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Importance of Herbal Medicine for the Patients

Brief Introduction

Herbal medicine is a plant-based traditional system of medicine which primarily focuses on a holistic approach to life. Herbal medicine -- also called botanical medicine -- is used for treating illnesses with the help of naturally-occurring substances derived from plants. While treating any illness by using raw or processed parts of plants, Herbal Medicine practitioners basically focus on the overall health of their patients, rather than solely focusing on the disease.

There are a number of treatment systems which can be categorized under 'Herbal Medicine,' including Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine, and Aboriginal herbal medicine.

All these different types of herbal medicine systems make use of medicinal herbs -- the seeds, roots, bark, flowers, or leaves of plants -- for treating diseases and providing relief to patients. These herbal medicines systems are different from one another on the basis of plants used for medicinal purposes, method of preparation of medicines from plants, and the recommended mode of treatment. However, the different herbal medicine systems believe that diseases are typically a result of lack of equilibrium of the body, mind, and environment.

Importance for Patients

Herbal Medicine holds a lot of importance for patients because it is basically a traditional form of treatment which has been in use, for centuries, in almost all cultures around the world. Prior to the advent of modern medicine systems, people who practiced medicine primarily relied on herbal remedies and natural techniques for healing injuries or treating illnesses.

Specifically speaking, Herbal Medicine is important for patients because it comes with several advantages. Some of the key benefits linked to Herbal Medicine have been listed below:

1. Natural and Time-Tested Treatment System

The traditional Herbal Medicine system to manage and cure different kinds of ailments is a time-proven method of treatment. Natural herbs have been in use for curing diseases since time immemorial; and are widely known for their inherent properties of synergy and balance. Moreover, plants and plant extracts can be comfortably metabolized by a patient's body.

2. More Affordable than Prescription Medications

In terms of cost of treatment, the Herbal Medicine system is comparatively much more affordable than the modern system of medicine. Prescription medications have a higher price tag than herbal medicines, which are more cost-effective for patients as they do not have to spend money on post-operative surgery and complications.

3. No or Fewer Side-Effects

Since Herbal Medicine is prepared from plants, they are extremely beneficial to patients due to lesser side-effects than modern prescription medications. In fact, herbal remedies are potent, effective, safe and gentle. Most herbal medicines are much better tolerated by patients as compared to pharmaceutical drugs, and they also have fewer inadvertent consequences.

4. Holistic Treatment System

Herbal Medicine underscores a holistic system of treating diseases. The expert practitioners of Herbal Medicine prepare the herbal formulations in such a way that patients are treated as a 'whole' individual; with the treatment focusing on their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

5. Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment

Another noteworthy benefit of Herbal Medicine for patients is that herbal remedies comprise a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Herbal Medicine combines the study of traditional and western medicines, as well as anatomy, herbalism, pathology, physiology, nutrition, and phyto-chemistry.

6. Effective in Treating Chronic Conditions

Herbal Medicine system has proven effectiveness in treatment of patients suffering from chronic health conditions which do not respond well to pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the chronic and acute health conditions that can be effectively treated with natural, herbal remedies include cardiovascular disease, depression, prostate problems, inflammation, and weakened immune system.

7. Widespread use and Availability

Another advantage of Herbal Medicine for patients is that it is a widely-used treatment system which is -- even in the modern age -- the primary form of medication for the majority of people across the world. Along with their widespread use, herbal medicines are also comparatively much easier to obtain than prescription medications because herbs are available without prescription.

8. Personalized for Individual needs of Patients

The best part of using herbal medicines is that herbal formulations can be prepared by expert Herbal Medicine practitioners to suit the individual needs of their patients. While preparing herbal medicines, expert practitioners follow a diagnostic approach which is based on specific individual constitution; thereby uniquely personalizing the herbal formulations to each patient.

In general, Herbal Medicine can manage a wide range of diseases, and can be used safely to manage disorders related to the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, immune system, and nervous system, among several other ailments. Herbal medicines help in eliminating toxins from the body, and promote the overall health and well-being of patients.

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