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Case Study No: 61 | High Urea and Creatinine Levels - Kishan Kumar Shakia

Kishan Kumar Shakia, A Kidney Failure Patient from UP

Kishan Kumar Shakia is a resident of Bareilly, the center of the Indian rebellion of 1857 against the British. The city is a stronghold among Indian politics these days. He is a young man who faced kidney failure and got no relief from any hospitals based in Bareilly. Actually it all began with him from a feeling of weakness and symptoms like frequent vomiting couldn't feel like walking or sitting properly and felt dizzy all the time. He just lied on the bed and cried for help and both his parents came rushing in. "What happened Kishan, why are you crying?" was his mother's inquiry. "I don't know mom, I am feeling dizzy as well as feel like vomiting and don't know what is happening to me," he answered.

His dad encouraging him said, "Come on you are a brave young man, come on let's go to Dr. Gupta and get medicine." He put a hand around Kishan's shoulder and took him to his car and drove off. Both reached the clinic within 15 minutes. "Hello Mr. Shakia, what's wrong with Kishan?" said the doctor, the doctor knew his dad personally. "That's your job to see what has happened and do the cure," his dad replied and the doctor took him to the examining room and began the examination. He did his blood test and revealed that his creatinine level is quite high, 10.1 to be precise. He suggested dialysis if he needs a correct treatment but did give him some medicines and said, "Let's give these medicines a try. They might prove to be effective, if not there is no other cure than dialysis, but let's check their effectiveness first."

He prescribed some medicines and gave the slip to his dad and both of them did go to a pharmacy and his dad went inside the medical store to buy them as kishan was feeling too dizzy to come out of the car. After buying them his dad drove him home and told the story to his mom, who was very surprised to hear that, "How our loving son did get infected? He has never eaten any wrong food or the stuff like that," she said. His dad took her aside and said, "It might be because he would have eaten something from the food stalls, like some spicy food and stuff like that. These stalls have totally unhygienic foods, now don't worry we will get his best treatment done."

The medicines that Dr. Gupta had prescribed had an adverse effect on his body. On 30 July his test reports read creatinine level at 10.1, blood urea was at 61 and uric acid was at 10.8. And within a week i.e. on 9 August his creatinine level reached 13.2 and he got scared as his health was deteriorating and he panicked and contacted the doctor again. The doctor replied that his medical line has no cure for his disease and dialysis was the only treatment that he needed right now.

But things were about to change and look up when someone close to him suggested the cure from Planet Ayurveda by an Ayurvedic doctor with the name of Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He also showed him a video of a person who was infected with the same problem and got the treatment done from him. He surfed the net and found many more people getting cured by the same doctor. All looked genuine and not a publicity stunt.

The matter of the fact is that Planet Ayurveda is owned and administered by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan and she even got a gold medal in her Ayurvedic studies. And by now it has earned a name, is well renowned and has a lot of experience in treating thousands regarding many diseases. This pair keeps a hawk's eye on its production. First they check the authenticity of the raw material in a tech-savvy lab. This lab checks that all herbs are grown in natural or organic conditions. If detected faulty, the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuses. This Planet Ayurveda relies on quality rather than quantity. These medicines are produced and these days exported to many abroad countries. This is the reason why it is flourishing at a hectic pace globally.

He contacted them and knew their exact location and narrated his whole story. A sweet sounding lady asked him to order online if he finds it difficult to come to Mohali (A town attached with Chandigarh). Even he thought to give it a try before seeing the doctor and he ordered it online. But the lady first gave him Planet Ayurveda WhatsApp number and asked him to post all his lab reports and clinic slips that the doctors have assigned him. He was also told that he can keep reporting the effects after every month so that the doctor could see all effects and might need to change the prescription or some food as he will be provided with a diet chart that he needs to follow strictly. He replied very promptly after visiting their website. Within a few days the Revive Kidneys Pack was delivered to him at his house and he began having it.

Watch the Video of This Patient

Within a month's time his vomiting has stopped completely and his creatinine level had come down from 13.2 to 7.29. By October it still went down to 6.87, by November to 5.8 and by January it had come down to 5.6. It was lowering gradually and uplifting his appetite and making him feel strong. The doctor now wished to see him and he came here on 7th February and was full of praises for the doctor who has prescribed the medicine and had also altered his diet.

The moment he met the doctor he was feeling cock a hoop with his looks that appeared in his eyes, he looked to be absolutely fine. He was thanking that person who had recommended Planet Ayurveda to him as his kidneys were getting back their health. Even he appealed to everyone in this world to come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda if anybody is suffering from any disease that can't be cured by anyone as it believes in authentic treatments only.

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