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Home Remedies for Alcoholism


Are you addicted by alcohol? Are you trying hard to get rid of alcohol? Is it true that your social life always keep on revolving around alcohol? The consumption of too much alcohol affects the liver, heart and brain of the individuals tremendously. It also leads to several severe stomach ailments and gastric related abnormalities. However, moderate consumption of alcohol is not at all a problem. It becomes a severe problem, when you get addicted to alcohol. This situation is alcoholism.

It is a chronic disorder, when a person loses control over him and cannot resist himself at all from consuming alcohol. There are several home remedies available, which help to treat alcoholism. Some of them are given below.

Useful Home Remedies

1. Grapes

Grapes are the active materials of alcoholic drinks and wines. So, alcohol can be ditched quite easily with this natural ingredient, grapes. It is advised to consume as much grape juice as the mind wants to drink. You will very soon remove the habit of alcoholism. If required, consume grapes in every alternate 4 hour. This forms a superb home remedy for alcoholism.

2. Cayenne

Cayenne is a very common spice used in almost every Indian household. Cayenne, if consumed in juice form reduces insomnia, anxiety and irritability. It increases the appetite and lowers the urge to have alcohol. It also helps to get rid of hangovers. Thus, one can try Cayenne to get rid of alcoholism.

3. Dates

This is yet another superb home remedy for alcoholism. Drop some pieces of dates in warm water. Rub these dates in the water gently for some time. Then drink the liquid. Drink it twice or thrice daily to expect effective result.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are certain fishes like tuna, trout, sardines, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These prevents the cravings for alcohol and helps to get rid of alcoholism.

Besides these home remedies, there are some tips as well.


  • Drink a lot of water
  • Have healthy balanced diet
  • Have enough sleep
  • Practice physical activities and exercises

These tips along with home remedies are some of the effective ways to prevent alcoholism. Stay healthy and live longer.

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