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Case Study No: 91 | Heart Problem - Anil Garg

Anil Garg from Panipat came with a Heart Problem

Anil Garg resides at Panipat district of Haryana that is quite close to New Delhi that has plenty of medical facilities. He got a heart attack in March 2014 and his son took him to New Delhi because it has a lot more suitable place for someone who has a heart attack. He took him to a renowned hospital and got him operated there. The doctors did the operation and put stents in his heart vessels. He was discharged on the next day but in the evening he felt sick and was again rushed to the same hospital. The doctors on seeing his position took him to the ICU and put a ventilator on him to ease breathing. He stayed like that for 3 to 4 days.

When he was discharged he felt very weak and also got fever. He didn't want to do any physical work. He actually had become lethargic. He had lost the trust of the doctors at that hospital and decided to change the hospital that can bring back his lost strength. Next time he went to a different hospital where the doctors did his various tests and suggested that he will feel better if he stays stable. The different tests revealed that his ejection fraction was too low, mere 28%. That was the reason why he felt so weak. He did try many tonics but his ejection fraction never showed any improvement. He was becoming irritable as he used to get angry at a slightest provocation. The whole family felt frustrated.

His son tried to find a cure in some other medical line like Ayurveda, Homeopathy or through Unani. He surfed the internet to find a cure somewhere in India. One lucky day he saw the video of a person getting his heart problem cured in an Ayurvedic way, at a place called Planet Ayurveda. He also saw their website and watched many more patients coming with different diseases and getting a complete cure. Everybody seemed genuine, none appeared to be acting or behaving under a pressure. He took his mobile to his dad and said, "Dad why don't you try an Ayurvedic way and look at all these people, they got the cure of their diseases from Planet Ayurveda, which does holistic healing through herbs," and then he showed all these videos to his dad.

The eyes of his dad started sparkling and he was proud of his son as he was taking good care of him. Even he was impressed after seeing all these videos but before proceeding he wanted to check Planet Ayurveda authenticity. It is a well-known fact that by now Planet Ayurveda has earned a solid reputation as it is managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she has even earned a gold medal while receiving her degree. They just produce authentic herbal medicines that are prepared after checking the quality of its raw material. First of all it gets checked in a modern lab, which sees to it that this material has come from natural or organically grown plants & trees. If any defect is found the whole lot is dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. Currently Planet Ayurveda has a renowned name in the Ayurvedic world. Its name is gaining popularity all over the globe.

After getting their landline number from their website he dialed it and a sweet sounding lady picked the phone up and asked that how can Planet Ayurveda help him. He started, "My dad has suffered a heart attack but his ejection fraction is too low, just 28%, do you have a remedy that can manage the situation?" "Yes sir we do have but for all that you have to come to Mohali with all his disease-related papers, mean the lab tests and clinic slips that you have visited and let me fix the date of your arrival and sir please come at 9:30am as that's the time when our clinic opens and the doctors do examine everybody on first come first serve basis." His son noted down the date and address and began planning his journey.

On the fixed date both arrived by car and found a fleet of cars parked outside their premises and had difficulty in parking their own car. Both were impressed with the number of people who had already gathered to avail the medicines for their different diseases. Both went inside and headed straight to the receptionist who was always smiling and looking cheerful and introduced themselves. She took out the official letter pad and wrote his name on it and guided both of them to an assistant of the doctor. That assistant noted down all the symptoms on that piece of paper and asked them to wait for their turn in the AC lounge. Both came out and sank into the chairs.

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"Mr. Anil Garg" someone said the name a bit loudly and both got up from their seats and ushered in the doctor's room. The doctor asked them to sit down and asked who the patient was. His dad nodded his head and said it was him to whom the doctor offered a stool lying next to him. His dad went and sat on the stool and gave all his papers to the doctor who studied them very carefully. After he had finished, the doctor asked him about his history which he narrated in an honest way. When he had finished, the doctor looked at the patient and said, "Look Mr. Garg you need to take our Heart Care Pack and follow the prescription strictly and which is written over here," he showed him the prescription slip. Then he opened a drawer and took out a printed sheet and said, "Here is a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid." He handed over that sheet to Anil Garg who placed it neatly in his file. Both bid goodbye to the doctor and headed to the pharmacy to buy the pack.

After buying the pack both went to Panipat the same day and started the medications the next day. Slowly but steadily his ejection fraction started going up from 28 it reached 32, then 34, then 38 and now it has come to 40, which sounds like the wind is blowing in the right direction. He feels more enthusiastic now and his smile says it all.

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