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Lecture on Ulcerative Colitis by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

In World Ayurveda Conference - 2019, Ahmedabad

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Hello, I welcome all the delegates from all over the world who have come from different continents and it looks to me, it has got me back around 5000 years. I was discussing with Dr. Prerak Shah, how it is and I cannot explain, how I feel people from all over the world, Vaidyas who are true Ayurveda lovers who have come here, it is like going back 5000 years ago when all the Vaidyas who were discussing how to bring Ayurveda from the heavens down to earth.

Maharishi Atreya, Maharishi Bhardwaj, and this is heroic afford by Dr. Gaurang Joshi and Dr. Prerak Shah to do this symposium and I hope like we are remembering oldest symposium, first symposium and will remember this onto for at least 100 years more, may be more. As Professor has already explained a lot about ama and nowadays ama has become a part of our life because of our lifestyle and that is causing lot of diseases. As Dr. Prerak said during the panel discussion Ama is the mama of all disease. It is all because of lifestyle. And there is oldest vaidya sitting among us who could not hold himself wanted to speak, I don't know his name but I am very much excited to see his energy levels. He is more than 92, and he said, we just have to follow the lifestyle of Ayurvedic way of living. We don't have to do nothing. Just follow the lifestyle, just follow the diet, follow the sleeping habits, follow the natural routine. That's it, nothing else, you don't need herbs, you don't need medicines, you don't need to think too much, he is a guy who was talking to me about all this.

So what are the Ayurvedic principles, you all are ayurvedic vaidyas but still "Visanga nam viksepe som surya anila yatha dharyanti gadyam kapha pitta anila tatha" we are representing, we are not matter infact. We are energy of universe, we are, we are the sun, we are the earth, space water and fire. We are made up of five elements and powerful blissful happy divine soul which is driving these five elements. It is also explained in Hindu Advaitvaad theory of Energy and Matter. We are energy, we are not matter. It is just another form of energy, five elements and soul. In that, soul is driving this body and this hardware. "Visanga nam viksepe som surya anila yatha dharyanti gadyam kapha pitta anila tatha" In Ayurveda, ayurveda can do lot of things for future generation. And nowadays it is the time of internet. Internet when it came about in 1999, I thought that we should do something over internet and something came in my mind I should have the website, I just passed out of the ayurvedic college, and recently I was seeing my own brand name from two month ago. And I want to show that brand name. Let me go there, this is Planet Ayurveda, I thought at that time, I should take Ayurveda all over the Planet but recently about two months ago, when I was looking at the name, I read this, I read plan, and then I read this, so I separated this, plan and net so it was the plan to spread Ayurveda through internet. I didn't know when it was there but now I know it. The name that told me that this was the actual planet.

So we should use the technology in a positive way and I am also building up portal platform for all Ayurvedic doctors to give consultation to all our patients all over the world. You can go to website for more details, Ayurveda says we are one with the universe. We are the energy of the universe. We are the trillions of cells working together in one direction.

"Purn vidam, purn vida, punha punya kruchtye, punrasya punrmalye punah mel visheshyte" If we take the infinitude of the infinite, that remains infinite. That is complete, this is complete, and everything is complete. You just get the inherit properties of that completeness in your body and in your mind. That still remains complete we are still complete. so you don't lose anything. You get the properties. I want to ask everybody who wants to go to the beach right now? Anybody is willing to go to the beach "Why not". Everybody from inside they feel like we should go to the beach. Why? Because beach has abundance of five elements. Why everybody is feeling happy at the beach? I just ask the question, you want to go to the beach? Everybody loves to go to the beach because there is abundant energy of five elements there. Everything is in abundance at the beach. So everybody loves the beach. Everybody loves the nature. Nobody wants to be in the confined in the close spaces for long time. You don't like it in while you are in Singapore, in New York. You like it there at the beach. So I was, this is presentation I have made, I am also running manufacturing company and exporting company. We are exporting to different countries and making products as per European, and American and Canadian standards. We have listed the products over there and they are free from heavy metals using standardized extracts and this is a presentation I am going to give on complete active disease called Ulcerative Colitis. Maharishi Charaka said, "vikaronaam kushlo na jivet kadachit na hi sarve vikaranam,naam astu dhurwastithi." there is no need to be scared of complicated disorders. You don't have to worry about the naming of the disease. This ulcerative colitis, this is this, this is cancer. Just you have to see the imbalancing of the doshas vata pitta and kapha. If you can balance the doshas then everything is ok. "sarvada sarvbhavanaam samanya vridhikarnam, hans hetuvishesh cha" you do similar things, if you eat sweet you will get more earth and water, you get obese. That is the principle which ayurveda tells us about healing and how you get sick. I have compared it with amajanya pattik rakta atisara, with all the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and IBD. It is not mentioned in sanskrit ulcerative colitis, it is mentioned amajanya pattik rakta atisara. So how we can actually cure it. In my clinic I am seeing at least 5 to 10 patients every day of ulcerative colitis, around 300 patients every month. Most of them are cured. They become my friends later on they tell me sir it never came back. And what I did I used simple basic principles of Ayurveda, digestion of ama, correction of imbalance of doshas. I just treated those doshas.

