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Home Remedies for Diabetes - Natural Treatment

10 Home Remedies for Diabetes

The metabolic disorder known as "diabetes" represents the body's condition with increased blood sugar. To care this disorder there are lots of home remedies which can be used.

Some of Which are Described as Follows:

1. "Bitter melon" a best treatment for diabetes

In India, it is also called Karela. The presence of polypeptide-P and "charantin", increases the consumption of blood glucose by muscles, liver and fat cells. Which results in decrease in blood sugar in the body. The use of extracted juice or curries of bitter melon can be really beneficial for diabetic patients.

2. "Fenugreek" leaves/ seeds reduces the blood sugar

It is also known "methi" in India. The fresh leaves and seeds are used to lower the blood glucose level. It stimulates the pancreatic cells to increase the insulin production due to presence of an amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleucine. The seeds socked overnight in a glass of water and if taken early morning with chewing seeds, can prove to be an amazing home remedy to fight diabetes.

3. "Garlic" can be used as diabetes inhibitor

Garlic is the very commonly used in food preparations. The compound named "allicin" is present in the garlic which contains the anti-diabetic effects. It prevents the fats from oxidizing and the damage to artery walls.

4. "Holy basil" a "Goddess of herbs" prevents diabetes

"Tulsi" the other name of this plant used for centuries to care various diseases. It is very common household plant in India and generally leaves are used for medicinal purpose. It possess lots of medicinal properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and immunomodulatory. If the extracted leaves juice is taken daily it can lower the blood sugar naturally.

5. "Cinnamon" or "dalchini" a perfect herb to cure diabetes

The use of "dalchini" in India is very popular spice, with lots of medicinal properties. It is used to add flour in food and in curries. Regular use of it in the form of tea or simply with water helps to reduce blood sugar effectively. Cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity and manages or reverses type II diabetes. It also improves blood glucose and cholesterol levels, reduces the risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular ailments in diabetics.

6. "Guduchi" beneficial in diabetes

It is also known as "giloy" in India. The other name given is "amrit", which means eternal. There are so many medicinal properties known of this plant. This is used enhance immunity and extracts of guduchi/giloy stem inhibits the activity of enzyme called alpha glycosidase which is responsible for the breakdown of glucose. Also it delays the process of carbohydrate digestion which plays a vital role to reduce hyperglycemia.

7. "Ginseng" is best to control diabetes

The herbal extract of American (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) possesses anti-diabetic activity due to steroid glycosides, known as ginsenosides which is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of the type II diabetes. It reduces insulin resistance and improve glucose control, which prevent diabetes.

8. "Stevia" a natural sweetener

Due to the presence of steviol glycosides, stevioside and rebaudioside in stevia, the blood sugar can be stabilized. It also increases the insulin resistance, insulin production and pancreas health. It helps in decreasing the glucose absorption in the blood, which lower the blood glucose level.

9. "Lady finger" a rich source of fibre

It is also known as okra, which is rich source of insoluble fibers which slows down the glucose absorption from intestine. It is rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is beneficial in relieving constipation and also reduces cholesterol. It prevent colorectal cancer, lung inflammation, ulcers and depression. It is also known as energy booster.


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