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Case Study No: 43 | High Urea and Creatinine Levels - Anil Kumar Pandey

Anil Kumar Pandey, An Educated Man who had no Idea about his Kidney

Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey is an educated and now retired man who hails from Patna in Bihar. He was enjoying his retirement when one day he felt too weak to walk normally. He thought what has gone wrong with him and went to a lab and got his urine, GFR test done and the lab people told him that his creatinine level has gone up from 3.7 to 7 and he needed a dialysis done because the health of kidney was not proper. He panicked what could go so wrong as he did eat a healthy diet regularly, but what went wrong. He visited a renowned medical college at Patna, the capital of Bihar and got analyzed by a doctor after showing his report and the doctor said many more factors are responsible for kidney failure.

"Do you have a remedy that can cure me?" asked Mr. Anil K. Pandey. "Yes," the doctor answered, "but before any mishap happens get the dialysis done as it will reduce the creatinine level and we can begin the treatment accordingly." "Do I need to have some medicines before the dialysis?" he asked further. He scribbled some medicines on a sheet of paper and he said he will have a discussion with his family and then inform the doctor. He bid the doctor goodbye and bought all those medicines before reaching home. When he reached home his wife also inquired about his disease and he narrated the whole story to her. She looked in anxiety and didn't know what to do? He had a discussion with his son and discussed from where to get the treatment done. His son lived in New Delhi and he said, "Better come to New Delhi as this city has better medical facilities than Patna." Even he felt that his son was stating the facts.

He booked a train ticket the same day for New Delhi and left on the planned day. His son came to the railway station to receive them and after the greetings, asked his dad, "How did your kidney fail, you don't smoke, you don't drink alcohol and just have the normal food, then how come this disease has risen up ?" "I don't know, maybe the change in life style or there are many other factors," said Anil K. Pandey. "Don't worry I've taken an appointment with a renowned doctor and he will certainly cure you," his son said. The next day both went to that doctor who also recommended dialysis and gave some medicines. With time all proved to be a hoax and he didn't know what to do next. His younger son lived in Chandigarh.

After he came to know about his dad's failed attempt at New Delhi invited him to Chandigarh as it has a hospital that boasts about a cure for all diseases. So Mr. Anil shifted to Chandigarh as his hemoglobin level had also come down. His blood urea had increased to 229 and he felt that Chandigarh's renowned hospital will provide him the relief. But even the doctors recommended the dialysis every week, which did take place many times and were thinking about a kidney transplant as his health was deteriorating gradually. When they were discussing that who will donate his own kidney, his younger son was surfing the net to find a cure somewhere in Homeopathy, Ayurveda or by Acupressure. Suddenly on YouTube he saw a video of a person who retained the health of his kidney by taking Ayurvedic medicine by an Ayurvedic expert, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda.

He was amused by the video and showed it to his dad, who after watching the video asked, "Where is it? I mean where it is located?" "I'll find out," he said and began searching the website and very soon he did and said, "It's at Mohali a town adjutant to Chandigarh, very near but first I'll dial their number and you have a word with them."

Planet Ayurveda in fact is a divine clinic that relies totally on quality. A pair of highly qualified, renowned, experienced and reputed Ayurvedic doctors Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan runs the show there. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is a gold medalist while having her degree. All the medicines that the Planet Ayurveda manufactures are done from taking the extract of natural or organic grown plants and trees. First they check their authenticity in a modern lab. If a fault is found, they dismiss the whole lot and order another one to make quality medicines. By now they have cured thousands by these herbal medicines. This being the reason, that's why it's gaining success at a hectic pace all over the globe.

He dialed their land line number and a lady with a polite voice picked the phone up and Mr. Pandey narrated the whole story and wished to speak with Dr. Vikram Chauhan right then. She connected the phone with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who asked, "This is Dr. Vikram Chauhan speaking and how can I help you?" "Doctor actually I have a kidney failure and currently I go to a hospital and I am doing the dialysis for several weeks, "and gave him all the details and asked if he had a remedy that can bring him relief. "Sure we have: answered the doctor, "We will take care of your kidney's health and help in reducing your creatinine level quite shortly." "You must be joking, how you can do that?" asked Pandey. "Come and meet the doctor and see the results coming very soon but do bring in all the papers related to your disease and come tomorrow, if you can sir," claimed the receptionist. "OK ma'am, and at what time you open the clinic?" inquired Mr. Pandey. "Exactly at 9:30am and the doctors serve on first come first serve basis, "came the reply.

The very next day both got ready and after obtaining the address left for HQ of Planet Ayurveda in the morning and reached the destination at a few minutes past 9. They were highly impressed by a number of patients already sitting in their AC lounge. His son made him sit on a chair and went to the receptionist to get his dad's name registered and came after some time and sat next to him and waited patiently for the doctors to arrive. Their number came at around 12:30pm and both were ushered in the doctor's room that began examining his papers first and after finishing began hearing his history. When he was speaking, the doctor was writing his prescription and showed it to him and said, "Take these medicines as prescribed and here is a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid eating," and he handed him a dietary list which was kept by his son neatly in the file. "Report to me after getting your test done after 15 days and see the difference," the doctor said.

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"Sure I will, "and getting up from the chairs headed to their pharmacy and got the Revive Kidneys Pack and left their premises. A few days ago he had got a test done and it read creatinine level was 8.2 and blood urea stood at 229. After taking this medicine for 15 days he again got tested and was shocked to find his creatinine level at 3.7 and urea had fallen to just 29. He came to Planet Ayurveda and exalted the doctor and asked to shoot a video for YouTube and purchased the same medicine and was comparing the doctor with God, who has provided relief to him in such a humble way.

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