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What is Enlarged Prostate and How to Treat it in Ayurveda?

Great Information Shared by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer: Good Morning Dr. Vikram.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Good Morning.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for sparing some time again. And today I want to know about this prostate problem. Mostly in the elderly men it's very common these days. So please explain about this.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yeah! Prostate is a very small gland. About the size of a walnut. A bigger walnut weight in about 11 to 15 gm. in weight. And it is situated at the neck of the bladder. Urinary bladder and actually the literal meaning of prostate means a protector. It is a guard just like a guard. What it guard, it guards the genetic material. The sperms. So it is a gland in the males, all the mammals. It is situated near the neck of the bladder and covering the urethra, and it secretes the prostatic secretions which are slightly alkaline. And when the spermatozoa comes from the testes and they go into the, through the urethra to the vagina, and they are protected by the prostatic secretions because of its alkaline nature and in vagina there are acidic secretions so it protects the spermatozoa from getting killed and longer survival of the genetic material. So it is a very important part in our body. In males body. So the problem with this prostate is in elderly males it gets enlarged, the size increases and which causes sometimes pain, drop by drop urination, the frequency of urination. The stream is not...

Interviewer: Yeah! These are the chief complaints made by patients.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: And there is burning micturition, burning while urination. These are the symptoms which are there.

Interviewer: Dr. Vikram my question is why this get enlarged? Is there any particular reason or it's just because of age.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: There are so many reasons, there are four zones actually in prostate. A transitional zone, central zone, fibrous zone and this peripheral zone. And usually it is benign. It is overgrowth, hyperplasia. It's a hypertrophy. Hypertrophy of the... it is usually benign. In this functional zone, it is usually benign. In the peripheral zone, it is usually cancerous. So in elderly male because of little bit hormonal imbalance and the certain problem it gets enlarged and then it pressurizes on urethra. And then it causes pain and such problems.

Interviewer: So is there any treatment for this in Ayurveda?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: In Ayurveda yes of course there is definite treatment. You don't need to go for immediate surgery. PSA levels, the prostate-specific antigen is there which is there in the prostatic secretions and it can be measured through blood. So PSA levels are measured and PSA levels, the levels indicate that is it cancerous or not. And how dangerous it is. And if the size is big enough then people, doctor they recommend surgery. But in many cases using ayurvedic medicines like Kachnaar guggul, like Shilajit, like this Varunadi vati, varuna is a wonderful tree. The bark of tree we use to make tablets. Varunadi vati it is a natural diuretic, alkalizers, and which shrink the prostate gland. These kind of herbs are there in Ayurveda which help to not only they decrease the PSA levels even if it is cancerous. Still, we can use some herbs to reduce the PSA levels and keep the things in control. And even if it is benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate is just enlarged in size then we use some ayurvedic medicines. And with that, it shrinks. And the problem goes away. So it is quite possible in Ayurveda.

Interviewer: Ok! So Dr. Vikram generally at what age man suffers with this around 50's?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: At the age of 50 or 55 the prostate starts to enlarge. It is mainly in, it is the gland in men only women don't have these prostate glands. So after the age of 55, it starts to enlarge. Not in all the males in about 75% of the male.

Interviewer: So are there any precautions one can have to avoid this enlargement or not possible?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: In some cases there are regular lifestyle of course fighting with all the diseases Regularisation of lifestyle is important. But it is kind of unavoidable, all the diseases are avoidable if there is regularity in life. Discipline is very important and you know diet is very important, alcohol should be in moderate quantity, or minimum it is best if you don't take it. It cannot be avoided, can be in very moderate quantity. Foods which are very high in protein, proteinous food in nature should not be taken. Especially after the age of 40. You don't need too many protein. People they eat chicken, beef and meat and so many things. So if you are taking chicken and meat and everything before forty even then it is ok. Not according to spiritualism, I am not saying, according to spiritualism should not take meat at all but still people they keep taking. According to medicine I am saying. According to Ayurveda if you ask me it should be avoided, in any case. So nowadays of course you know its poultry industry, meat industry very bad so I would suggest my patients, my viewers to avoid meat at any age it's not recommended. Avoiding high protein diet, alcohol, and regular lifestyle and stress of course. The root cause of every disease.

Interviewer: so in case someone suffers how these herbs basically help? Herbs like shilajit, varuna, how these herbs help?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Varuna basically is an angel, the god of water in Ayurveda in Hindu mythology. Varuna is the god of this water so it is any disease related to the water problem like urinary bladder or prostate it is cured by the varuna. It increases the, it streamlines the urine flow, increases the urine flow. It clears the burning micturation, burning sensation. Improves the urine flow. This kanchnaar its best anticancer, best anti lymph node ailments herb. This kanchnaar. Kanchnaar guggul is very popular in Ayurveda. Whenever there is lymphatic swelling, tonsils, any axillary lymph node or any tumors, any cancer, any tumors, any enlargement in body kanchnaar guggul is given. So for prostate also its very good.

Interviewer: Ok! And shilajit?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Shilajit is very rich in natural micronutrients and also shrinks the prostate. Works at normalizing the male hormones.

Interviewer: So the combination of all three is advisable.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: There is another one, it's called rencure formula. So 4 products are there in this prostatic combination. I develop some... Always I recommend to my patient before medicine for ayurvedic medicines.

Interviewer: So these herbs basically they are helpful.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: This combination works really well.

Interviewer: So it just restores the prostate to the original size.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yes in so many patients, so many testimonials I get from patients and see the ultrasound, the laboratory tests also done, PSA levels they come down.

Interviewer: How much time it takes generally for treatment?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: For initial symptoms to disappear it takes about one month. 15 days to one month. Initial symptoms they go away. The patient feels better. Yesterday I received a phone call from my patient he was very reluctant, initially very skeptical about the ayurvedic treatment because he never took in his life. But he was fed up from the prostate problem. Because doctor advised surgery he came to my clinic yesterday 5-6 days ago, I gave him this combination. Yesterday he called me and he has got about 80 % improvement in his symptoms. So I get such patients testimonials almost every second day.

Interviewer: So total duration..

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Total duration about 3 to 6 months. To shrink, to actually see the differences in the ultrasound and for PSA levels also you need 3 to 6 months.

Interviewer: Ok! Thank you very much Dr. Vikram to share such great information.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thank you.


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