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Case Study No: 124 | Low Platelet Count - Inderjit Singh

Inderjit Singh - A Pharmacist who doesn't believe in modern medicines

Inderjit Singh is a pharmacist who should trust in modern medical fields as he deals all day long in the modern medicines and after going through all the hardships in modern medical fields, had to come in the ancient science of Ayurveda to seek some positive results for his low platelet count. He deals with modern medicines in Mansa district in Punjab, but resides in Sangrur, a neighboring district.

The first appearance of platelet deficiency was felt around a year ago when some red marks appeared on his feet near ankles. At first he thought that a skin disease has infected him, but when he consulted a doctor friend, the doctor recommended a CBC test and a bone marrow aspiration test, which he did in a local lab and found out what he was fearing his worst, his platelet count was too low, just 7,000 per microliter of blood, putting lines of worry on his forehead. What shall I do was what he asked his doctor friend, and the reply was as Mansa and Sangrur don't own any reputed hospital, asking him to go to Ludhiana at Dayanand Medical College (DMC). He also knew a doctor and rang him up to do a well-deserved cure for his friend's disease. He gave Inderjit Singh to go by his own car and meet that doctor.

The next day he was off to Ludhiana and took along his wife. In the afternoon he reached DMC and had a word with that doctor and showed his reports to him, who said that such diseases will be dealt with just administering the steroids. He spent next 3 days over there and was given steroid of 44mg quantity and a lab test was done after 3 days that showed that the platelet count has enhanced to 1, 16,000 per microliter of blood and he felt happy and proud. He took these medicines and was back at home, kept taking the same medicine, thinking that after 3 or 4 months they will get increased.

But little did he knew that these will again fall so low, after continuously having the steroids for 4 months his platelet count was just 25,000 per micro liter of blood. What went wrong, why is he back to square one. Where to pick up the pieces now? But as they say it's always better luck next time, even his fortunes has to turn around, when one of his colleagues suggested him to try Ayurvedic treatment as one of their relatives did find a cure in Ayurveda when his wife was suffering from arthritis, joint pain and swelling. He asked him where to go and the answer came in a positive way, at Planet Ayurveda, near Chandigarh. He asked his colleague the authenticity of Planet Ayurveda and that colleague showed him all the Youtube videos of many ITP patients getting the cure and coming out and praising the doctors, with total satisfaction written on their faces.

Most of the videos on Youtube are fake ones, he questioned. Most, but not all as even I've been there once. An esteem Ayurvedic clinic that is maintained under the leadership qualities of a pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who are highly qualified, renowned and holds a long experience of healing hundreds of patients of platelet deficiency. They just use the extracts of organic herbs as a raw material that gets tested in a modern & technical lab. If these are genuine they are used otherwise thrown away. They keep a hawk's eye on the manufacture of the medicines. This is the reason why they are flourishing at a hectic pace.

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After believing his colleague was given their number and Inderjit Singh called there & then. He was in a hurry to find a remedy. He was getting afraid to get any other infection if this difficulty is not solved. He asked the lady who picked up the phone that do they have a remedy for enhancing his low platelet count. Sure welcome sir, note down the address and please bring along all the lab & clinical reports, when he was detected to have a deficiency of platelets count till the latest. Sure ma'am he fixed date of arrival and reached the very next morning. He displayed the reports to the intelligent pair of doctors who after scrutinizing it gave him the remedy and altered his diet plans. All these prescriptions need to be followed as prescribed strictly, was the order. He assured them that he will do as prescribed very sincerely.

He had the remedy of one month and got his CBC test done after the remedies were finished, he was pleasantly surprised to find their number i.e. 86,000 per micro liter of blood and within the next month he is pursuing the same remedy and diet plans, now the reading stands at 1, 28,000 per micro liter of blood, a few days ago. He felt elated and jubilant. He is fully hopeful that Planet Ayurveda has found the cure for his disease in a natural and humble way. Now he can walk in the air.

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