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How to Test Shilajit Purity?

Best Ayurvedic Tips by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer : Good Morning Dr. Vikram, today we are here again to know about shilajit. Which is very popular these days and many companies are selling and main thing is the purity. So I just request you to tell us that how one can check whether the shilajit is pure or not.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Shilajit you know there are so many companies in the world who are selling shilajit under different names. Because shilajit have become very popular nowadays worldwide and there is ancient Ayurvedic alchemy also, it is mentioned as a maharasa, maharasa means it is one of the best natural substance which has the capability to heal almost every disease, which are curable in nature. I want to show you some tests which will tell you that shilajit is very pure in nature. So first of all this is mercury test and I want to tell you also that shilajit.

Interviewer : This is mercury

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Yes this is pure mercury, I am opening up a new bottle. This is Planet Ayurveda Shilajit, I am opening up a new bottle. Now and I take out shilajit capsules and then first of all I put it in the water, shilajit is soluble in water. See I open up the capsule then I put it on the, you see it is getting, I will not stir it or it will get automatically dissolved. You see it is going down like a thin wire.it is getting dissolved automatically. I will add little more I am not stirring, not stirring it up. You see this part it is automatically dissolving, it is fully soluble in water.

Interviewer : It is very light it is floating just over the water.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : It is floating over the water this is also a good sign it penetrates the cells, it penetrates the cell membranes, it flows all over the body it goes to each and every cell it has very good leeching properties it takes out the heavy metal's like mercury, as I am going to show you, takes out mercury, viruses, and bacteria, and all the heavy metals which are deposited when we take some pesticide and some fertilizers through diet. All those heavy metals which we consume like arsenic, lead, tin and mercury and they all are taken out by shilajit so I am going to show you how it works with mercury. I put some shilajit here, one more capsule. Two capsules, and little bit of mercury. Because to dissolve this much of mercury we will need more shilajit. to experiment we are going to little bit mercury, you see I put the mercury in this shilajit and I do like this and add little water from here add some water like this and I start to stir it. and little bit more shilajit.

Interviewer : Ok to just dissolve we need more shilajit.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : It will take five minutes, open the capsule. Meanwhile you see it became black water. So here I am putting more shilajit. And I throw the empty shell here and this I added more shilajit to dissolve the mercury. And you see where is mercury, is it gone. You see?

Interviewer : Not really.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : You will see it is all gone slowly to dissolve in this. You see very small like this. Very small particle is left.

Interviewer : So in another 4-5 minutes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : In another 1 or 2 minutes, these small particles there at the bottom, they all getting dissolve. You see, put some light towards here. put some light you see and you see there is no mercury left now. Put some light. There is put some light. You see it's all the mercury is gone. Turn on the light you see there is no mercury at all and you see it. So this is all gone. You see only very small fragments of mercury are remaining and they will also get dissolve. In two minutes, you remember how much quantity I put at the first place.

Interviewer : That quantity is sufficient to make person really very sick. Just three capsules.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : : let us leave it here for a while. And there is one more experiment. You see this one completely got dissolved I have not stirred it. It is completely soluble. There is one more experiment. This is alcohol.

Interviewer : This is vodka

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : This is alcohol, I asked my neighbor to give it to me for this experiment. And if we put. You will surprised that shilajit is soluble in water and not soluble in alcohol.

Interviewer : Is it?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Yes, so this is third experiment. I put shilajit capsules in this bowl.

Interviewer : Today actually we are going to see so many miracles through eyes. This is very nice people will be aware of shilajit and how they can check the purity at their homes.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Yes very easy, it is difficult to open.

Interviewer : Next time viewers if you buy you just check either in this water or if you having alcohol at your home you can just do the same test to check the purity. If we add some alcohol, you will see it is not dissolving. In water it become like this, in alcohol it become like this

Interviewer : Ok lumps of shilajit.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : It will remain like this. Even after stirring, it remains like this. Water I will show you speed of dissolving. Put some water here again, put some water here, you see in water the speed of dissolving is very high.

Interviewer : Sufficient

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Yes, sufficient, you see, see the speed.by what speed, you see this alcohol one is still there and this water it got dissolve so quickly even if I stir it like this it got dissolve. See very fast.

Interviewer : Just a magic. Thing which is easily soluble in water is not getting

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : So this Shilajit have property of reversing the aging, it can take out the heavy metals.it is rich in at least 85 micro minerals.85 minerals. Which are there, which are required basically shilajit is made from the decomposed dead organic matter, over millions of year and which were buried under the ground. And then it oozes out from the rocks. And it is taken and then purified and processed not processed chemically you know it is not difficult to process shilajit. But to standardize it is difficult it become costlier so many impurities are there. Some heavy metals are there. Inside some impurities are there like dead organic matters is there. So many

Interviewer : So to make it pure is very important.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : To make it pure it's very important. It is just dissolve in the water. Most of the impurities they will leave out the soluble so it get dissolve then you can filter it, filter the water and you can even process it to purify. So this way we get very high quality good quality shilajit capsules.

Interviewer : So here we are having this shilajit in capsule form. So these are

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Very basic methods to improve or check the Shilajit quality. Ok

Interviewer : Thank you

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : See its still there, alcohol one is still there and this water one is dissolve.

Interviewer : And this mercury one.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : This mercury is gone. Almost gone. About 90 % gone. Interviewer: That's great.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : It will take 5-10 more minutes. And then you see, it's dissolving

Interviewer : Yes

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Very small particles, if I stir it like this, its breaking it will take 5-10 minutes or 15 minutes. And then it will.

Interviewer : Thank you very much DR Vikram for these very simple tests to check purity of shilajit.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : There is one more test if you burn this shilajit there won't be any fumes.no smokes. If you burn it there will be no smoke. Plus it is like decomposition product. Like petroleum and it burns and there is no smoke.

Interviewer : Thank you DR Vikram for your information

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Thank you.


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