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Case Study No: 109 | Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) - Sikar

Sikar from Rajasthan had ITP

Sikar belongs to the royal state of Rajasthan and had ITP. Blood spots appeared on his feet initially and the next day these spread under his eyes too. His mother took him to a local doctor who advised him to be taken to Jaipur that has better medical facilities. So she took him to Jaipur that got him admitted in the hospital. While his treatment was going on she searched on the internet and found an Ayurvedic clinic that has a cure for ITP, known as Planet Ayurveda. Actually she watched a video of a person who got the cure for his son from there. She watched many videos of people coming there with different diseases and getting the cure for their diseases. Everybody was praising an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

She decided to try them out. She searched their telephone number from their web site and rang them up. She called them and a very sweet voice of a lady asked her that "How Planet Ayurveda can help her?" She narrated her son's whole story and asked that if they had a remedy that can treat her son as she wished to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan personally. She did fix her date of arrival and asked her to bring along all the papers related to her son's disease, all the lab reports and clinic slips the different doctors have given her and also asked her to reach clinic at 9:30 am, that's the time this clinic opens and the doctors examine on first come first serve basis.

Many patients were satisfied with the quality of their medicines. Initially, the raw material that is used to make all the medicines here gets checked in a modern and sound lab. It is seen that this material comes from the extraction of natural or organically grown plants and trees and not the ones that are grown commercially. If any defect is found the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuse. It is a well-known fact by now that Planet Ayurveda has become quite popular in the Ayurvedic world. It has earned a name by now for producing 100% pure herbal medicines. Actually, it is managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, in fact she is the one who is a gold medal winner while getting her degree. Both are renowned and experienced. It plays safe with the lives of its patients than saying sorry later. It holds quite a reputation and its name is flourishing at a hectic pace all over the globe. Its tag line states 'Holistic Healing through Herbs.'

She arrived in Chandigarh via train on a day earlier and spent the night with her relative who lives in Chandigarh. The next day, she got up early and reached Planet Ayurveda in Mohali. At first she was surprised to see so many cars parked in its premises and was further pleasantly surprised and impressed with the number of people present on their threshold. She entered its premises and went straight to the receptionist. After introducing herself, the receptionist wrote down the name of her son on a slip and guided them to an assistant of the doctors who was sitting in another room. The assistant kept asking about the symptoms that the patient was feeling and kept writing them on that sheet.

After finishing she asked her to wait for their turn in the AC lounge. Both sat down and waited for their turn that came around 1:15 pm and both went to the room of doctor, who was sitting behind a big table. After the initial greetings, the doctor asked her to hand over her son's disease related papers that she did so in a very humble way. The doctor scrutinized them carefully and after finishing asked her to tell his son's history and she did do that with full honesty. When she was speaking the doctor kept writing the names of some medicines on that sheet of paper. After he had finished the doctor said, "Look ma'am, you need to take our ITP Care Pack and some dietary tips that you have to follow strictly and this medicine will certainly restore your son from his disease and enhance his platelet count." And after opening his drawer he took out a printed sheet of paper and said, "You need to take this sheet with you. On it foods are mentioned that are to be eaten and foods that are to be avoided." "Doctor if you do that it will give him a second life as all other doctors has said that he doesn't stand a chance for a cure and have to take the medicines for the rest of his life. It will be grateful for me and I will remain indebted to you for all my life," she said. The doctor bid her goodbye and she headed towards the pharmacy that was located right in the front of doctor's room.

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She went to the pharmacy and bought the medicines and went to her relative's house in Chandigarh. The very next morning she went back to her native place in Rajasthan and began her son's medication. His son didn't get much effects for the first week but it was after 10, 12 days that he felt the count begin to increase. About 10 days ago he again got it tested and it has reached 2, 91,000 within a month. She continued giving the medicines as well as made changes in the diet as recommended by the doctor to her son for another month and was extremely pleased to do so. Even she shot a video on YouTube where she urged everybody with any kind of disease to come to Planet Ayurveda and get treated in an authentic manner.

There was another girl, a small one form Jammu. Red spots also appeared on her whole body and she was taken to a hospital in Jammu, where the doctors did her bone marrow test and found her platelet count below normal. They did give her 5 IGIV injections and her platelet count increased and reached 2,80,000 and she was discharged but after about 15 days when she again got tested it fell to 50,000. She was again taken to the same hospital and the doctors scared them that she might develop cancer. But her uncle searched the internet and found the cure from Planet Ayurveda in the same way as had Sikar.

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