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Case Study No: 44 | Liver Disease - Sukhdev

Sukhdev A Farmer from Haryana who got treated for Liver

Basically Sukhdev belonged to Rohtak, a district of Haryana which is famous for having a renowned medical college. He was a well to do farmer that took pride in doing his work. As most of the well to do farmers in India, especially those belonging to North India got hooked to having alcohol. He used to enjoy his whiskey but later on exceeded his limits in having whiskey up to 1 or sometimes 2 bottles a day. In his younger days he used to enjoy drinking alcohol. After he got married and had kids, he got infected by Jaundice in the year 2015. But as everybody else he got the medicine from Rohtak medical college that cured him within a few days.

One day he returned in a jubilant mood and started having alcohol again and in January 2016 he fell seriously ill. He used to vomit with blood also oozing out from his mouth around 3, 4 times every day. He went to so many hospitals but still Rohtak doctors couldn't treat him well. He had a conversation with his friends who later took him to New Delhi, the capital of India with enormous medical facilities. There doctors did his abdominal ultrasound and did his LFT test too and found that his liver has gone fatty. They suggested to get the liver transplanted, but did admit him in the hospital and refrained him from drinking alcohol and he agreed and started his medication assuring him that they will make him normal.

Fluid had accumulated in his abdomen in excessive amount, his gut area had bloated and he had swollen feet. He remained in the hospital for about a month and was feeling fine and the doctors discharged him. He came back home and after a few days the bloody vomiting started again and he was rushed back to New Delhi. This thing kept repeating for many times, he used to get fine when treated in hospital and when he returned he was back on square one. Even he didn't know what was wrong with his body. His treatment was costing him a fortune but he was worried about his own health at that time.

On day a relative of his came to inquire about his condition on hearing such bad news about the whole situation and asked, "You still have whiskey when you return?" "No, no never I've left having whiskey since the times when I fell sick, not even a single peg, buddy," he replied. "Then have you heard the name of Planet Ayurveda?" his relative asked again. "Nope, where is it?" he asked. "Right next to Chandigarh at Mohali," his relative replied and added, "you better get the medication done from them because they provide absolutely authentic medicines that have no side effects," his relative replied sounding solid.

By now Planet Ayurveda has made an image in the public due to the quality of products it makes. Actually it is owned and maintained by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she even got a gold medal while studying her degree. Both have lots of experience and are quite renowned and have earned a solid reputation by relying on quality and not quantity. They both keep a hawk's eye on producing the medicines. First they check the authenticity of all the herbs that come to them for manufacturing various medicines, in a modern lab. If any fault gets detected they throw away the whole lot without hearing any excuses. These are the qualities that are making Planet Ayurveda famous at a fast pace.

He asked his relative, "You have their address or number?" "Yep, here it is, "and took out his mobile and gave number to him. Sukhdev who said, "When shall I call them?" "At any time between 9:30am to 6pm," the relative replied. "I'll do that tomorrow morning," said Sukhdev, "If you trust them so do I as you know how much I trust you,"and hugged his relative, who after a pat on his back, left.

The very next morning at 9:40am he called Planet Ayurveda and had a word with a sweet sounding lady, who asked him how she can help him. He narrated his liver blues and waited anxiously for the reply that came in a positive sounding lady, "You can come on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday as Dr. Vikram Chauhan is available only on these days, so when are you coming?" "Do you have a remedy or you also recommend liver transplant?" he inquired further. "No sir, we never do surgery but make the patient heal by providing pure herbal medicines that are researched by Ayurveda and developed accordingly," she said. "OK fine, I am coming this Monday, "he fixed the date and the lady asked him to come early as the doctors treated all patients on first come first serve basis. She also requested him to bring along all test reports and clinic slips of his visit to all these places regarding liver treatment.

On Monday he and his friend went to Mohali and were in front of the premises of Planet Ayurveda by 9:45am. He saw many cars standing outside and became cock a hoop after seeing a huge rush in their lobby. Both went straight to the receptionist who registered his name and asked them to wait for their turn. At 2:45 he heard someone calling his name. Both got up from their seats and his friend was shouldering him inside the doctor's room.

After the greetings his friend made him sit in a chair and sat next to him. His friend presented the doctor who was just observing Sukhdev. His condition had become from bad to worse as he felt breathlessness, had ascites, expanded gut, couldn't walk normally, lost his appetite and had the symptoms of Jaundice. The doctor took his papers and scanned them carefully and after finishing his job asked, "Can you narrate your history? He nodded his head in denial and looked at his friend who knew most of it as both were childhood buddies. The doctor while listening kept scribbling some medicines on his sheet and after his buddy finished handed him that sheet and said, "You have this Yakrit Plihantak Churna and it will take care of your liver as you have had whiskey in excess and keep reporting me its effects every month and here is a diet chart of foods you need to eat and foods you have to avoid, "and handed a list to his friend. Both bid farewell and came out after purchasing the pack of medicines from their pharmacy which is located very near to the doctor's room and left for Rohtak.

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For the first 2 months no effect was visible but the doctor insisted on the same medicines and asked them to have patience. The third month did show some positive responses and he got encouraged and ordered the same medicine without having any word with the doctor. It has been a whole year when he visited Planet Ayurveda for the first time and is feeling exalt and just praising Dr. Vikram Chauhan. His abdomen has become slender and he thinks that anyone who has an appetite and gets sound sleep is a healthy person and he is absolutely like that.

He now has some of his friends with the same disease and needs a cure from Plant Ayurveda and Dr. Vikram Chauhan did give his word and wished them best of luck and wished they get well soon.

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