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A pure Ayurvedic product formed that works wonderfully on the intestines, especially when conditions like dysentery and excessive diarrhea are prevailing. It is pronounced as Kutzaghan Vati or Kutajghan Vati or Kutazghan Vati. It's one and the same thing.

  1. Anti-dysentery properties
  2. Cures sever diarrheas
  3. Can Cure ulcerative colitis
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be treated with Kutza Ghan

Product Details - Kutza Ghan Vati

What are Kutza Ghan Tablets?

The Ayurvedic formulation Kutza Ghan is a 100% pure product taken from the best quality Kutaj herb.

KUTAZ comes from the tree of Halorrhena Antidysentrica. The bark of the tree is used. The concentrated extracts from the bark are present in the Ayurvedic herbal formulation.

What are the Benefits of Kutaz Ghan Vati ?

Among the best known herbal remedies to mankind, Kutaj maintains its unique place.
Kutaj has been in use since the ancient times. Ayurvedic physicians have used its marvelous properties to obtain excellent results. Owing to its rich medicinal properties it is a component of various remedies. It is also used by people as an herb for the rich health benefits it comes along with.

  1. Owing to its rich medicinal properties, the kutaj bark of the tree is used for dysentery.
  2. Severe forms of diarrhea can be cured with the regular use of Kutza Ghan. It shows quick results that are similar to the modern medicines.
  3. One of its prominent results can be seen in the case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  4. Ulcerative colitis has been treated and its side effects reduced with regular prolong used of Kutza Ghan Vati.
  5. It is a very useful herb for the proper functioning of intestines.


Kutza Ghan Vati is an ayurvedic herbal product in tablet shape, formed from the purest extracts taken from the Kutaj herb. The best quality Kutaj is taken for its production. The herb is collected from the cleanest environments and Kutaj trees growing in the best soils are used. The processing and packaging of the tablet are done using the best technology. There is minimal human intervention so as to ensure that the purest product reaches the consumers. The regular usage of Ayurvedic Kutza Ghan Tablets reduces the probabilities of dysentery, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.

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How can I use Kutaj Daily?

  1. Kutza Ghan Vati Ayurvedic tablets are an easily available, convenient to use veggie tablet formulation that should be consumed as a whole with water.
  2. Adults can take a daily dosage of 2-4 tablets twice with plain water after meals.
  3. For children one-two tablet per day is the recommended dose.

The natural, herbal nature of Kutaj leaves behind no side effects. Its regular usage for long periods is considered safe. The tablet can be used as per choice and there are no withdrawal or habit forming symptoms seen.

Caution: However, Kutaj has no known side effects, pregnant females and lactating mothers should consume it only under medical supervision. People consuming hypoglycemic drugs may need to alter the dosage of their drugs along with this product.

How long would Kutza Ghan Tablets take to show Results?

Kutza Ghan is a complete pure form of the best high-quality herbal product. For the reason that it is a 100% pure ayurvedic formula without any adulteration, it starts its natural actions as soon as you start taking the tablets. The visible outer effects may take about 4-6 weeks to appear. Therefore, it is recommended that the user be patient to experience the wonderful effects of the remedy.

In certain cases the results may also be delayed depending upon the medical condition of the individual, such as his mental health, physical illnesses and also the metabolic condition of the body. There have been cases where individuals show results within a week's time also. The effects of herbal preparations are natural and everlasting in contrast to the immediate yet short- termed results given by the pharmaceutical drugs. The natural drugs work on the individual's immunity thereby curing the individual as a whole. This may take a certain long period of time but the effects are there to stay!! So as to ensure the best outcome, it is recommended to consume the product regularly per the recommended dosage. Regular intake of Kutaj is highly recommended for the overall healthy body.
So as to ensure best outcome, it is recommended to consume the product regularly per the recommended dosage. Regular intake of Kutaj is highly recommended for overall healthy body.

How long will a Single bottle of Kutaj Tablets Last?

A single bottle of Kutza Ghan contains 120 herbal natural tablets. A bottle should last anywhere from 15 to 30 days depending upon the dosage and frequency of consumption. For best results regular intake of the tablets is highly recommended.

Classical Reference

Classical Reference of Kutaj


The herb Kutaj is a frequently used herb in the herbal medicines. Its multiple benefits and health results have drawn the attention of researchers throughout the world. Many scientist and students have taken up the study of this powerful herb.

  1. Research has proved its wonderful actions on inflammations in the body.
  2. Studies prove it to be a great anti-dysenteric.
  3. It has properties to expel toxins from the body and it helps cure diarrheas for the same reason.
  4. It has been proved to be effective in patients with ulcerative colitis.


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