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Green tea as we know it has a variety of uses not only as a health drink but also as a good body scrub and in various cosmetic formulations for application on the skin. It has been in use since time immemorial but off late, Green tea in various formulations is gaining popularity for its immense benefits on the human body with minimal side effects. Planet Ayurveda team brings to you yet another product which stands out in terms of the quality of ingredients used and the superior methods of preparation used in carefully blending the ingredients to bring out the maximum skin benefits and which can cater to most skin types.

Pack Size : 100 GM (3.38 OZ)


  • Green Tea Extracts – 2%
  • Algae Extract - 1.5%
  • Tea tree Oil - 0.2%
  • Juglans Regia - 2.5%
  • Aloe Barbedensis -2.0%
  • Azadirachta Indica -1%
  • Prunus Amygdalus-0.5%
  • Rosa Domestica - 2.0%
  • Tagetes Erecta - 0.5%
  • Glycerin - 2%
  • Aqua,
  • Gel Baseq.S.,
  • Dmdm Hydantoin – 0.1%,
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone – 0.2%,
  • Methylisothiazolinone – 0.25%


Green tea has been known for its endless list of health benefits as a drink. These days however it is gaining popularity for topical application as well in a number of herbal skin care products. One of the prime features of green tea is that it works as a great antioxidant which helps in preventing and reducing signs of ageing thereby keeping the skin healthy and more youthful.

Scrub: It acts as a great exfoliate because of its granular texture and can be used to scrub off dead skin cells, dirt and other particulate matter present in the atmosphere that settles down on the skin on exposure.

Green tea also has smoothening and moisturizing properties which also keep the skin hydrated and soft. It also tones the skin texture removing sagginess and closing pores. Skin is damaged mainly due to the release of free radicals when the skin is exposed to pollutants, or due to extended exposure to sunlight. Green tea extracts have CATECHINS as a potent anti-oxidant which helps to neutralize the free radicals thereby protecting the skin against UV damage. The tannins present in green tea have an astringent action on the skin helping it to fight against fluid accumulation in places such as under eye areas which are often prone to puffiness due to various reasons. Besides there are no known side effects of the use of green tea in topical form.


Algae or seaweed extracts help in detoxifying the skin and maintaining its hydration quotient. Alguronic acid found in seaweed extracts has been found to increase the production of elastin protein which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. It also boosts cell regeneration process helping it to slow down the ageing process and improve skin texture. Algae extracts also contain various amino acids and fatty acids which not only contain anti-inflammatory properties but are also great at skin regeneration and renewal.


It is known as “Medicine in a bottle “as it is of great medicinal value and is used in treating many dermatological problems. It is prepared by the distillation of tea tree leaves and was first prepared and used by the Australians as a natural anti-septic. It contains a group of active compounds called Terpenoids which have anti-microbial properties. Eucalyptol present in tea tree oil is another active ingredient which has antiseptic and healing properties. In case of hair in-growths in the skin or if razor burns become troublesome, tea tree oil can provide relief and it can also hasten the healing process. It also helps in getting rid of skin warts and corns even in case of ringworm infestations tea tree oil application can help in subsiding and preventing the infection.

For people who have a difficult time taking care of dry skin Tea tree oil is another good option. For this it can be applied after bath all over the body. Tea tree oil also soothes allergic reactions on the skin.


Juglans regia is the name of our cherished nut in bakery products known as the walnut. It is great for skin as it is loaded with numerous Vitamins (vitamin B-complex) in particular. It is also a rich source of vitamin E which is popularly known for its anti-ageing properties. Walnut oil is a great moisturizer for people with dry skin. It also relaxes puffy eyes and lightens dark circles.


It is a rich source of numerous active principles which are a boon to all kinds of skin problems. Aloin or Barbaloin is present in the exudates of Aloe vera leaves and has antioxidant and anti-histaminic properties thus helping in subsiding allergic reactions. It is also useful in case of all kinds of skin related problems which we come across in our day to day life. It is a moisturizer, wound healer, skin revitalizer and skin growth promoter.


Neem or Azadirachta indica has been used since ancient times for the purpose of skin healing and skin protection. It is used as an antiseptic and anti-microbial agent for topical use in all kinds of skin infections be it bacterial, fungal or viral. It also promotes rapid healing of the cellular tissues and also promotes regeneration of the skin tissues keeping them young and protecting them from degradation. It is not too harsh on the skin and keeps it effectively moisturized.


Prunus amygdalus or Almond is again a potent antioxidant which imparts the skin a youthful radiance and glow. It is also rich in fiber content due to which it has good skin cleansing properties. It is again a rich source of many vitamins and minerals especially vitamin E which maintains skin vitality. It is great for maintaining skin elasticity and texture.


Rose is a plant that reciprocates its external beauty and fragrance into its amazing beauty benefits. It has a cool and calming effect on the skin. Its astringent effect keeps the skin in tone and also helps close open pores preventing occurrence of infection. The soothing effect calms down not only the body but its sweet fragrance relaxes the mind providing a pleasant experience.


Tagetes erecta commonly known as Marigold is the source of an essential oil which is used in a variety of ways which are beneficial for the skin. It has interesting anti-parasitic properties by which it keeps many annoying parasites and insects like mosquitos, lice, bed bugs etc. away when applied topically. It also has anti-microbial properties. In case of wounds also tagetes oil can be applied to prevent growth of maggots and keep the wound clean. Marigold oil has a refreshing and very relaxing aroma which soothes a weary and exhausted mind. It also works effectively against inflammatory conditions.


Take a little amount and apply over face and neck. Use your fingers to gently massage the area for exfoliation. Repeat if necessary.


  1. It is a gentle exfoliating agent which removes dead skin cells and keeps the facial area healthy.
  2. It can be used a few times in a week to keep the skin clear and maintain its texture.
  3. The ingredients have been put together to provide a refreshing experience after every use.
  4. It has a very mild effect on the skin and the chances of hypersensitivity are minimal. In fact, it can be used effectively in all kinds of allergic skin conditions.

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