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An Ayurvedic Approach to ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Namaskar viewers, today I am going to talk about health problem which is called ITP. ITP means Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. ITP is not a common problem, it occurs rarely. Out of 1 lakh persons 9 adults and 3 children on average get diagnosed with it, but all those who are diagnosed with it have to face many problems. Lifestyle of these patients gets affected. Children are told not to play and even parents avoid sending them to school as they don't get injury, which can cause bleeding. As patients with this diseases have chance of excessive bleeding. But in ITP as name suggest Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, where Idiopathic means whose cause is not known, Thrombo means platelets, Cytopenic means decrease and Purpura means spots. So in modern science, its cause is not known as they called it Idiopathic. But we will explain it according to Ayurveda that how it occurs and how we are going to cure or how we can prevent it. In allopathic treatment, in starting steroids are given and Eltrombopag is the salt they use, which comes as Revolade as brand name in market which is very costly. In allopathic treatment patients also get very stressed as they have to be hospitalized again and again and patient had to face many hardship and problems. As they remain in stress, expenditure is also happening and lifestyle is also getting disturbed. Patient affected with ITP can't do outdoor activities like jumping, running and swimming. Specially children get affected psychologically as they cannot participate in any activity in school. So patient with low platelets get restricted lifestyle. Treatment in allopathic, as I mentioned that they give steroids which have many side effects over body, it causes increase in weight, pimples and immunity weakness too. Bones becomes weak and there is always remain a danger of having diabetes as there dose is very heavy. Then other medicines like Revolade are given which increase platelets for small time period. If they doesn't prove helpful in increasing platelet counts then IVIG is given which is Intravenous Immunoglobulin so they are given through veins and help in increasing immunity and help in increasing low platelet counts. This IVIG injection is very expensive and after their course is complete then again platelets start decreasing again, so patient become very much disturbed and stressed. At last they gave option of Splenectomy as they tell your Spleen is destroying your platelets, so Spleen has to be removed from your body. Spleen is also called Tilli, it is found in upper left abdomen. But from my experience I have seen that after removing Spleen there is no increase seen in the platelets, so I recommend to my patients that don't hurry in removing Spleen and before that try other alternate treatments like Ayurveda or Naturopathy and by using herbal medicines you can know the difference. By using them you will come to know that there is increase in platelet count and there is no need of removing spleen.

Now in Ayurveda, its causative factors are told like as it happens in adult and it is called Raktapitta. Raktapitta is mentioned in Charaksamhinta which is an ancient text book of Ayurveda. ITP can be correlated to Raktapiita as in it bleeding occur from different parts of body. So main cause of Raktapitta mentioned by the Maharishi Charaka is like as we are having Shadrasawhoich are Madhur Amla, Lavana, Katu, Tikta, kashaya in our food where Madhur means Sweet, Amla is Sour, Lavana is Salt, Katu is Pungent, Tikta is Bitter, Kashaya is Astringent so these are 6 Rasas but in ITP patient the main cause to increase Pitta are Amla Rasa, Lavanarasa, Katu Rasa so they increase Pitta and also fermented foods also increase Pitta. All sour fruits like tomato all these increase Pitta, also those have sour Vipaka(end result of digested food) like we take curd, buttermilk and with this we take sour thing so as they have oppsite nature or Gunas as we call in Virudh Aahara and with milk and milk products if we take sour food, it will become Amla in our body which produce Ama Rasa and vitiate Pitta so this vitiated Pitta cause Rakta-Pitta. As in Ayurveda Yakrit(liver) and Pliha(spleen) are called mool (main organ) of Rakta(blood) and in this Ranjak Pitta doesn't perform its functions properly and which leads to the occurrence of ITP. So I told ITP patients not to take spicy foods, sour foods, curd, butter milk or all milk products, avoid sour fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime and all sour items like vinegars. Now what should be the platelet count? Where you can say you are in safe zone? Abnormal bleeding happen when platelet count is less than 10000, if your platelet count is above 20 or 25 thousand then you are in safe zone and can perform your routine daily works but you cannot perform those works where strength is required or more force is required. But still 20-25 thousand can be considered safe. By using Ayurvedic medicines this platelet count get increased.

