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Case Study No: 130 | Kidney Failure - Suman Bharwa

Suman Bharwa had a Kidney Failure

Suman Bharwa had a kidney failure; his creatinine level kept increasing and reached to 6.89 mg/dL. He is from Guwahati in Assam. He used to eat lots of junk food and that might be the reason that his creatinine level shoots up. He went to the local doctors but never get the relief he was seeking. The doctors tried changing the medicines but all proved to be useless. He kept having these medicines from many different doctors but all in vain. He even came to New Delhi but could not get the cure. One day just by accident he watched the video on the internet of a person who got his kidneys revived from Planet Ayurveda within 2 months. He was surprised to see that video but his inner self was not agreeing. So he decided to watch more videos of Planet Ayurveda. There he saw many patients coming with different diseases and all found the cure.

Now all these people will not be giving false information where they urged everybody with any kind of health issue to come to Planet Ayurveda and meet the Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Even he thought that he can also try one month's medicine and see that it might have some sort of effect.

But still there was confusion as he belonged to Pharma Company and didn't get any cure from them but thought about giving Ayurveda a chance, it might prove lucky for him. He found their location as it was too far from Guwahati so he decided to call them and see what they have to say. Suman dialed their number and a sweet sounding lady asked him how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He narrated the whole story and she welcomed him and she also asked him to bring in all the papers regarding his disease and reach Planet Ayurveda before 9:30am, the time when the clinic opens. She also told him that the doctors examined on a first come first serve basis.

Here he didn't agree and asked her to tell him about their whatsapp number where he can post all those slips as he belonged to Guwahati and it is far off place and it was next to impossible for him to come there and asked again that can he pay for online pack that can cure him. She assured him and gave the whatsapp number. He posted his entire lab and clinic slips and sent them. The answer came sooner than expected and they had asked him to pay a certain sum and told him that his medicines will reach his doorstep within a few days and it is called Revive Kidney Pack and it will also carry a diet chart that he has to follow strictly. On it will be mentioned what food to eat and which food to avoid.

By now Planet Ayurveda has earned a solid name in the Ayurvedic world. Actually a pair of highly educated, reputed, experience holder and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan who is a gold medalist while doing her studies. All the medicines produced in their presence and in front of their watchful eyes. The herbs that these two buy to make these medicines are first checked in a modern lab that all these have been grown in natural and organic ways. If a fault is detected the production doesn't proceed and the whole lot is rejected without hearing any excuses. Planet Ayurveda believes in producing quality and 100% herbal medicines and that's the reason why it is earning a name for itself in the Ayurvedic zone and globally. Its tag line says it all 'holistic healing through herbs.'

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The medicines did arrive at his address within a few days later and he began taking his medication. He kept taking these medicines for about 15 days and got his creatinine level checked. It had come to 4.1 mg/dL and he felt to be floating in the air. He continued with the same diet and medicines. He continued and after 28 days of medicines his creatinine level has fallen to 3.8 mg/dL and feels proud to have contacted them.

After about 2 months he came to Planet Ayurveda and was extremely happy to have their medicine that has withered his creatinine level within 2 months whereas he has been trying the modern medicines for around 2 years with no effects. His face revealed his condition as it was smiling all the time and he was exalting Dr. Vikram Chauhan and also urged everybody to come to Planet Ayurveda if anyone has a health issue. He said thanks to the association of Ayurvedic doctors, who got him a full cure. He is still on medication and his weight has also started gaining.

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