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What is Fatty Liver and How to Fight with it?

Effective Ayurvedic Tips by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Today I am going to tell you about a problem which has become very common it is fatty liver. The problems of liver that is Yakrit which is called in Ayurveda and Sanskrit. The disease of Yakrit which fatty liver has become very common these days. The major and main reason of it is today's environment our lifestyle. Our lifestyle has become very easy going and our eating habits have been spoiled. Fatty liver has become a very common problem due to which people are disturbed. One situation which we have to face is that people are not aware that they have fatty liver. For long span their liver remains fatty and later on they have chronic liver problems, then they come to know that they have chronic problem and then the diagnose is done. If you take care of fatty liver on time and get rid of this problem, then In future you won't have to fight with problems related to liver.

What happens in Fatty Liver, First of all I want to tell you why it happens?

Fatty liver is because of Overeating - These days we have made a system is sitting late night having parties, drinking alcohol - the youngsters it has become the lifestyle of the society. Actually the eating habits is wrong especially the fast-food. Alcohol is so much in fashion as much you stop them people say - Doctor we don't drink much we take just 1– 2 begs. I stop them don't consume it your liver is getting fatty. Avoid it or you can take it in limit once in 15 days or in a month or in take small peg but I won't recommend that you should drink it. Alcohol is bad for body, it is harmful for Liver. Liver is the seat of pitta and if we keep on putting pitta in it, it will burn. Suppose there is a fire and if you keep on putting petrol in it the fire will burn more. In the same way liver is the place of pitt and if keep putting alcohol in it the pitt will get aggravated. Therefore I won't recommend and especially it is not recommended to fatty liver.

What happens with Fatty Liver - One who has gas formation, mild pain on here on the right side because liver is here, if your tummy is bit bulged blotted out should be alert that do I also have fatty liver? In fatty liver alcohol not allowed, the package food from market is not allowed and 3rd kids are being given fast food like- Pizza, burger, noodles are also not allowed and milk - milk product should be stopped for at least 3months. For those who have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver problem. For alcohol you should say NO that you won't drink ever. This is the preventive method of Fatty liver. I have told the symptoms – Formation of gas air, pain in the right side, food not getting properly digested, blotting. We fill it with wrong and poisonous food alcohol and all than the cells get damaged so you should save it. Take coconut water on regular basis, exercise is must if you do yoga early in the morning kapalbharti, pranayam, bhastrika and all or simple walk- if you do simple walk you won't gain extra fat or put on extra fat by this also you won't have fatty liver. Other than this in Ayurveda there are many herbs- like Kalmegh - In Ayurveda we have a herb called Kalmegh which is called king of bitter which is very bitter herb by taste with it old to oldest fever is also treated. With it fatty liver is treated. Kalmegh is very good for Fatty liver. It is called Echinacea - Indian Echinacea. Other than this Bhumi amla is a herb Phyllanthus niruri is its name. Bhumi amla is very nice. Other than this Kutki - Pittvirachan sarvsharaistha which is very good in Vichraichan of Pitta. To remove fat from liver it pacifies pitta. To pacify and balance pitta Kutki is considered to be the best herb. Use Kutki. Use Kalmegh, Bhumi amla like herb in Ayurveda.

We have a churan (Powder) Yakrit Plihantak want to tell you about the herbs in it. Bhumi Amla Phyllanthus niruri as I told you is good for fatty liver, Kalmegh, Bhringraj- is usually used in the products for hair, Sharpunkha is also a herb Rohitaka is a herb these all are the medicinal plants which are very good for fatty liver. Kaasni is good for fatty liver, Kutki as I said you earlier, Makoy is herb only the powder of it is also used. This powder has combination of these herb. I usually give this powder with combination of few capsules. Punarnava is given if one has water retention with fatty liver. Will be helpful in weight loss, remove fat, this combination of these herbs fatty liver will be treated.

The main points are:-

  • Cancel alcohol
  • Cancel fast food
  • Cancel package food
  • Do regular exercise and yoga

If your abdomen stomach is coming out than be alert that it sign of danger. We should have flat tummy which can be treated by exercise and you're eating habits. It is very necessary to sleep on time at night people who do late night parties it also effects the body.

So this is what I want to tell my viewers that take care of your liver in this way.


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