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Case Study No: 52 | High Creatinine Level - Kamla Devi

Raj Kumar's Sister had Lost All Hopes but Planet Ayurveda Revived Them

Raj Kumar's sister, Kamla Devi and her husband Ruldu Ram used to have high blood pressure as well as were also diabetic for the past 25 years. She used to have the usual medicines and everything was going normal. One day her creatinine level shot up to 7.5 and after reading the report she became paralytic. Her physical movements were restricted and she used to pass stools and urine on the bed itself creating trouble for the whole family. Someone used to remain close to her make her to have the food and clean the bed.

Both her husband and brother took her to various cities and a number of hospitals in Amritsar, Pathankot, and Ludhiana and even went as far as Jammu. They did try various medicines but were never getting the desired results. Some of the medicines did bring her creatinine level low by a single or 2 points but it used to improve a little but after some time making her land back on square one. They had given up all hope that she will ever get cured. She began vomiting after medicine from a different doctor and blood also used to come out. She was getting weaker day by day. Even she had lost hope that her creatinine level will ever come down as she has visited so many hospitals with none succeeding in bringing it down to a normal position.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining and one day her brother while trying to find a cure in some other medical line like Homeopathy, Acupressure or Ayurveda, saw a video of a person whose creatinine level was 8.5 and was brought down to 3 after just 20- 30 days medicines of Planet Ayurveda. He was quite impressed and watched more videos, many claiming to find a treatment by Planet Ayurveda, and a particular Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. All were just praising the doctor and all seemed genuine. None of them looked fake or acting. He took these videos and showed it to Kamla Devi' husband who also got impressed.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is owned and administered by a highly educated association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. She even earned a gold medal in her studies. All the medicines it produces in its premises are done under this pair's watchful eyes. First they check the authenticity of the raw material in a sound lab. Is it coming from the natural or organically grow trees and plants or not. If a fault gets detected, the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuses. The matter of the fact is that it relies more on the quality of its products, rather than quantity. This is the reason that Planet Ayurveda is elevating its name globally.

After discussing with each other both of them who had lost all hopes, saw a ray of hope and thought to get in touch with Planet Ayurveda. After obtaining their number from that video Raj Kumar dialed them and a sweetly speaking lady picked up the phone and said that how she can help him. Raj Kumar told her the whole story and asked, "Do you have a medicine that can cure her?" The reply came instantly, "Sure sir we do have, you can order it online if she is unable to move after giving us the details, all the lab reports and the hospital slips that those doctors prescribed and the medicine will be delivered at your doorstep." But he denied, "No ma'am I want to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan personally and wish to talk to him." "OK sir, I will give you a date and you can come yourself, but do bring in all those papers along and the clinic opens at 9:30am, better reach on time as the doctors serve on first come first serve basis." "Ok ma'am I'll be there," he said and turned off the call.

Their appointment was on the day after tomorrow in February 2018 and both started their journey a day earlier as one of their relatives lived at Chandigarh. The next day, both borrowed their relative's bike and came to Planet Ayurveda exactly at 9:30am. They were surprised to see a fleet of cars standing outside the Planet Ayurveda's green premises. Both went inside and were impressed by seeing hoards of people collected inside the clinic. Both went straight to the receptionist and introduced themselves. She welcomed them with a lovely smile and made their slip and sent them to another doctor who noted all the symptoms on that slip and asked them to wait for Dr. Vikram Chauhan who will be arriving very soon. Both sat down in the AC lounge of the clinic and waited for their turn.

Their turn came at around 1:30pm, when they heard a person calling Kamala Devi's name loudly. Both left their chairs and were ushered in the doctor's room who was sitting behind a large desk. The doctor gestured them to sit down and both did take their seats. He then asked them to show him the early prescriptions and the stuff and he handed him a large file as they have been to so many hospitals. The doctor scanned the file carefully and looked up and said, "Now narrate me her history." Both took turns to tell him honestly. Raj Kumar told before marriage part and after marriage part was told by her hubby Ruldu Ram. While they were telling her history the doctor kept scribbling some medicine on their slip and after they had finished looked at both of them and said, "You have to take our Revive Kidneys Pack and follow its prescriptions carefully written here," and he pointed his index finger at that slip and continued, "You also have to take care of the foods to eat and the ones to avoid," and taking out a chart from his drawer and handing it to them. He also said, "And please keep reporting me the medicine's effects every month." Both nodded their heads in unison and bid him goodbye.

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Both came out from the doctor's room and headed to the pharmacy that is located opposite the doctor's room. Both got their pack and left the premises and reached Chandigarh the same evening. They stayed that day in Chandigarh and left for Gurdaspur, his sister's native place, early next morning and reached there in the afternoon. They began the medication from that evening and just a month's medication has brought her creatinine level to 2.5.

Both came to Planet Ayurveda with the reports and were feeling to be floating in the air after her creatinine level has fallen so much and were feeling indebted to Planet Ayurveda for giving his sister a second chance to enjoy life. Her paralytic state has found a cure and she is feeling much better. Now she started performing the usual household chores.

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