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Case Study No: 106 | Hepatitis B - Gorachand Bhattacharya

Gorachand Bhattacharya Hails from Kolkata and Suffered Hepatitis B

Gorachand Bhattacharya hails from Kolkata and suffered from Hepatitis B since 2001. He could not find a doctor who could cure him. The doctors did his endoscopy test and diagnosed his disease. The doctors said that medical facilities are far away from finding his disease's cure. In fact he had visited many different doctors in different hospitals, always thinking that this might prove lucky for him and he might get cured, but every time he could not trace a cure. In 2001 4G mobile was not all that popular. He kept suffering from Hepatitis B and in the year 2015 when water started accumulating in his stomach, he went to his son and asked him to find a cure for him in alternative medical fields like Ayurveda, Unani or Homeopathy on the internet.

His son, Radha Bahatacharya took out his mobile and began searching on the internet. One day he saw a video of a person getting cured from Hepatitis B from an Ayurvedic treatment which he got from Planet Ayurveda. But many such videos are made by fake people just to gain publicity. He watched many more videos of Planet Ayurveda that displayed several patients getting treatment for different diseases and returning home in a joyful mood. All were just praising an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. So these people can't speak lies.

In fact by now Planet Ayurveda has earned so much popularity that it has a reputed name in the Ayurvedic world. It is well managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medalist. The raw material that comes to the clinic to produce all medicines is first of all gets checked in a modern and tech-savvy lab. This raw material should come from the extraction of natural or organically grown plants & trees and not from the ones that are grown commercially. If a fault gets detected the whole lot is dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda relies more on quality of its products, as it needs to play safe with the life of its patients than say sorry later. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity at a hectic pace globally.

Gorachand Bhattacharya's son took out his mobile and dialed their number and a very sweet sounding lady asked how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He said, "This is Radha Bhattacharya speaking from Kolkata and my dad is suffering from Hepatitis B, do you have a cure for that?" "Sure sir if you intend to see the doctor yourself, you are welcome and sir we have the remedies to cure all kind of diseases in natural way without performing any surgery and in a very humble way, but before coming get all the papers related to your disease, all the lab reports, clinic slips and everything along with you and reach here by 9:30am as the doctors serve on first come first serve basis.

Even Gorachand Bhattacharya was pleased to hear such a positive response and began thinking that Ayurveda might prove lucky for him.

He along with his son came by train to Chandigarh and took a cab from the railway station. On their arrival both were impressed on seeing a fleet of cars parked at their premises. They left their cab and entered their green premises and were pleasantly quite surprised to find hoards of people present in their AC lounge waiting for the doctors. They went straight to the receptionist who had a personality with a smile that kept hanging on her face all the time and she spoke so politely. Gorachand Bhattacharya introduced himself and asked her, "When will the doctors come?" Without answering she made a slip with his name written on it and asked him to wait for some time, which he did. She guided him to an assistant of the doctor who asked him to tell about his symptoms and wrote them on that sheet of paper that had his name written on it. Then she asked him to wait for the doctors in their AC lounge. Both he and his son sat in the lounge and waited for his turn. "Mr. Gorachand Bhattacharya" someone called his name a bit loudly at around 1:15pm and he got up and was ushered in the doctor's room. After the initial greetings the doctor asked him to take a seat opposite him and he did just that. His son sat on the chair that was kept opposite the doctor.

"Can I see your reports?" asked the doctor. "Sure, here they are" and he showed his file to the doctor, who scrutinized the file carefully. After checking the file, the doctor asked him to narrate his history, which he did in the very honest manner. While he was speaking the doctor kept scribbling some medicines on his slip and after he had finished, he looked up and said, "You are suffering from Hepatitis B for quite a long time. Take Liver Care Pack from our pharmacy and take it according to the prescriptions written here." And he showed him the slip on which he had scribbled a few moments earlier. "You also need to take care about your diet. I'll give you a diet chart on which names of foods to eat and which you should avoid are mentioned. Stick to the diet chart and very soon your problems will fade away," he added. Then he opened a drawer and gave him the diet chart that he studied carefully.

"OK doctor, can I ask you something else?" he asked. The doctor nodded his head and he spoke again, "For how long do I have to take these medicines?" "Most probably you have to take these medicines for approximately 6 months, it will begin showing the effects in the first month and will reduce your troubles and let's see for how long and sir don't worry, all these medicines carry no side effects as these are made from the extract of natural or organically grown trees and plants that have medicinal properties," the doctor concluded. And then added, "And sir please call us and tell the effects every month." He got up and headed towards the pharmacy to collect the medicines.

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He bought his medicines and left for Kolkata the next day and began his medication from that day itself. After first 10 days he felt the effects of these medicines. After 2 and a half months, he was almost cured but to remain on the safe side he took medicines for another 3 months and is totally fine now. He came back to Planet Ayurveda to thank Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his laughing face revealed that how happy he felt. He along with his nephew, Neeraj Bhartwaj and son came to Planet Ayurveda to say thank you to the doctor who gave him an authentic cure.

Even he shot a video for YouTube and urged everybody suffering from any kind of disease to come to Planet Ayurveda to get healed in an authentic way.

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