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Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences which a women goes through in her lifetime. It is marked by immense memories and days of unique and different experiences that culminate into a new life which comes into being. The period of pregnancy involves a lot of activity in the female body for which it needs to be prepared well in advance as well as all throughout the nine months so as to ensure a successful and comfortable issue. For women who are healthy and of appropriate age conception and ante –natal period pass out smoothly with minimum intervention. For others who are weak or have other minor or major complications immediate management of the condition by medical means becomes necessary. Here we are discussing about a few health supplements that are equally good for healthy pregnant mothers as well as the ones who are a little weak and require extra nutrients to allow for a successful term of nine months.

We all educated beings are thoroughly aware that most medications and many eatables including certain fruits are contraindicated at specific times in pregnancy especially during the first trimester. Planet Ayurveda has therefore formulated a very safe combination of herbs that work really well to sustain a safe and comfortable pregnancy keeping the mother in perfect health. Although these supplements can be used by all women in spite of the complications that may or may not be involved, there are certain specific conditions where use of these supplements have shown a great improvement in the general health condition of the lady.


  • General malaise in the first trimester
  • Morning sickness, nausea, vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Acid reflux
  • Hemorrhoids, in some women
  • Anemia
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Upset bowel movements
  • Tender and swollen breasts.
  • Frequency and urgency of urination
  • Muscle cramps
  • Swelling in ankles and feet
  • High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia etc.

Most of the time, the above mentioned symptoms are controllable, but in a few cases they may become so troublesome for the lady that they interrupt with her health and peace of mind.


Ayurveda is the oldest medicine science. It is said that all other forms of treatment including modern medicine have evolved from this ancient system of medicine. Ayurveda is a pure herbal science that uses natural treatment procedures to maintain a healthy living. Pregnancy is a high metabolic state and care has to be taken while prescribing any kind of supplements or medicine as they may cause direct or indirect effect on the growing fetus.


Planet Ayurveda's herbal remedies for a complication free pregnancy have been made keeping in mind the above precautions and are absolutely safe for use during pregnancy. Spirulina capsules, Shatavari capsules and Amla saar are prescribed for pregnant women to minimize their problems faced during pregnancy and maximize woman's health and growth of the fetus.


  1. Shatavari Capsules - 2 Capsules twice daily
  2. Amla Saar - 3 teaspoonful twice daily, Morning and Evening with equal water.
  3. Spirulina Capsules - 2 Capsules twice daily



Shatavari capsules is an old herbal formulation that is especially suited for managing all women problems in a natural way. It has natural hormones that mimic the female hormones and regulates them.Shatavari is a natural rejuvenating herb which helps to manage the weakness due to any reason in a pregnant women. It strengthens her body functions and stimulates healthy growth of the fetus. It also acts on the breast development and help them to mature adequately for lactation post pregnancy. For its amazing rejuvenating properties shatavari is a natural aphrodisiac and strengthens the uterus and cervix in order to prepare them for a successful delivery. It can be consumed daily in the dose of 1 – 2 capsules twice daily with milk or plain water.


Amla saar is a juice extract of the fruits of Emblica officianalis. It is a great rejuvenating tonic that strengthens the female body during and after pregnancy.Women who use amla saar supplement will have decreased chances of developing post pregnancy weakness and complications. The vitamin C content of this syrup helps to maintain the hemoglobin levels in normal limits as pregnant women tend to become anemic in and after pregnancy.

It also reduces skin irritation and can help in reduced formation of stretch marks. Amla saar can be consumed everyday by mixing 20 ml of the juice in a glass of water which can be taken one to two times per day.


Spirulina capsules is a plant algae that is a very rich source of natural proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a highly nutritious safe supplement that can be consumed during pregnancy for maintaining bodily strength.It boosts immunity and strengthens the heart. It helps in maintaining normal Hb levels and also improves digestion and reduces acidity.

The richness of vitamin B complex in pregnancy keeps the bowel movement normal and manage nerve conduction normally. Spirulina capsules can be consumed in the dose of 2 capsules twice daily with plain water.

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