As my colleague Professor has already explained about ama. Ama is when you do langhan chikitsa, when you do upwasa, you don't eat food, you don't give food to your body. It lights up your agni. And it burns the toxins, it burns the ama and that is the key to solve the problem. Especially IBS and ulcerative colitis. Ama is caused due to heavy cheesy and greasy food. And how you know you have ama? It is very simple when stool sinks its ama if it is floating, you have to watch your stool. You can watch your tongue also, if it is coated then its ama, when it is not then it is normal. Similarly I have used the beautiful pictures of eye not the stool. So that we don't runaway. Just so that this looks good and this grahani, grahani is centralised portion of our stomach from iliosecal, from the stomach to large intestine that is grahani, small intestine and grahani and rakta-atisara, they are different for most of the doctors who are treating IBS because IBS has symptoms related to grahani. Ulcerative colitis and this disease affect colon IBD. IBD and grahani, these are two separate diseases. Most of the doctors are treating as same. Colitis has more pitta and grahani has more vata. That is the difference.

So this is very important to know the difference ulcerative colitis and IBS. IBS patients come to you in the clinic and they say sir we are going to the toilet so many times, after eating the food we go to pass stool and in ulcerative colitis they always complain that we pass the stool and there is blood in the stool. So that is the usual difference. It is practical difference you see. So whenever there is blood you always suspect ulcerative colitis. When there is no blood there can be colitis but usually it is IBS. So particular symptoms I have named it. amajanya pattik rakta atisara so we are treating amajanya pattik rakta atisara. We don't have to say in today's world we cannot say, we cure the disease especially in foreign countries, we can't claim we cure this we cure that at least we can claim that we can cure ama janya pitta raktatisara which has symptoms equivalent to ulcerative colitis, IBD. The symptoms as I told is bloody stools, diarrhoea, frequent stools, gas and bloating, weakness, and cramps you see patient they have depression. IBS patients they have more depression then colitis, IBS patients come to you and say sir I think there is some ghost is in my mind. He is so sad because of that I have heard people saying to me sir there is ghost he is sitting between you and me and he is listening to what I am telling you and he will not let to cure me. So this phobia they have. Colitis patients will say sir I have pain, he will tell me the real symptoms ulcerative colitis. Nobody takes IBS patients seriously, everybody sends them to psychiatrist, you go and take treatment from some other doctor. So these are the symptoms of different types of grahini vata, pitta, kapha, sanipattaj, sanggrahini, ghati grahini, ghati grahini is very interesting as the patient feels there is some pitcher in his bowel making the sound when you take water from the river using a pitcher. There is sound gud gud gud and that sound patient feels from the stomach. And that is ghati grahini. When we were studying we used to think this ghati is ghadi, watch, but it is not watch, it is pitcher. And crohn's disease is similar to colitis. In crohn's disease the whole colon is affected, colon and small intestine. All the gut is affected. As the specialist in the panel they were discussing and talking about gut and brain syndrome. Gut is actually related to brain. All the patients who are suffering from IBS and ulcerative colitis they think too much. They have lot of anxiety issues, depression, and it is connected with mind. Lot of vata is distorted. Piccha basti is said in ayurveda for the treatment of this ulcerative colitis. And basti is good for IBS also to balance the vata. As colon is seat of vata in ayurveda it is said and gut brain syndrome can be treated by taking care of the gut. All the diseases they are caused by misuse of senses, sins of intelligence and wrong time. Time doesn't spare anybody.

Vata is very important in every case because whenever there is imbalance of vata, it leads to all the diseases. Pitta and kapha are handicap they don't move. "pitta pangu, kapha pangu, pangwa mal dhatwa,vayu na tat niyante tatr gachantee meghwat". They will not move, they have to push them, even kapha people do not move much. They have to be pushed. They are sitting like this. Vata is always moving. So movement is the characteristic of vata dosha. Pitta and kapha they are pangu. They cannot move. Colon is seat of vata so vata involvment is always there. Again there is no need to worry about naming of the diseases. It is very important to understand ama. For treatment of, I am coming to the practical aspect how I am actually curing the patient who are suffering from IBD. Kutaj and bael, these are the basic herbs which help in IBS and IBD patients, much needed ones. Bael is Aegle marmelos and kutaj is Holarrhena antidysentrica. The name of kutaj says everything: antidysentrica, it is good for the dysentery. Effective even good for, it is grahi also little bit ama pachak. However it is cooling still it is good for ama. This one slide is good enough to give you something. From this one slide you can treat ulcerative colitis rather cure it. Using the medicines I have mentioned. I am using these medicines in my clinic and I am sharing this information with all of you. You can use them. Whatever you get you don't have to make the whole formula. Whatever you get, kutaj ghan vati is main because kutaj is also a little bit ama pachak and in ulcerative colitis don't give, please don't give medicines like sanjivani vati, or chitrakadi vati. Most of the vaidyas recommend them but when you try to go for amapachak in rakta atisara or pitta atisara you increase the pitta by using sanjivani vati and chitrakadi vati. They are very hot. Chitrak is agni. So that is not recommended, abandoned in ulcerative colitis but that is very good in IBS.

