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Effective Home & Herbal Remedies for Endometriosis


Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of the cells called endometrial outside the uterus. It commonly includes ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely it spreads beyond pelvic region. Herbal cure for endometriosis by means of pure herbs and herbal remedies has been proven very effective in treating the condition.

Every woman should have a proper knowledge on Endometriosis to avoid unnecessary complications. This women sexual disorder is on rise now-a-days. This is also known as Endometreosis. Increase in auto immune disorders in women and rise of the level of the estrogen hormone in the women are some of the reasons, which contribute to the occurrence of this disorder to some extent.

Menstruation every month is a healthy sign for an adult woman. Every month the tissues inside the uterus thickens, which lead to menstruation if fertilization of the egg with the sperm does not take place successfully. But, when there are certain variations from the original periodic cycle, and endometrium starts getting built up along the outer walls of the uterus, fallopian tube, ovaries, peritoneum and even the intestines, there arise complications. These tissues respond to these changes of the hormonal imbalance by releasing some amount of blood in between the second phase of the periodic cycle, which also leads to irritation of some of the tissues.

Major Symptoms of Endometriosis

Some of the major symptoms of endometriosis are given below:-

  • Pelvic pain
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual pain
  • Pelvic discomfort
  • Painful sex

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Endometriosis

To treat this situation, several effective home remedies are there to treat endometriosis. Several modifications in lifestyle are recommended to treat this situation.

Reduce the Estrogen Level in the Body

Too much amount of fat disturbs the estrogen hormonal balance in the body. Thus, it is absolutely essential to maintain body weight and external compounds, which affect the estrogen level of the body. Also, exposure to certain xenoestrogens, which include BPAs and PCBs shall be avoided to carry out this remedy.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercises coupled with yoga work wonderfully to alleviate stress from the individuals. These keep you physically fit and mentally healthy. Low impact exercises like swimming, walking and many more are effective during this situation. Performing Kegel exercises daily is highly recommended.


This is yet an effective home remedy to get rid of Endometriosis. Meditation keeps away all the stress and tension away from you and keeps you calm and relaxed. This can wonderfully help to treat this situation greatly.

A Balanced Diet

It is essential to have an optimum amount of the vitamins, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids and selenium. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sources of hydrogenated fats. Also, eliminate consumption of dairy products and meat to a certain extent.

Alternating Hot and Cold Sitz Bath

This step is to be done for consecutive 4 to 5 times alternately with hot and cold water. The whole step shall be repeated for at least once daily to eliminate the problem.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil helps in effective blood circulation all throughout the body. It also helps to treat the situation of infertility to a huge extent. Apply castor oil on the lower portion of the abdomen and cover with a hot water bag. Carry out this step for at least 15 days consecutively to experience effective results.

Clay Mixture

Clay mixed with water and applied on the abdominal area and kept covered with a warm towel for a few minutes is also an effective home remedy to treat the situation. It is allowed to dry and then washed off. This process also needs to be repeated for fifteen consecutive days to get effective results.


This is yet another effective home remedy to treat endometriosis. This is a science based therapy, which uses the extracts of natural products and provides relief in a range of complex disorders.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Supplements, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are highly anti-inflammatory in nature. These form to be the considerable remedies for treating endometriosis.

Pelvic Massage

To enable appropriate blood circulation in the abdominal and pelvic region, exerting acupressure by carrying out pelvic massage is highly effective. This helps to get rid of endometriosis effectively.

Thus, these are the top ten home remedies to treat endometriosis in women's sexual health. These can help a woman to avoid such painful situations and lead a healthy and fit life.

Herbal Remedies for endometriosis

Planet Ayurveda offers an effective herbal combo pack (Endometriosis Care Pack) for the treatment of Endometriosis naturally. This combination contains herbal formulations which are safe and have no side effects.


  1. Female Health Support - 2 twice daily after meals with water.
  2. Aloe Vitals - 1 twice daily after meals with water.
  3. Pradrantak Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
  4. Shatavari Capsules - 2 twice daily after meals with water.
  5. Boswellia Curcumin - 2 twice daily after meals with water.

Products Description

1. Female Health Support

The contents of these capsules are completely ayurvedic. Herbs used in the making these capsules are Ashoka, Lodhra, and Shatavari. These herbs are the finest medicine for generative system and complications related to it. This product provides consistent result in the symptoms of female disorders.

2. Aloe Vital Capsules

These capsules are equal to its real pulp, it is a regular antioxidant. This capsule frees the toxins present in the digestive organization. It upholds the pH level in the human body and is sterile. It treats irritation and relieves the skin.

3 Pradrantak Churna

It is the best herbal remedy which treats women related disease. It benefits in immense pain and variable menstrual cycle. The herb Saraca indica present in it stabilizes the hormones in body. It is a flawless herbal medicine for elimination of pain from the human body.

4. Shatavari Capsules

Shatavari is an herbal drug that perfectly performs on the complete fitness of women. It is beneficial in increasing libido in females without any cross effects.

  • Female health stimulant
  • Upsurges libido to a high point

5. Boswelia Curcumin

Boswellia curcumin is an herbal product by Planet Ayurveda that has shallaki and curcumin as their main fraction and they are famous for their activities and efficiency. They are anti-inflammatory and provide break in joint troubles. These herbs also increase the flow in the joints and fuel health conditions.

To buy Endometriosis Care Pack, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/endometriosis-care-pack.


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