Symptoms which are seen in this disease or when platelet count get low, in general patient will get blue colour spots over the body which give signs of low blood platelet count so at that time do check your platelet counts. So whenever you get such spots do check your platelet count and don't be afraid. On ITP, I have posted many number of videos and you can see in these videos that so much patients have get relief which even I was doubtful that I will get that much positive results through Ayurvedic drugs. I just balanced the vitiated Pitta and given some Ayurvedic drugs which works on liver and spleen and I started getting result in ITP. So I have treated numbers of patients and also have put their videos on net and have kept their records too. I have written some points over it which I want to share with viewers. So how we diagnose it? So in it we have to examine the bone marrow and through which we can confirm that it is ITP or not, because there are number of disease where platelets get decreased for eg: Aplastic Anemia. So bone marrow examination have to be done and it is not wrong. Some people speak about goat milk that they should take it or not. As goat milk is Laghu (easily digestible, lite) in nature and can be taken in very little quantity but still I will not recommend milk and its products in any form and if you will not take goat milk than also it will be good. In Ayurvedic treatment what I give is like this, Giloy Satav and Papaya leave juice, Drubha grass juice or Marigold flower juice. Also Pitta Balance is one medicine that I give which contain Jaharmohra Pisthi, Akik Pisthi, Prawal Pisthi, kamdhudha Rasa all these are natural calcium and sea products and natural minerals which are there in Pitta Balance formulation our brand. Also Gandhak Rasayana I give, Chyawanprash too which is very old formulation of Maharishi Chawan and it is also mentioned on Charakshamhinta. So our product Brahmi Chyawanprash has been prepared with 56 herbs. In it Amla is base so it will balance the Pitta. So don't eat those things which vitiate Pitta like don't drink alcohol, avoid sour food, spicy food and don't get angry and have coconut water and use Giloy it is very miracle herb, then patient can have Spirulina too which is also sea product and its capsule is also very beneficial. Then Immune Booster, we have which have grape seed extract. Arjun is also good as it is Sheet Virya (coolent) so all Sheet Virya herbs are very beneficial in it. Delbergia tree leaves juice is very good. You can also use leaves of shrub called Lajwanti (Touch Me Not). It is also beneficial. I use combination of Bolbadh Rasa, Bol Parapti, Jahar Mohra Pisthi, Kehrawa Pisthi, Sawarnmakshik Bhasm, Rajat Bhasma (it is prepared from silver molecule) it has coolant effect and helpful in ITP. So I told about Rasas, which Rasa we should take in emergency if excessive bleeding is occurring through nose or gums then Drubha Swaras or Marigold flower Swarasa should be used or eat it. Like this Ashwagandha has very good role. It is a shrub, its root Satva is Immunity Booster, and also strengthen bone marrow and bones and also helpful in ITP, it balances Pitta and also balances Vata too, so it balance both Vata and Pitta and cure ITP. Another drug in Ayurveda is Gandhak Rasayana in which sulphur is considered equal to Parvati and mercury equal to Shiva so combination of these two is like miracle. Sulphur (Gandhak) has that much capacity in it that it can cure even changes in DNA, in ayurveda we use it in purified form in very minute quantity. The dosages told in ancient texts still act in proper way even in present time. They don't have any side effects when we use them. But when patient comes in initial stage I gave them basic treatment like Giloy, Aashwagandha, Papaya leaves juice and Chyawanprash etc. With this patients get cured. So like this we can cure ITP and there is hardship to you and for me too as you have to take all these medicines for 3-6 months and also medicines get expensive to you so you have to have patience for 6 months but in some patient I have get good results very early. There was a child who even cured in 3 days. So in some patients results comes in 15 days or within 1-2 months. There platelets have even increased up to 2-2.5 lacs. It takes about 6-9 months to cure in adults, It's somewhat difficult to get results but I have got results in every patient those who have shown some patience, their platelets have gone above 1 lac. In 3-4 months. Platelet counts goes above 70k-1lac. Small children respond somewhat fast to treatment and start showing response in 3-4 months and some shows good results within 1 month. So like this within 6 months we get good result and your problem get solved. So I am feeling good today, as it was in my mind to talk about ITP and let the people know about it. I have maintained proper data of all patients and in coming time when I will cure about 500-1k patients of ITP then I will publish this to let whole world and even Ayurvedic doctors and allopathic doctors that it has a very good treatment in Ayurveda. So thanks for hearing me and I hope you will find this video very helpful.

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