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Erandmoola is herb of choice for all kind of vata disorders. It is known as castor plant in English. This is used widely in natural products like oils to maintain healthy muscles and joints.

Botanical Name: Ricinus Communis

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Indian Name: Erand

English Name: Castor oil plant

Gana: Bhedneeya, Swedopaga, Angmardaprashmana, Madhurskanda, Vatasamshaman


Gandharvahasta: looks like hands of gandharva

Panchangula: leaves are like 5 fingers shape

Vardhmaan - one that groes very rapidly

Utthanpatraka: leaf is big and spreading

Urubook: one that helaps to balance vata dosha


Ricin, Ricinine are the main constituents.


Shweta and Rakta: white and red.

One more type is: Varshayu and Bahu Varshayu


Rasa (Taste): Madhur (Sweet), Katu (Pungent), kashay (Astringent)

Guna (Qualities): Guru (light), Snigdha (oily)

Virya (Potency): Ushna (Hot potency)

Vipaka (Effects After Digestion): Madhur (Sweet taste after digestion)


Powder - 3 to 6 gm. with plain water or with honey after meals or as directed by doctor. Oil extracted can be taken according to the need and applied on affected area.


Kapha - Pitta hara - balances Kapha and Pitta dosha in body.


Castor plant grows up to the height of almost 18 feet. It can vary in its growth and appearance.

Leaves are green or reddish in color. Panchangula is synonym given means - leaves are like 5 fingers shape. The glossy leaves are 15-45 cm long with long stalked, alternate and palmate with few like 5 to 10 lobes with coarsely toothed segments. Color of leaves vary and its stem also vary in pigmentation. Fruit capsules of some varieties are showier than the flowers.

Flowers are greenish or red and vary in color. Male flowers are yellowish green with prominent stamens and female flowers have prominent red stigmas.

Fruit is very spiny and green in color with oval, large highly poisonous seeds with brown color.

Parts Used: Root


There is no such side effects seen of this herb. But dose depends and vary as per the strength and constitution of individual so it is always advised to consult an Ayurveda physician before starting.

Erandmool is a wonderful herb to take care of Vata dosha in body. Vata is one among tri energies which is responsible for pains. Vata is responsible for utpatti, dharan and vinash which all together make life cycle of life. When Vata gets vitiated, it is known as Vikrit Vata that leads to multiple abnormalities in the body and life cycle as well.

Praan, Udan, Saman, Vyan And Apaan are the five types of vata which are distributed and have got their particular sthanas in the body.

Erandmoola is used in many natural formulations like natural oils, external applications helps to maintain healthy muscles and joints and balance the vitiated Vata dosha effectively.

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