose level will come down. When we give packed juice, the glucose level will increase. One is going to cause a problem, the other – cure it.

When the living DIP food comes into the body, there is an enzyme known as incretin. Incretin talks to the molecules we have eaten. When they talk to each other, incretin blocks the passage of glucose into the blood stream because the glucose level is already high. But when the VIP food enters, it cannot talk with incretin – the sugar level will increase. I advise to take the living, not the dead food.

First hand proteins should be taken. Why take proteins from animals, dead food? All beans, lentils, pulses – animals make proteins from those. Why take second hand proteins, why not take first hand proteins?

A Doctor Should be a Guide to the Society, Not Just Making Money.

Cleaning The Body

For example, the spring season is when the Kapha, potential energy, is increased. Then we say that one should vomit to remove the potential energy. In winter Pitta is increased, then some laxatives should be taken to cleanse the colon.

For example, according to seasons we advise a person to take ginger. When ginger is taken dry, it is obnoxious – that causes dryness. According to the season, we advise the patient on what kind of ginger they should take. For example, in the spring season the potential energy is going to increase, then we say a person should take some curcumin, some ginger, black pepper, make a paste into honey, add some almond oil, a few drops.

One medicine which is very common in Ayurveda is Haritaki which we give according to seasons with different ingredients depending on the month. If you take Haritaki with the right ingredient, you will not have the problems of the particular month. For example, in March you should take Haritaki with honey. In November and December Haritaki should be taken with dry ginger. Same medicine with different ingredients.

In Ayurveda there is the prevention, promotion of health and the curative part. The curative part is the last part – one is palliative, one is the eradication part. The latter is Panchakarma which is a total cleaning. In Ayurveda we take into consideration the patient's stage. Sometimes changes in diet are enough, sometimes herbal medicine should be taken.

In Ayurveda we can cure each and every disease. There is no disease that cannot be cured in Ayurveda.

This is my personal experience which I would like to share: one person came to me with a headache problem, and I advised them to take Brahmi and Amalaki, two medicines. After taking the medicine for two, three months she came to me and said that the problem had stopped, the eyesight had increased. And there were no side effects. This is the beauty of Ayurveda.

Another patient came to me suffering from DLE (Discoid lupus erythematosus). I gave some Ayurvedic medications according to the pulse and I had never heard the name of DLE in my life because it was the modern system's given name. After two months he came to me and I was surprised to see it was the same person, he was cured.

My first case of Hodgkin's lymphoma was also a surprise – after three months of Ayurvedic medicine, there were no symptoms.

Modern medicine is disease oriented, Ayurveda is patient oriented. They suppress the symptoms, we eradicate. That is the basic difference. For example, is a diabetes mellitus patient receives some medicine, there most likely will be side effects that will cause new problems.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines come from natural sources, the body is used to those because they are natural. So liver accepts it as it is. But the chemicals liver doesn't accept. There are big companies behind selling medications.

What are the Most Important Things You have Learned in Your 40 Years of Experience?

After seeing so many patients in my life, I have seen that an Ayurvedic doctor should be not only a doctor for the body but for the mind and soul. Meditation is very, very important to remain healthy.

During meditation you imagine, for example, violet light coming down on you – that is going to make your endocrine system better. Young girls suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), also for diabetic patients. If you see violet rays coming down on you, it is going to help your hormone levels.

When you see indigo colour coming, it is for the neurological problems like epilepsy, schizophrenia.

  • Light blue colour is for your lungs, it is a colour of peace.
  • Green is for your heart, it is a colour of love.
  • Yellow colour coming on the body is for the stomach, liver. It is a colour of happiness.
  • Orange colour is for the sensory organs, immunity.
  • Red is for the musculoskeletal system.

When the seven rays are coming together, it is going to help your reproductive system.

Meditation has to cure the seven systems.

Eyes are a part of the body but the soul sees. The soul hears. Without a soul it wouldn’t be possible to see or hear. “Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. ” It is a true story of the God and the soul. The soul is the star, the diamond is the supreme soul, God. When the star is gone, the body is dead.

The part of the spiritual health is very important for a doctor. In my 40 years of experience I have learned that it is very important to tell the patient about the spiritual, mental health.

Life is a combination of the body, mind, soul and sense organs.


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