In grahini, IBS that is very good. Because ama is main culprit. Ama is culprit in rakta atisara also. But still we have to very cautious in that strong pitta disease because patient wants immediate relief. You need to use grahi aushadi, sometimes, this kutaj ghan vati, to stop the diarrhoea and the bleeding. In this combination in the slide most of the herbs, they are cooling. Sheetvirya, they are astringent and they are light. So if patients don't get vata imbalance we need to give ghee along with this. It is better to use ghee and I use pomegranate, apple juice pumpkin juice, all pitta shamak juices which are cooling. This is another slide which you can use for curing the patient from root.

Decoction of cumin, fennel and ajwain. Jeera saunf and ajwain immediately provide relief in gas and bloating. Herbal tea made from green tea and pomegranate fruit seed with cumin, fennel and ajwain. It is good for the bleeding. It can stop bleeding immediately. Khichadi with daal is recommended and juice of coriander leaves, sheesham, marigold petals, lajjalu is a herb, marigold you can get everywhere. Specially in Indian temples, if you are out of India you can go to hindu temple and you can get it. In diet, milk and milk products should be avoided as they are heavy, cheesy and greasy. So, they cause fermentation in the digestive tract. They cause the ama formation. Especially if you combine them with sugar and if you combine with sour things such as citrus fruits and especially people eat jaggery, jaggery with this, there will be gud gud in your stomach. So don't eat jaggery with all this and don't combine fruits with the milk products. They also cause fermentation. You know wooden case when you take wine you have grapes, put sour thing we put sweet thing and then there is gud gud going on in case. So it is like case and then it becomes a wine factory. Don't mix the food, virudh ahara this slide is all about virudh ahara. These things you should avoid because they are very light (laghu). This pineapple, water melon are very laghu (light) and raw salad should also be avoided in this because they are vata vardhak. This cauliflower also causes fermentation, these heavy nuts, and this pitta vardhak causing pitta increase, this should be avoided in this, I am talking of ulcerative colitis. This give flares due to wine and non-vegetarian food.

Even simple herb like tulsi as sometimes patients are very fragile they cannot tolerate even slightest of pitta vardhak ahara. This packed food should be banned, in fact this is ama producing food. Junk food, spices, even turmeric. Many modern medicine doctors now a days are recommending turmeric for ulcerative colitis. From ayurvedic point of view, I won't recommend that because that is also increasing the pitta. That is good for vata but not for pitta, turmeric or curcumin I see prescription of many gastroenterologists, they recommend this but I don't. Even triphala, because we need to control the diarrhoea and aloe vera juice in ulcerative colitis, I don't recommend because that is also causing diarrhoea, that is a laxative. Kumari bhedini, sheeta, tikta, netra rasayani madhurabhyani balya vata nis pranut. Bhedini, it is bhedini kumari is bhedini and what I recommend, mostly modern doctor recommend yogurt or probiotics in ulcerative colitis. Ayurveda says no but in my experience, I am recommending to control the symptoms immediately as you recommend yogurt the symptoms are controlled although it is not as per the principle of ayurveda because it is also heavy food. But sometimes, I use it depending upon prakriti vikrit or the condition of the patient.

Sometimes you need to use vyaptiijanit chikitsa also to control the symptoms and this basic light food is good. This should be taken in moderate quantity. The best thing is this pomegranate juice and banana. And bael, bael is perfect. Baelgiri not the bael leaves. Mostly doctors recommend bael leaf. Bael leaves are good for diabetes, but not for ulcerative colitis. Bael giri is good and you have to give something to eat to the patient. Everyday pomegranate juice is good to stop the bleeding. Rose petal juice one can make at home. Just take rose petals grind them and take only one spoon in the morning evening. Marigold flower leaves or its flower juice, these all are cooling, coriander leaves juice - these all are cooling herbs. So this is all about ulcerative colitis. And with this note I am thankful to all of you. And I hope this session of ayurvedic conference was good for everybody. We will remember it and we will keep on doing such brain storming exercises in future also. Thank you Dr. Gaurang and Dr. Sridhar for organising this and listening to this. Thank you very much.

Stage Anchor: Thank you so much sir for explaining about such diseases which even the modern practitioners come to us when they are suffering from it. Thank you so much sir.


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