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What are the Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica)?

Indian Gooseberry, Amla

What is Indian gooseberry?

Indian gooseberry is the name given to this tree because it bears a fruit that looks like the berries. In Hindi it is called Amla meaning 'sour', it tastes that way if eaten raw. Some of its Sanskrit names means 'nurse', 'mother' and 'immortality', just telling its strength in Indian Ayurvedic world. Amla is used to prepare many herbal medicines all over Asia since time immortal. It is used to be eaten raw in the past, but Ayurvedic medicines have made it an integral part. It has the healing capacity to prevent many infections and cure many diseases.

Triphala contains the fruit called Amla in it, and is the main fruit of the nutrient jam known as Chyawanprash. In all the herbal plants that are available on this Earth, it contains the highest % of vitamin C in it. 20 times more than an orange. This vitamin C is stabilized by its ingredient called tannins. It doesn't allow vitamin C to evaporate even during processing.

What are the Health Benefits of Amla?

  • It has anti-inflammatory features that tone, cool and nourish the body's tissues and organs.
  • It is a natural anti-oxidant.
  • Nourishes the eyes, nails, hair and skin.
  • Helps in keeping a healthy metabolism, digestion and eliminating the waste products.
  • Keeps a control in cleaning the interior and maintains regularity.
  • Keeps the heart and entire respiratory system healthy.
  • Keeps a control over Agni (digestive fire).
  • Keeps ojas healthy to stimulate the immune system that keeps your body young.

Basically, Amla keeps the 3 doshas, in balance, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, it especially keeps Pitta calm. It creates ojas, enhancing the immune system to produce more enzymes, which are always busy fighting with the fungus and bacteria cells that harm the body. It is a well-known fact that Amla rejuvenates the whole body and you never lose the enthusiasm. It just enhances the energy, keeps control over the level of cholesterol and improves reproductive system. It has the control over body, both internally and externally, to keep it healthy.

What are the Uses of Amla?

Nervous System

Amla enhances the nervous system by a proper flow of blood. If you are a regular customer of having Amla, your cognitive functions improve, enhances your memory and concentration level. It safeguards the nerve cells, which have the danger of being injured by free radicals and also prevents from diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia. Amla also has a huge content of iron in it, thus facilitating oxygen movement, thus preventing brain decay.

Eye Health

Regular use of Amla keeps the eyes healthy. It enhances the eye sight and safe guards your eyes from getting age related macular decay. Amla has lots of anti-oxidants that protect the retina, thus your eyes don't have the risk of getting cataract. Put some Amla fruit in water, after some time sprinkle this water in your eyes to improve your eye sight. But better be aware that the Amla is organic.

Respiratory Troubles

Amla keeps the health of entire respiratory system in-tact. Vitamin C in it makes Amla a hefty medicine against cold and cough. It also boosts the immune system to produce enzymes that are ready to combat with the bacteria of throat infection and fever. Amla also eradicates tuberculosis, asthma, chronic cough and helps in easing the free flow of air by opening the blockage of chest and air canals.

Blood Sugar Level

Amla has the capacity to stir the microcirculation and make ojas that help in controlling the sugar level in blood. Simultaneously, It helps in cleaning the urine tract and balances the excretion of urine. It helps in balancing the aggressive Pitta. The whole body finds itself to be in a healthier condition that digests food and flushes out the wastage in a proper manner.

Digestion System

Digestion begins with the taste of food you love eating. Consumption of Amla refines the sense of taste as it tonifys and stimulates the initial stage of digestion. It makes the Agni healthy and strong (digestive fire) and increases the appetite, both of which are the heart of digestion. The taste of Amla is sour, but it is able to tingle the fire without bothering the Pitta. Amla also cleans the liver, which filters to keep the nutrients and throws out the waste material. Amla is a rich fruit having fiber and thus controls the bowel movements and keeps the gastrointestinal tract clean. It gets your body relief from hypochlorhydria and gastritis syndromes. You can mix Amla powder in your milk and drink it twice a day. If the taste doesn't suit your taste buds, add some raw honey to sweeten it.

Amla and Human Skin

Its cooling features are too good for skin in eradicating its irritation and itchiness. It flushes out all the toxins from the body. It also helps in finishing off the acne or pimples break out. Apply it after mixing rosewater and lemon juice, making a paste directly on the infected part to make them vanish, making your skin flawless. If you regularly drink Amla juice it cleans your blood, resulting in a radiant skin texture. It also enhances the collagen production making your skin firm. Enhancement in digestion makes your skin totally flawless. Its anti-viral features saves from dangerous pathogenic diseases. Basically it is a natural cleaner that removes the grime and dirt from the face, enhancing your face value. Take Amla powder and mix it with olive oil and water. Make a thick paste and apply it directly on your face. Wash it off after 10 minutes and see the glow that comes naturally, with a pinkish tinge on your cheeks.

Amla is a fruit that helps in strengthening your bones, nails & teeth, hair growth, the body muscles and tissues and safe guards you against many diseases like diabetes, asthma, acidity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many more. It is a tonic that keeps you moving along with present hectic world. If you need a 100% pure Amla powder, get it from Planet Ayurveda, which is managed by a highly qualified Ayurvedic doctor. All the herbs brought here are guaranteed organic. It can be had in any corner of the world from www.planetayurveda.com. It is just a click away to enjoy a healthy life style.


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