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How to Increase Oxytocin Levels?

Have you ever wondered why your stress level comes down when you cuddle your child or special one? Oxytocin hormone or the bonding hormone is responsible for reducing the stress and anxiety level in the body. The more Oxytocin you will have in your body, the more sense of goodness and well being you will have. Now the question arises that how one can lift the level of this hormone in the body. One method is to take synthetic Oxytocin sold over the counter as nasal spray. For more information check www.oxytocinfactor.co, But here we will discuss some easiest natural ways to increase Oxytocin levels.

Easiest Ways to Increase Oxytocin Levels

increase Oxytocin levels

Cuddle More

Hug your family and friends on every opportunity or even without any opportunity. It will boost up the level of Oxytocin hormone in the body and it also show them how much you love and care about them. Thus it will strengthen your relationships.

Surprise With a Gift

It is proved that when you receive a gift ten your Oxytocin level shoots up. Thus in order to receive gift, you should first give others a gift. Surprise your loved ones with gifts and you will also share their happiness.

Add Some Adventure to Your Life

Include adventure in your boring life by riding a roller coaster with your family or friends or try bungee jumping. These activities produced great amount of Oxytocin hormone in the body.

Have Meal With Loved Ones

Rather than having dinner or lunch by surfing net or watching TV, try to have your meal with your family or friends. It will increase the level of Oxytocin in your body and you will actually enjoy your meal.

Bath in Hot Tub

Share your tub with kids or your spouse and it will become a fun activity. Just splash water and spend a leisure time. It will reduce the stress level and shoots up the Oxytocin levels in the body.

Take a Massage

Inter personal touch is an important factor which stimulates the production of Oxytocin in your body. A good massag treatment is a perfect way to enhance your Oxytocin level in the body.

Walk in the Morning

Walking is not just a good exercise but it is also useful in boosting the Oxytocin level. This activity is very useful in Diabetes and osteoporosis and it has been proved that Oxytocin also helps in lowering down the effect of these diseases (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26322016).

Be a Good Listener

Listen to people by giving them your full attention. This activity will engage your brain in analyzing their expression and their conversation. It also helps in production of Oxytocin in the brain.


Meditation and slow breathing technique helps a lot in increasing your Oxytocin level because it distress your body and your mind get rid of mental wastes like cluttered thoughts and anxiety.

Become Social Online

Being social has many benefits and one is increasing the production of Oxytocin. Interaction on social networking sites with new people or old friends fills you with anticipation, interest and thrill which elevates your bonding hormone which helps in bonding and trusting others (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26321019).


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