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Case Study No: 60 | High Urea and Creatinine Levels - Subhash

Aman's dad from Ludhiana had a Kidney Problem

Aman's dad was a diabetic patient for the past 20 years and had a CKD problem with his kidney and suffered from hypertension. He is 67 years old and couldn't even maintain his balance and was unable to walk properly. He needed the assistance of someone if he had to go anywhere, even while moving from one room to another. Aman used to help his dad as his elder brother was also a patient of diabetes. Ludhiana city has quite a few renowned medical colleges and has lots of medical facilities and Aman took his dad to many but none did provide him any relief. He even went to visit different doctors out of Ludhiana city but none fit the bill. Because he was suffering from diabetes his condition kept deteriorating.

Actually he had some perpetual symbols. Due to the amount of sugar in his blood he had lost the appetite and was constantly losing weight. Even he felt his end so near. Even Aman has also almost surrendered as he knew that his dad's physical fitness is taking its toll due to a high level of sugar in the blood. Diabetes is such a disease that attracts many more, that's why this hypertension and kidney disorder had occurred.

His dad's creatinine level was quite high 6.22 to be precise and his urea level was 100, the creatinine level never went below 6 when he used to take different medicines. When they couldn't find the relief from anywhere Aman decided to surf the net and find some cure in any medical line either through Homeopathy, Acupressure or Ayurveda. He kept searching and came under the spell of Planet Ayurveda and saw many patients of kidney trouble getting the cure. He gave his mobile to his dad and showed him the videos of many patients reviving their kidneys over there. His dad was a little skeptical first and asked him to check the clinic's authenticity. Aman did the same.

By now Planet Ayurveda has earned a name itself by curing thousands of patients coming with different diseases and finding a cure in a very humble way without any surgery. It has a long experience of treating patients all over the globe. Actually it is managed by a highly qualified, experienced, reputed and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his better half Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan even earned a gold medal while pursuing her degree. This down to earth pair keeps a watchful eye on the medicines that are made in their premises. The raw material that comes in their premises is first checked in a modern lab. They check that it comes from naturally or organically grown herbs. If a fault is detected, even if it is minor, the whole lot is being rejected and no excuses work. It totally relies on the quality of the product and never relies on quantity. This is the reason why Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity globally. Its distributors are also enhancing world-wide.

He contacted them after getting the phone number from YouTube videos. A lady picked up the phone and he narrated the whole story and asked, "Do you have a remedy for my dad's kidney disease?" The lady assured him that he has called the right place and they do have many remedies that can heal the health of kidneys but she asked him where he is calling from. "I am calling from Ludhiana and speaking to someone from Chandigarh I got your address and may I know your exact location?" he replied. She did tell him the details and the next day was fixed for their meeting with the doctor. She did ask him to bring in all the papers that he has the lab reports along with the different hospital prescriptions etc. and reach at Planet Ayurveda by 9:30am as the doctors served by first come first serve basis.

Next day, both reached the place and were impressed after finding a huge rush collected at their green premises. They went inside and after doing registration sat down along with other people in the AC lounge. "Subhash," they heard someone calling Aman's dad's name at around 2pm and both got up and went to see the doctor in his room. After greetings; the doctor asked them to sit down. Aman pulled the chairs and was holding his dad and helped to made him sit down properly. The doctor immediately knew who the patient was and asked for the papers. Aman took out a file from his handy bag and showed it to the doctor who scrutinized it attentively. After he has finished going through all the reports he asked about his dad's history and he told him very slowly as he couldn't even speak properly and Aman felt sorry for that to which the doctor's reaction was, "I knew everything now, don't worry. You have come to the right place and will get hooked to our medicines that will prove their worth within a month or two. But first you need to alter his diet, are you ready to do that?" "Sure sir I'll keep an eye that he follows in a strict manner," replied Aman. The doctor took out a list from his drawer and said, "The left side foods are to be avoided and the right side foods should be eaten." He gave him a list that Aman kept neatly in his hand bag. "Now you need to take Revive Kidneys Pack from our pharmacy which is located right opposite my room and tell me the effects after a month, OK?" said the doctor and bid them goodbye.

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"Sure sir," Aman said smiling. Both came out and after placing his dad on a chair Aman went to the pharmacy and collected the pack and shouldered his dad to his car and drove away. It was in July 2018 when this medicine was taken and after a month i.e. in August he got checked his dad's creatinine level that had come to 3.99 and by September the level further fell to 2.95 and the urea level had also reduced to 85. They did find these remedies absolutely like magic and were praising Dr. Vikram Chauhan immensely. Aman's elder brother was also suffering from kidney problem due to diabetes and used to frequently start vomiting. Even his symptoms were told to the doctor and he provided the remedy to heal him just a month back. He is feeling fine now. The vomiting has completely stopped and more results will be available very soon. His creatinine level has come from 5.1 to 4.2 and urea from 122 to 78, within a month.

They had another close friend that lived in the same city, Ludhiana and he got curious to know after watching the sudden improvement in the health of his dad. His dad did own a shop that he was unable to visit earlier but now goes their riding his own bike. This friend was really surprised to see such a change. On their recommendation he also came to Planet Ayurveda and consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan and got the remedy. Initially his creatinine level was 6.1 and after having this remedy for one and a half month has reduced to 1.9. He used to go for dialysis every 6 months and that has stopped completely. Thus Planet Ayurveda has come as a god bestowed gift for all these people from Ludhiana. It's all happening due to the quality of its remedies.

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