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Liver Detox Formula - Natural Liver cleanse formula for liver detoxification

Why Liver Detoxification is Necessary?

Everybody says - Liver detoxification is very important to stay healthy and the most common question is what is the best liver detox diet. Is there a specific cleansing diet to keep the body free from toxins ?

Most of the people who are drinking alcohol or not, they talk about it and also people who are eating unhealthy food talk a lot about liver detoxification or cleansing diet but are they seriously thinking about liver detoxification.

Is the liver cleansing considered that important practically? The answer is a big no. No one is really concerned to follow a liver detox plan and everybody wants to eat and drink and fill the liver full of toxins and food full of preservatives up to the brim so that the liver becomes enlarged, it becomes fatty and it becomes a house of toxins.

Liver cells are working like the immigration officers at the airport. The liver cells are the barriers or the check point in the body where all food and drinks are checked before they enter in the blood stream.

Whatever we eat - all the food and drinks after getting absorbed in intestines pass through the liver. You can imagine intestines as the airport and the liver cells as the immigration department at the airport.

Liver checks and examines everything and lets the good molecules enter the body via blood. The bacteria, viruses, drugs, chemicals, preservatives, pollutants all struggle in the liver to get through to the main blood stream.

If there is too much of traffic of these bad elements, bad food, bad germs then they get through the liver cells somehow because the liver cells are not able to keep hold of so many troublesome toxins at a time. Some of them enter the blood stream because the liver is flooded with them.

If we keep our liver healthy we can save ourselves from so many health problems. Most of our liver cells are so busy in keeping the alcohol out of the blood that they don't even get the time to concentrate on what else is passing through them J

The preservatives and chemicals, drugs have become essential component of our daily diet. Even the chemical based drugs that we take to maintain our well being comes with added side effects, besides the liver itself expels dead and damaged cells and also bacteria and germs, which require to be ousted too. The liver does all these tirelessly throughout our entire lifetime.

Liver is body's detoxification center and repair workshop as well as the security check point. Most of the toxins, hormones, drugs, cholesterol, proteins, blood clotting agents, carbohydrates, fats are all metabolized in liver. It is the seat of metabolism. That is why a healthy liver is very important for proper functioning of the body and liver cleanse is very important aspect of keeping the body fit.

If the liver is flooded with too many toxins it becomes clogged up with them and not able to cleanse the system. That is why to ensure a healthy liver the liver detox program is very necessary. The Liver Detox Formula are an effective way to cleanse the liver and prevent it from becoming fatty liver or a diseased liver. It is recommended that you follow a liver cleanse diet on regular basis. Liver cleanse diet is not an alien diet but it consists of food which is in harmony with blood's pH levels. It is mainly the alkaline food rather than the acidic food.

Proteins are highly acidic, as they contain the amino group. They are made from amines (nitro) which is acidic in nature. So avoid high protein diet when you are following a cleansing diet regimen.

What is Liver Detox ?

Liver detox does not mean that you have to consume only liver cleanse supplements to clear the liver of the toxins. It can be diet and lifestyle as well. A specific diet can be followed to rejuvenate the liver health and expel the toxins without any problems. Cleansing the liver maintains the level of healthy nutrients in the body and keep it healthy and strong.

Liver Detox Formula can be used and work better if a good natural diet regimen is followed. If a person is not following a good diet, then the Liver Detox Formula become very very important to be used regularly.

Liver Detox and its Uses

Liver detox diet or Liver Detox Formula not only keep the liver fit but they also help in maintaining the proper level of hormones because all the hormones are processed in liver.

Benefits of Liver Detox Include:

  1. Low instances of recurrent infections
  2. Better sugar control
  3. Controlled levels of cholesterol
  4. Low incidence of hormonal imbalance in females as the hormones are all processed in liver
  5. Increased energy levels
  6. Low incidence of cancer as it helps filter the cancer producing toxins and eliminates most of the harmful drugs
  7. Improves the texture of the skin as according to Ayurveda - the glow on the face is due to "Pitta" and the seat of "Pitta" as per Ayurveda is liver and gall bladder.
  8. Digestion is improved leading to proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients and removal of toxins.

