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Heavy Metals in Ayurveda

A Statement From Planet Ayurveda, India Regarding the Issue of Heavy Metals in Some Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

Regarding an article on heavy Metal Content in some Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Products published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, we are much concerned about the presence of Lead and heavy metals in some Ayurveda products.

We at Planet Ayurveda, India are committed to provide 100% all natural Ayurveda products which are illustrated in the 5000 years old Classical Ayurvedic texts. These Ayurvedic products manufactured in India ( sold by us) are all safe, fresh and potent. These products are advised, considering the signs and symptoms.

We do not have any added chemicals or preservatives. Hence no annoying outcome can be seen on the body. Our most of the raw material venders are certified organic cultivators and manufacturers of herbal extracts. The herbs are not at all radiated because in my opinion, radiation alters the molecular structure of alkaloids (Active ingredients) of the herbs thereby altering their therapeutic efficacy.

We are a US- FDA registered company and all our products can be checked anytime through a laboratory for heavy metals.


All the herbal tablets or products of Planet Ayurveda, India are being manufactured under strict quality control measures following guidelines of the GMP. Our R&D section of qualified professionals ensures the best quality of the finished products.


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