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Home Remedies for Edema or Water Retention

Introduction of Edema

edema, water retention

Modern lifestyle, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, hypertensions lead to several diseases and one of them is edema. Edema is swelling affecting the hands, legs and ankles due to accumulation of excessive fluid in the body. Patients suffering from conditions such as kidney and liver disorders, heart disease, lymph nodes inflammation, allergies, diabetes, pregnant women have symptoms of edema. Edema is characterized into different types based on different body parts that are affected.

Types of Edema

Generally, Classified into Two types:-

  1. Pitting Edema : When pressure is applied to an area and indention of skin continues to be seen even if the pressure is released.
  2. Non-pitting Edema : No indention on skin is left when pressure is released.

When edema affects the lungs it is called as pulmonary edema. All the conditions are serious and need to be treated.

Edema is called Shotha Rog in Ayurveda and ayurvedic treatment for edema is highly beneficial.

Noticeable Symptoms of Edema

  • Tissues swell under the skin
  • Stretching, puffiness and dimpling of skin
  • Abdomen enlarge

Pulmonary Edema Symptoms Include:-

  • Wheezing, Coughing

Condition Becomes Critical When Symptoms Include:-

  • Sweating
  • Blood in cough
  • Pain in chest
  • Pale skin and fainting

Home Remedies for Edema

Home remedies are effective, simple and natural way to reduce swelling but with recommendation of physician. Conventional treatment like diuretics cannot be opted for pregnant women as these can have side effects. Change in lifestyle and home care measures are proved to be beneficial for edema. Some of the Natural home remedies are described below:

  1. Garlic is one of the home remedy that is natural diuretic to cure edema. It flushes out toxin and water out of the body. Consumption of 2 or 3 cloves in the morning are effective.
  2. Dandelion green tea, Fennel tea and corn silk tea are beneficial for kidney, liver diseases and reduce inflammation. The leaves of dandelion herb are rich in vitamins and minerals, corn silk are threadlike strands of corn rich in Vitamin K and fennel has spicy aroma. To make tea, fresh leaves of dandelion, fennel or corn silk are kept in cup and boiled water is added and kept for few minutes. Strain and drink 2-3 cups of one of this tea daily.
  3. Cucumber juice helps in healing and removes toxins from the body. Consumption of glass of fresh juice daily is effective to cure edema.
  4. Coriander seeds are rich in potassium making it useful for water retention. These seeds are added to boiled water, strained and consumed twice daily.
  5. Apple cider vinegar removes excess of water and hence cures edema.
  6. Comfrey Coltsfoot Poultice is effective herb for swelling used by pregnant woman.
  7. Parsley is diuretic herb that prevents reabsorption of potassium and sodium causing flow of water through osmosis. It has antioxidant property and rich in Vitamin B complex, calcium and iron. It cures urinary tract infections and edema. Used as tea or paste.
  8. Mustard oil aids in reducing inflammation. It is warmed and applied on the affected parts of the body.
  9. Barley is helpful in treating edema as it is a natural diuretic especially for pregnant women. Barley is added to water, soaked overnight, strained and consume 2 glasses of barley water daily in the morning.
  10. Flax seeds are beneficial to cure edema. Flax seeds are crushed into a powder and sprinkled over food. Flax seed oil can also be applied to the affected area of the body.
  11. Yogurt is effective remedy to fight against various organ disorders. It is rich in protein that helps in keeping the salt and water in the blood vessels and prevent from going into tissues.
  12. Tea tree oil is helpful for edema due to insect bites. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation and soothes the affected parts of body.

Herbal Remedy for Edema or Water Retention

Besides above given home remedies for edema, it also can be prevented by reducing the intake of salt, drinking plenty of water and by avoiding processed foods. Overall health and well being is improved by the Indian method of healing i.e. Ayurveda. This treatment is effective for fast relief from symptoms of edema without any side effects. Planet Ayurveda has offered herbal remedy for water retention or edema such as Punarnava Capsules. This is the purest and safest ayurvedic medicine by Planet Ayurveda.


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