More indications of Liver Detox Formula

  1. Hepatitis of all types
  2. Fatty liver
  3. Elevated liver enzymes, SGOT, SGPT
  4. Jaundice of all types
  5. All types of liver cancers
  6. Alcoholic Liver Disease
  7. Liver Cirrhosis

Liver detox helps improve a person's health as well as longevity.

Drinking a lot of water helps the liver to clean the toxins more effectively. Minimizing the alcohol and drug intake also helps in improved liver function and thereby longevity.

Consuming raw vegetables in the diet plan, especially dark and leafy vegetables, cabbage, wasabi, broccoli, onion, turnip, bok choy etc. different types of berries.

Try to include seeds also in the diet such as sunflower, flax, pumpkin seeds, and sesame.

This machine (Human body) is made by nature and the nature has given the best fuel on our planet for running and maintaining this machine. Putting in junk food, drugs, chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, Soda, Soft drinks (all soft drinks contain Co2) is just like running your car on kerosene.

When we can follow the manufacturer's manual in case of our car and put the right kind of premium fuel in it for its proper maintenance why can't we put the right kind of fuel (natural food) in this nature made machine for its optimum performance.

Why Can't we Follow Nature's Manual i.e. Ayurveda

Why do we have to drink Co2 (Soft drinks) by spending hard earned money when the body is putting its best efforts to eliminate Co2 from the blood through lungs and maintain the pH to slightly alkaline.

Have we Forgotten that Co2 is an Acidic Gas ?

We have studied all these things when we were kids in school. Body tries to maintain the pH of the blood and liver plays an important role in it.

Ayurveda and Liver Detox

Ayurveda - also known as Nature's manual for maintaining life is just like a manual given by the manufacturer of a product for maintenance of the product. (Please read God's manual for healing - The book by Dr. Vikram Chauhan for further information)

Ayurveda uses herbs to cleanse the liver and the body. Using Ayurvedic herbs for liver detoxification is a wonderful way to revive the damaged liver cells and giving new strength to the body.

The herbs used in Ayurveda for improving liver function are -

  1. Kutki - Picrorrhiza kurrao
  2. Punarnava - Boerrhavia diffusa
  3. Kalmegh - Andrographis paniculata
  4. Makoy- Solanum indicum
  5. Kaasni - Chicorium intybus
  6. Biranjasipha - Achillea millefolium-Yarrow
  7. Jhavuka - Tamarix galluca
  8. Himsra - capparis spinosa
  9. Haritaki - Terminalia chebula
  10. All these Herbs are in the Formulation - Liver Detox Formula

    These herbs are well studied and a lot of clinical trials are available on the role of these Ayurvedic herbs on liver disorders like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver disease, Jaundice of all types, fatty liver and many others like liver cancers.

    Liver detox Diet:The Liver Detox Diet Comprises of the Following Simple way to Cleanse the System

    1. Avoid Alcohol
    2. Avoid heavy greasy food items
    3. Avoid High protein diet - Chicken, Meat, Soya bean, Cheese and all pulses and cereals
    4. Consume a lot of water, fresh fruits, salads, fruit juices are also ok.

    Things to Remember While Following a Liver Detox Diet

    Liver detox should only continue for a short period of time and a professional help should be sought out to advice on the diet that should be followed and for how long; prolonging the detox diet can result in decreased protein intake and that can have serious consequence on the body.

    Try taking small amounts of protein while following a liver detox diet alongside consuming fruits and veggies. Also, remember to wash the fruits and veggies properly so that pesticides or fertilizers may not enter the body, if not, the liver detoxification process is obstructed.

    Continue with the Liver Detox Formula

    After following the Liver cleanse diet for a few days - about 10-15 days, you can slowly start taking proteins also. Continue the Liver Detox Formula along with the normal diet you resume.

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