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Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri) - Ayurvedic Properties, Health Benefits & Dosage

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Namaskar. Today I am going to talk on very miraculous drug, Bhumi Amla in Ayurveda. What have been told or written about it in ayurveda. It is in reality very miraculous herb and in ayurveda it is called as a Bhumi Amla. Its plant is very small in nature and has fruits like amla. It is a plant of euphorbcea family. Its medicinal uses are not only known in India but in Mexico, and South America people also know its properties. There it is called as chankapedra. In South America, it is used in the treatment of stones. So it has so many properties and I will tell you all. Please note them down.

It is a small plant and grows itself in rainy season and after rainy season stop showing up. It shows up to November and December and after that it diminishes. You can have it from pansari but I don't recommend it as they collect from different markets and store them without properly keeping them and cleaning them and not of good quality. If you recognize Bhumi Amla and recognize from videos and try to self-identify them and then collect it by yourself in rainy season. It's found in abundance in all over India. By collecting it and washing it properly and dry it in shadow and then use it by making its powder. In Ayurveda, its ras virya and vipaka are like that it is sheetal (cold) medicine. It gives cold effect to body. Its virya (potency) is sheet, sheet guna will pacify the pitta.

Phyllanthus niruri

In our body all diseases which occur due to pitta vitiation like liver diseases, skin diseases and all diseases due to heat like ulcer, acidity it will balance them. All viruses like: Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), psytomegallovirus, herpes virus and even in chicken pox I give it with neem. Even HIV patient should use it will surely give relief. According to Ayurvedic principles, it will give relief. I have not used it in HIV but all other diseases I cured with Ayurvedic principles as in ayurveda there no such disease as HIV. In ayurveda there is shosh disease and we can cure it like that. So you can use it in HIV and it will definitely give positive results as its give in other viruses. It also work in influenza, cold.

Bhumi Amla has very good effect on liver as it is tiakt ras predominant. So it will pacify the pitta and main seat of pitta is liver or gall bladder. So inflammation in gall bladder, cirrhosis, inflammation in liver, liver failure, ascites, or sgotand sgpt are increased, fatty liver, Bhumi Amla is best drug of choice to cure all these. Either you take its juice or take its extracts capsules. Other than liver it has good role in kidney. In nephrotic syndrome where proteins comes out in urine. It is like prameh, which are of twenty types and madhumeh is also one of them.so it also works in madhumeh and other prameh like nephrotic syndrome, infection in urinary tract or cancer in urinary tract or any other disease related to kidney I have seen this Bhumi Amla giving good results.

I have treated so many children with nephrotic syndrome with this Bhumi Amla and with use of Curcumin. If there is stone in kidney, it also work as it is also called stone breaker. In UTIs, pus cells in urine, recurrent infection in urine, it can be used. Its two capsules in morning and evening one should take. It is satva of bhumiamlaki. It is 500 mg capsule so 1000mg in morning and 1000mg in evening. Like this also I give it to children. Because this drug is saumya in nature and have madhur vipaka. Madhur vipak drugs did not cause any side effects in body. It is very simple drug and have sheetal nature. Other than this in wound healing like diabetic foot ulcer use its juice to clean or use it with neem, turmeric with sesum oil and apply it over wound. Like this take Jatyadhi oil with Bhumi Amla, neem, Haldi and mix it and apply it. I telling capsule as it is purest form as plants extract is used in it and don't use the one available in market which are too old and not kept in hygienic condition so don't use that over wound. So use fresh one or use extract which will show results in wound healing. Secondly when there is chest burn, acidity and ulcers in abdomen, Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules shows very good results.

I told you about wounds. Other than this, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and in anemia which is called pandu roga in ayurveda and all disorders related to blood as it is sheetal virya, tikat vipaka, madhur vipaka so all diseases related to blood like atopic dermatitis, rashes in skin, hardness of skin and in rakt pitta which is bleeding disorder, in ITP, it can be given. So in heavy bleeding and in psoriasis, it works very well. So like this, use Bhumi Amla and you will get its useful benefits. It is a pitta Kapha shaman drug. In kaphaj, roga having viral symptoms, children having weak immunity, it also boost immunity and it also act as rasayana as it have madhur vipaka, so which ever drug have madhur vipaka act as rasayana according Ayurvedic principles. And sheet virya drug will pacify the pittaso where ever there is inflammation and swelling, pain in such problems it can be used.

So you can see that ayurveda have so many things whose benefits you can get. Thank you. I hope you will have good information about Bhumi Amla so you get information about ayurveda and have its benefits. Thank you.


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