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Case Study No: 51 | Liver Cirrhosis - Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma, who traveled All Over India to Find a Cure for His Mom

Deepak Sharma is a young man who lives at a far off place called Guwahati that falls in the North Eastern side of India and is around 2200 kms from Chandigarh. Actually in 2015 his mom suffered from liver cirrhosis, her abdomen size increases, and exceeds the limits and the family got her diagnosed in a lab that told them that she is suffering from liver cirrhosis and she needs to be treated immediately otherwise the complication will just arise. As he is from a well to do family, he took her mom by flight to a renowned hospital of Hyderabad and thought that Hyderabad is a big city having enormous medical facilities. Someone close to him has suggested the name of that particular hospital in Hyderabad and he had fixed an appointment with that hospital.

After landing both took a cab and went straight to that hospital and the hospital did her various tests of LFT etc and recommended for a liver transplant. "Why don't you have a medicine or tonic to rejuvenate her liver?" Deepak asked the doctor. "We do have the medicines but liver transplant is the best option we can think of right now," replied the doctor. Deepak looked at her mother in a confused manner and after some time got her admitted in that hospital thinking that he will call his dad and discuss all the issues with him. He came on the ground floor and called his dad, "Dad the doctors are recommending liver transplant, what shall I do?" His dad remained silent for a few moments and then said,"I know nothing about it and she is scared of surgery, she will never agree. See if some medicine shows improvements then keep her admitted otherwise I'll consult a doctor friend of mine here and take his advice and let's see what he says, OK?" "OK dad," he replied and switched off the mobile.

But all medicines showed no positive signs and she continued to suffer and someone he knew in Assam rang him up to judge his mom's condition. "Hello Deepak, how is your mom?" "Still the same," he replied meekly. The caller then advised him to take her a little further, to Bangalore as he had heard about a hospital that specializes in dealing with the liver problems. He began noting down the address and called that hospital in Bangalore and asked them that, can they heal her? The hospital staff said they can and he got his mom discharged and went to Bangalore and got her admitted there. There the doctors also did the various tests and recommended the same procedure of liver transplant and he told them that her mom is too afraid of the surgery and will never agree. The doctors said that they are helpless and recommended another hospital in Chennai that had the medicines that can rejuvenate her liver.

He booked a flight for Chennai and went to that particular hospital and got her admitted there. The doctors also did her various tests and even they recommended the same procedure of liver transplant. This thing made him blew his fuse and he said angrily, "But that hospital in Bangalore said that you have the medicine that can cure her liver." "No such medicine is available and how could they say that?" the doctor replied. "You mean you have no other remedy to heal her," he almost cracked. The answer came loud & clear, no. "That means all of you are after my money and nothing else," and started thinking that all are the chips of the same block. He rang up his dad who asked him to come back home and he did just that. From Chennai both came back to Guwahati and her condition was getting deteriorated gradually.

Now she could not move much, and just kept lying on her bed. She did leak her urine and pass stools on the bed itself and the bed needed daily cleaning. The whole family thought that she will not survive for long. They did her abdomen tapping every week to take the fluids out from her abdomen for 3 long months.

Deepak tried to find the cure with some other medical line like Homeopathy, Acupressure or Ayurveda. Suddenly he saw a patient of fatty liver getting the cure from Planet Ayurveda. He was exalting a doctor over there with the name of Dr. Vikram Chauhan. In fact Planet Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic clinic, which is superbly maintained by its management that is done by an association of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. The hospital relies more on quality rather than quantity as all herbs that are brought to manufacture medicines of various kinds, are first checked in a modern & solid lab. If any defective piece gets detected the whole lot is rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. By now it has earned quite a reputation and this pair of doctors hold quite a long experience of practicing there and healing thousands of patients suffering from many diseases. Its name is becoming a household name globally just because of the quality of medicines.

Nature has bestowed many medical benefits through its plants & trees and they use these benefits after complete research gets done. Deepak saw a ray of hope in its medicines and called after searching their phone number from the net. It was answered by a politely speaking lady who asked him that how she can help him and he narrated the whole tragic story and said it was next to impossible to bring her to Planet Ayurveda as it was very far away and also asked her that can they retain her liver problem and she answered in a positive way. She also requested him to visit their Whatsapp number and post all the reports of labs and hospitals that he has visited regarding her liver trouble or he can come to Chandigarh and see the doctor personally and bring along all those reports. He fixed a date and booked a first flight to Chandigarh and landed on the fixed date and reached Planet Ayurveda premises in a cab.

He was pleasantly surprised to find lots of cars standing out near the building. He entered the building and was immensely impressed by seeing so many people sitting in the lobby waiting for the doctors. He went straight to the receptionist who had greeted with a smile and he then introduced himself. She registered his name and asked him to wait for the doctors who are yet to arrive and he sat on a chair and had a discussion with patients already having treatments to know the effects of medicines. Everyone who was getting treatment has been praising the doctor. He also became encouraged and thought that they might save his lovely mom, who by now has stopped recognizing her own kids because of a high level of Nitrogen in the brain.

He heard his name at around 2pm and entered the doctor's room and handed the whole file that contained all the papers tucked nicely in it. The doctor scrutinized the file carefully and asked him to narrate the history of his mom, which he did as much as he knew. The doctor after a brief discussion with his wife addressed him, "See first of all you need to take Liver Care Pack from our pharmacy and follow the prescription according to written here and also follow certain diet tips," and he opened a drawer and took out a printed sheet that displayed the list of foods to eat and the foods to avoid. He took it and kept it neatly in the file. The doctor gave him the prescription slip and asked him to tell its effects every month and bid him goodbye.

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He came out from the doctor's room and went straight to the pharmacy located opposite the doctor's room. He bought the pack and left. He began medicating his mom but the first month didn't have any effects and showed some effects in the 2nd month. That's when he visited Planet Ayurveda again to meet the doctor personally as he felt elated to save his ailing mother and rather than having a word with him on mobile. He has been taking this medicine for the last 6 months and now tells the doctor that his mom is 95% fine, just an occasional acidity and now she cooks the food herself for the whole family.

He wanted to make a video for YouTube as he was absolutely delighted to retain the health of his mom by Planet Ayurveda and insisted the doctor to please sit right next to him. In the video he says that someone near to him has also got the same medicine after seeing his mom's condition improved for the same liver trouble and that person has started going back on his work within 2 months. That's the quality that Planet Ayurveda has.

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