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What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum)?

Great Information Shared by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer: Good Afternoon Dr. Vikram

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Good afternoon

Interviewer: This Tulsi plant is here and I just want you to explain about this Tulsi.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ya, Tulsi is a miracle plant, it is very religiously followed by Indian people specially Hindus and they follow it in, they put, every household we will find this Tulsi plant, so this Tulsi plant, why it is religiously followed by everybody? Because it is called "Apetrakshasi" in Sanskrit language. Apetrakshasi mean it kills the invisible germs, it keeps away the invisible viruses away from the home. It is having these leaves, they have, see this is beautiful plant. These are the stems. These are the flowering portion. These are the leaves. Leaves are mainly used in medicine. They have very strong properties for they work like very strong antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infective, mosquito repellent, and even for cancers also, even good for diabetes also so if the wounds are not healing because of infection then we give the Tulsi leaves decoction. Or the Tulsi Powder or the capsules of the Tulsi. If there is pus in the tonsils, if there is infection recurrent infection of the upper respiratory tract. Then we give Tulsi capsules or Tulsi tea. Tulsi decoction we use.

Interviewer: So, it is a very useful plant.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So, all sort of infection in upper respiratory tract. In the lungs if there is pneumonia, if there is some infection due to any bacteria or virus so we use Tulsi. So we have two varieties of Tulsi this is little blackish, stem is blackish. The other one is growing over there, I will show you that one also. This is called Shyama Tulsi or Ocimum basilicum. This is labiatae family plant. Ocimum basilicum is this Tulsi. And this one having more pungent oils stronger oils, the volatile oils are there in the leaves. This is very strong and stronger then the Rama Tulsi. Let's go and see this Rama Tulsi now. This is Rama Tulsi you see it is white. Rama Tulsi, people they use Rama Tulsi also.

Interviewer: So they have same properties or there curative properties are there.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Look Rama and Shyama Tulsi are here they are growing together.

Interviewer: Ok they are two plants in same place.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So both of these plants as you see these, this is a neighborhood and common everyone is growing in there garden outside.

Interviewer: So these both are having same curative properties.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Ya both are having same properties. Basilicum is better than sanctum it's not, I would say its much better, its effective more effective. The black one, the Shyama Tulsi is stronger so if need to use milder one you can use Rama Tulsi, if you want stronger one you can use this Shyama Tulsi.

Interviewer: Thank you very much Dr Vikram for sharing this information.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thank you very much.


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