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Benefits, Uses, Side Effects & Indications of Shatavari (An Ayurvedic Herb)

Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus

What is Shatavari?

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is a well-known herb used in Ayurveda for ages. This herb has gained great popularity and now is not only limited to India but used throughout the globe owing to its numerous medicinal properties. Shatavari, however, is more known for its amazing health benefits on the female reproductive system but its therapeutic effects on males and other organs shouldn't be underestimated. Shatavari amazingly pacifies the aggravated Pitta in the body and relieves the digestive issues.

Shatavari is believed to have literal meanings like, having a hundred roots or having a hundred husbands. Its name also suggests its therapeutic effects on the female reproductive system. This herb has been used traditionally to treat many gynecological ailments in a completely natural way. Rejuvenative action of Shatavari on the female reproductive system has been known well since ancient times. This herb not only supports young females to go easily through the various phases of life like puberty, pregnancy, delivery, and post delivery but also helps elderly women after their menopause by relieving the menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, anxiety, mood swings and various hormonal changes.

Coming to the Ayurvedic Uses of Shatavari, you must know that this is one of those ancient herbs that are still being used and by the time their popularity has increased in the whole world. In Ayurveda Shatavari is used to pacify the Vata dosha and Pitta dosha but due to its heavy nature, this herb is known to increase the Kapha in the body. This herb has a cooling effect on the body owing to its sweet and bitter taste and also has oily nature. It has a nourishing effect on the body, all these things make it a rasayana, i.e. rejuvenator for the human body especially for the female reproductive system. Digestive system ailments are also treated with Shatavari as it pacifies the Pitta dosha.

Health Benefits of Shatavari

  • Maintains the health of the female reproductive system
  • Boosts the level of production of breast milk
  • Maintains and supports the balanced level of female hormones
  • Supports the health of the male reproductive system
  • Eliminates vitiated Pitta dosha and soothes the digestive system
  • Maintains normal bowel peristalsis
  • Boosts the immunity and supports the immune system
  • Moisturizing effect on the respiratory system
  • Boosts the strength and energy level
  • Possesses natural antioxidant qualities

Some Lesser Known Benefits of Shatavari are:

  • Alleviates the pain of rheumatism
  • Relieves muscular spasm
  • Increases alertness
  • Fights stress, heartburn and colitis
  • Provides nourishment to the brain
  • Calms down the nerves
  • Nourishes dry and overheated respiratory tract
  • Relieves cough, dyspepsia and gastric ulcers
  • Treats various diseases like cardiovascular diseases, typhoid fever, and cholera.
  • Heals gastric ulcers
  • Relieves panic disorders, anxiety and calms down the nervous system
  • Treats mood swings and rectifies hormonal imbalances

Shatavari for Female Health

This herb supports the health of the female from menarche to menopause, conception to delivery by balancing the hormones and aiding smooth functioning of the body. Since ages Shatavari has been used to deal female health issues like menstrual cramps, menstrual irregularities, premenopausal syndrome, menopausal symptoms, fight weakness and fatigue, and strengthens the overall health and immune system of a woman. Shatavari is a natural adaptogen that helps the body to bring back to normal or maintain homeostasis. The negative effect of the stress is combated by this herb and it increases the breast milk production during lactation. Shatavari is a versatile natural supplement for the females and long life relation with this herb alone can help you to deal with most of your physical health problems. It increases the libido in females, balances hormones and maintains healthy functioning of the body.

Shatavari is a general health tonic and helps to improve the vitality and overall health of a person. Roots of this herb are very useful and used widely in Ayurvedic medicine. Its powder form is mostly used as it is considered that tasting this herbal powder starts the digestive process. Traditionally Shatavari is taken with warm milk or mixed with honey or sugar. However, there are no contradictions of mixing this marvelous herb in a wide variety of drinks and dishes. Let's see the health benefits of Shatavari in bit details:-

  1. Anti-inflammatory - Shatavari is known to possess soluble fibers, sugars and isoflavones. All these things impart anti-inflammatory property to this herb. Overall if seen it helps to function the body smoothly and better.
  2. Antioxidant - Natural antioxidants present in this herb help to prevent damage caused to the body by free radicals. Oxidative stress that leads to the disease is also minimized by the Shatavari. This herb also contains a high amount of saponins that possess antioxidant abilities.
  3. Boosts Immunity - Shatavari has been used to enhance immunity since ages. Extract from roots of Shatavari increases the production of antibodies again certain foreign substances. This helps the body to fight against the diseases and infections naturally.
  4. Diuretic - This herb acts as a natural diuretic and helps to eliminate the excess fluid from the body. Hence ailments like congestive heart failure that causes excessive accumulation of fluid in the body, is relieved by the use of Shatavari.

Side Effects

There are no major side effects reported of this herb. However, some people may experience allergic reactions like fever, rashes, palpitation, itching on skin, itching in eyes and difficulty in breathing.

Shatavari Capsules of Planet Ayurveda

Shatavari capsules from Planet Ayurveda are prepared from pure extract of this herb. These herbal capsules are prepared as per the strict principles of Ayurveda under the supervision of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda). Shatavari capsules do not contain any kind of chemicals, fillers, dyes, additives and preservatives. Even the shells of these capsules are purely vegetarian made from plant cellulose. These are purely vegetarian capsules and not tested on animals.

Uses of these Capsules:

  • Increases female libido
  • Act as a female health tonic
  • Improves the sexual health of women
  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts milk production in lactating mothers.
  • Relieves gastric troubles
  • Helps to treat various female health problems like menstrual irregularities
  • Increases stamina and energy in females

Dosage - Take 2 capsules twice daily after meals with plain water.

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