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What are the Health Benefits of Indian Sorrel (Oxalis corniculata)?

Indian Sorrel, Oxalis corniculata

What is Indian Sorrel?

Indian sorrel is more popularly called 'Changeri' (Sanskrit) belongs to the family of Geraniaceae and it botanically called Oxalis Corniculata. It is a tiny plant, which has the branches in large numbers that spread all around its bark from 12 to 30cms. The stems are too thin, fragile and hairy and has pale green colored leaves. It grows throughout the year and can grow in the warm plain lands and it grows up to 6000m height in the Himalayas. Its yellow colored flowers are rich in potassium oxalate and oxalic acid.

Indian sorrel is anti-scorbutic, astringent, anti-fungal, appetizing, anti-microbial and heals the cuts and wounds quickly. It has abundance of vitamin B1, calcium and iron in it. It can help find a cure for a number of diseases:-

  • It improves the digestion.
  • It releases the gas that have accumulated in the gut area.
  • Cures the diseases that are created by Vata and Kapha doshas.
  • Heals bleeding piles, dysentery and IBS.

What Benefits are Bestowed by Indian Sorrel?

It is also used to make some home remedies too. But it will be better if you seek the advice of a renowned Ayurvedic doctor before you proceed. He/she is more qualified to guide you in a proper manner.

  • Bleeding Piles: Get 10gms of its leaves along with its stem, dry them and grind to make powder, add it to the buttermilk and drink it twice a day to halt the bleeding of piles and also menorrhagia.  
  • Fever: Common fever raises the temperature of your body. Extract from its leaves helps in bringing down the temperature.
  • Remove warts: Get some juice of the Indian sorrel, mix it with some coconut oil. Apply it on the warts or lumps of the skin, tenderly and regularly. It will make them vanish within a few days.
  • Jaundice Cure: Get a table spoon of the juice of Indian sorrel, mix it in a cup of buttermilk and take it once a day, sip it slowly. Better be regular and after a few days you will find Jaundice gone.
  • Stomach disorders: The leaves, if eaten raw can help erase all the trouble of your stomach and increases your hunger by boosting the appetite. It enhances the stomach by providing the aids to straighten its misdeeds.
  • Dysentery: Fresh juice of Indian sorrel when mixed with raw honey or sugar helps in healing dysentery. 
  • Red Spot Eruptions: Get a tablespoon of Indian sorrel's juice and mix it with black pepper and ghee gives relief from red spot breakouts.
  • Quenches Excessive Thirst: Its fresh juice when mixed with buttermilk can quench your thirst even if you have diabetes or feeling the heat during summer. It helps quench the thirst instantly.
  • A boon for your Eyes: This Indian sorrel is preventive and a cure for various disorders related to human eyes. First make its fresh juice and then put a few drops in your eyes. It removes the strain that most of your eyes are feeling in recent times, as almost everybody in to-day's world works on the computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles. It also does the opacity of the cornea and cataract.
  • Insomnia: Some of its fresh juice should be mixed in castor oil and massaged gently on the scalp, before you hit the bed. You will certainly get a sound sleep. It drives away the insomnia that you were feeling.
  • Removes headache and Migraine: If you have a throbbing head or the head is paining. Make paste of it by mixing Indian sorrel with plain water and apply gently on your four head. It will reduce pain within few minutes.
  • Lessens earache: If your ears are paining, get its juice and drop 2 drops in your ears daily to drive away the pain. It will make you relax.
  • Lowers Inflammation: It has the remedy in its leaves that you apply to reduce pain and reduction in inflammation is inevitable.
  • Removes Wrinkles: Take a teaspoon juice from Indian sorrel's leaves and mix it in white Sandal powder. Make a paste and massage it on your face, gently. It helps in erasing the wrinkles and makes you look young, a boost for your personality.
  • Gum problems, Oral infection: Mix its leaves with plain water and do the gargling. It will reduce the pain from your gums and whitens your teeth. It will take care of all your oral problems like cavities, tooth decay and plaque etc.
  • Rectum prolapse, uterus prolapse: Take some leaves and stem of the Indian sorrel plant and grind to make a powder. Mix it in water alum to make paste. Get a cotton ball and apply it on the infected area. It's cool power will sooth you.

What is the Nutritious Value of Indian Sorrel?

Indian sorrel herb is a remedy for many diseases, but people who suffer from rheumatism, gout and calculi in the urinary track should avoid using it because it contains a high level of oxalic acid. The Indian sorrel has a nutritious value because of:-

  • It has lots of vitamin A, B9 and C.
  • Indian sorrel has abundance of oxalic acid curing rheumatism, kidney stones and bladder.
  • It is a good source for magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium.
    4. This herb has strong laxative features.
  • Indian sorrel is low on the energy level but has a strong dietary fibers.
  • Not only is good for diseases, you can make tea and become habitual to reap in its benefits.
  • The flavonoids that are present in Changeri are able to heal some type of cancers.  
  • It is low in energy content but provides adequate dietary fibers.
  • Not only can you use sorrel as both a fresh and dried herb in cooking, you can also use it to prepare hot and cold teas.
  • Tea made from sorrel leaves can help reduce blood pressure.
  • The flavonoids found in the sorrel plant are good deterrents against some types of cancers.
  • It has abundance of calcium that hardens your bones, and saves the females from problems like osteoporosis.


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