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Hair Growth Formula - Hair Loss Treatments, Thinning of Hair, Prevent Hair Loss

Hair growth vitamins formula is a wonderful blend of herbs that is effective at treating hair loss and the underlying conditions that cause hair loss. How do Ayurvedic herbs restore the hair? They build blood, balance hormones, direct nourishing blood to the scalp. This formula is full of natural hair growth vitamins which makes it most effective of all hair loss treatments. This formula prevents thinning of hair, premature graying of hair, prevents hair loss.

Hair loss and thinning hair can result from many causes including stress, poor nutrition (especially a Vitamin B and mineral deficiency), hormonal imbalance, certain prescription drugs, thyroid disease, cancer (and more specifically cancer treatment), and genetics. All of these hair loss conditions can occur in both men and women.

Genetic hair loss or Genetic pattern baldness is often attributed to the chemical DHT (5-alpha Di-HydroTestosterone). It has been found that increasing levels of DHT in hair follicles cause a reaction that reduces blood flow to the follicle and the impairs the growth cycle of hair. This results in follicle shrinkage and finer and shorter hairs, eventually the follicle dies and stops producing hair. Areas that are 'shiny bald' no longer have live follicles. Areas with shorter, fuzzy, fine hairs still have live follicles that may respond to tonic herb remedies.

In Ayurvedic Science, hair is a direct reflection of the Kidney energy, Liver energy and Blood: a lack of circulation or insufficient amounts of Blood can result in the loss of hair. The Kidney and Liver influence the hormones strongly. The conditions of the hair follicles can also be affected by the toxicity of the blood, and the Liver and Kidney are important organs of elimination of toxins.

The first step in hair loss treatment is to improve circulation to the head/scalp, as well as improve the quality of the blood with specific natural herb remedies such as Amla, Ashwagandha , sesame, and brahmi. Early intervention is the key to limiting hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. Herbal hair growth vitamins treatment can vary from 3-12 months depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that the condition has existed.

This natural hair growth vitamins formula for hair loss and thinning hair will restore overall health and vitality by supplying the basic building blocks through chemical constituents present in the herbs that are necessary to nourish the hair and skin through the Liver and Kidney systems. After all, the whole body must thrive in order to have luscious, strong, healthy hair. The formula is based on ancient ayurvedic literature and traditionally used herbs for hair loss and weakened hair roots.

The ingredients are mainly traditional ayurvedic herbs used in Ancient ayurvedic system of healthcare in India. The results of this hair growth vitamins formula are excellent.

Ingredients of Hair Growth Formula

Sr. No. Ingredient Name Botanical Name Quantity
1. Yashtimadhu Glycerrhaza glabra 50 mg
2. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 50 mg
3. Bhumiamla Phyllanthus niruri 100 mg
4. Bhringraj Eclipta alba 100 mg
5. Amalaki Emblica officinalis 100 mg
6. Bramhi Bacopa monneiri 100 mg
  1. Yashtimadhu - Glycerrhaza glabra - 50 mg - One of the best anti-aging herbs described in ancient texts of Ayurvedic healing. The herb is known as licorice in modern world. Having properties of memory boosting, preventing hair loss and supporting new hair growth.
  2. Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera - 50 mg - It is a best adaptogen herb useful to combat stress and anxiety. It helps overall well being and prevents hair loss. Helps to regenerate new hairs.
  3. Bhumiamla - Phyllanthus niruri - 100 mg- Scavenges free radicals from the body, helps improve the metabolism of the toxins in the body, thereby preventing aging and premature hair loss or graying.
  4. Bhringraj - Eclipta alba - 100 mg - Most known herb for its role in premature graying of hair, hair loss due to any reasons, eclipta alba is most important ingredient of all hair loss products ( local application as well as internal use) it helps to bring in new hair roots and thereby improving hair texture and new hair growth.
  5. Amalaki - Emblica officinalis - 100 mg - Indian gooseberries ( Amalaki ) are world's richest source of natural vitamin C, prevents premature aging and scavenge free radicals.
  6. Bramhi - Bacopa monneiri - 100 mg ( Well researched herb for improving hair texture and strength, balances the effects of aging and best known as memory boosting herb).

Dosage of Hair Growth Formula

2 capsules twice daily, after meals with plain water

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