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Heart is the main blood pumping unit of our body. It is what keeps all our body organs alive and well fed for the blood pumped by the heart carries oxygen to different body parts keeping every cell healthy.

There is a well-defined cycle which the heart follows in its quest to tirelessly pump blood in the body. It carries impure blood from all other organs to the lungs where it is oxygenated and brought back to the heart to be distributed to each every cell of the body.

The normal blood pressure with which the heart pumps blood to different body organs is 120/ 80 mm of Hg.

In most healthy adults, this is the normal range and a variation of plus or minus ten in this range is adjustable.

Due to many factors this range of normal blood pressure cannot be maintained at times. This is when hypertension occurs.

Hypertension is a very vast topic in itself given the different ways in which it affects people.

Here we will discuss about some practical points to be kept in mind when dealing with hypertension.

Importance of Salt in Patients of Hypertension

The daily recommended dosage of salt in patients of hypertension is 1500 mg. Salt increases the osmolality of blood which draws more water in and increases in volume. This increase in volume enhances the blood pressure levels beyond limits.

Heart is Constantly Over Worked

When the blood pressure is high, the heart muscles have to work harder to pump blood to different body parts. With extra load over the heart muscles it tends to tire and enlarge in size. This is a pathological condition known as cardiomegaly or big enlarged heart.

If left uncontrolled, the heart slowly starts failing wherein the blood is not effectively pumped to different body parts, a condition known as congestive heart failure.

Hypertension May be Reversible

There are mainly two main types of hypertension namely Primary Hypertension, which occurs because of genetic involvement and Secondary hypertension which occurs because of all other reasons possible.

Primary hypertension is not really reversible but it can be controlled to a large extent if diagnosed early with the help of proper medications and dietary changes.

Secondary hypertension is definitely reversible. In fact, in some people when hypertension was diagnosed in the initial stages, a proper dietary and lifestyle regimen helped them control it for a longtime without any medicines.

Studies also suggest that the enlargement of heart muscles caused by sustained high blood pressure can also be reversed if blood pressure is maintained within normal limits for more than six months.

How does Exercising help with Hypertension?

Any form of moderate exercising like walking or aerobics gets the heart beat soaring. The blood pressure rises 4-5 mm Hg above the normal range when engaged in any such form of moderate exercising.

Consequently, the blood pressure comes down to normal naturally controlling blood pressure levels.

Hypertension may at Times be a Symptom of other Problems in the Body

Hypertension usually is a big health problem in itself but many a times it may occur because of other underlying health problems like Kidney failure or overactive thyroid gland.

In case of kidney patients it may be a result of a sustained high blood pressure in the blood vessels supplying blood to the kidneys. This is known as renal hypertension. In such patients kidney failure is touted as the main cause of hypertension. Alternately, chronic hypertension can result in permanent kidney damage. It is because high blood pressure in the renal arteries and veins damages the kidneys ultimately causing kidney failure.

Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction usually develops as a result of hypertension in males. It is a common complaint in chronic hypertensive people. In such cases, raised blood pressure damages the blood vessels of the penis causing erectile dysfunction.

Natural Supplements for a Healthy Blood Circulation

Planet Ayurveda has more than 100 natural supplements which cater to the various areas of human health and have a similar goal of achieving a healthy and long life.

There are many dietary supplements from Planet Ayurveda which support the heart and maintain its health properly.

Following is the list of heart supplements which are very good for adults of all ages.

Products Description

1. Sarpagandha Ghan Vati

It is an herbal tablet formula which contains Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina) herb in combination with other herbs which help to support the blood pressure.

It is a good natural supplement for maintaining the blood composition and supporting a healthy blood pressure. It is very effective in maintaining a healthy sleep pattern and also supports the circulatory system.

2. Pitta Balance

It is a natural supplement for supporting digestion and maintaining the stomach and the intestines.

It is a purely vegetarian capsule which is very helpful in supporting the digestive system.

Planet Ayurveda's capsule formulations are purely herbal and work as a natural supplement for people of all ages.

3. Total Heart Support

It is a combination of Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna), Ashwagandha (Withania somniferum), Brahmi (Bacopa monieri) and Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis).

It contains a combination of standardized extracts of these herbs. All these herbs help to maintain the heart muscles and support the nervous control.

3. Arjun Tea

It is one of the bestselling and classical products from the house of Planet Ayurveda. Arjun tea is an herbal tea formulation which is a blend of herbs like Terminalia Arjuna, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Boerrhavia diffusa and Ficus religiosa. Arjuna tree bark is used as the main ingredient in this product.

It is a natural supplement that can be used for daily consumption as a health beverage to support the circulatory system and maintain healthy cholesterol levels in blood.


  1. Sarpagandha Ghan Vati – 2 Tablets Twice Daily
  2. Pitta Balance – 1 Cap. Twice Daily
  3. Total Heart Support – 1 Cap. Twice Daily
  4. Arjuna Tea – 1 cup once Daily

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