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Case Study No: 78 | Psoriasis - Sonia Batra

Mrs. Sonia Batra did suffer from psoriasis for a long time until coming to Planet Ayurveda

Mrs. Sonia Batra has suffered from psoriasis for a long time since 2007. She was treated at Planet Ayurveda within 15 days. She found Planet Ayurveda on the net after watching a video of a person who got treated for his psoriasis that he has also been suffering for a longer time. She was impressed as that person seemed genuine and not speaking under any kind of pressure. In fact Planet Ayurveda has gained popularity because it relies heavily on producing quality medicines. All the herbs that it receives to make medicines are first checked in a sound & modern lab. The lab checks it that it has come from natural or organically grown plants & trees. If a fault gets detected the whole lot is rejected without hearing any excuses.

In fact the clinic is run by an association of famous Ayurvedic doctors Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has earned a gold medal while doing her degree. Both keep a hawk's eye on production, packing and the delivery of medicines to all over the globe as many people avail products online. As Planet Ayurveda relies on producing quality medicines for its patients, it believes in playing safe first than saying sorry later. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity worldwide.

First of all some patches appeared on her skin, but were too small to take care. She thought it might be some sort of skin allergy due to the application of cheap cream, her daughters brought. She asked them to get the quality creams that have a name in the market. They did so but patches never disappeared. Gradually these enlarged in size and diluted her physical appearance. First she used to think that it is to dryness that causes them these patches but her condition deteriorated later. Cracks appeared on her elbows and neck. She took it seriously this time and went to a skin specialist.

The doctor scanned the cracks and said, "It is nothing serious Mrs. Batra as I have a medicine that will heal these cracks very soon and make your skin absolutely flawless." He did some tests before proceeding and got to know that she is suffering from psoriasis. He gave the medicine regarding that but to no relief. She kept having his medicine continuously for 6 months but relief still eluded her. She decided when he couldn't get her relief, she decided to change the doctor, which she did and that doctor assured her that he has a remedy that can cure her, but things were not that easy. He kept changing the medicines but all went down the drain.

Now she decided to change the medical line of treatment and went to a Homeopathic doctor who gave her the guaranty that he will fill the cracks. Initially these medicines had some positive effects reducing her swelling and the cracks but later on stopped showing any positive result. But things reversed after some time when her condition worsened, the swelling started in her feet and she couldn't even walk like a normal person. Her physical movements were restricted. She got frustrated that why couldn't anyone find her a proper cure.

One day she saw a person getting the treatment of psoriasis from an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. She had already tried an Ayurvedic doctor earlier also but that person never healed her minutely. She was perplexed as that person was just praising that particular doctor and she didn't understand what to do? After a brief period she thought that let's give them a chance and if they too failed she has to spend her life with those cracks and all.

She dialed their number after obtaining it from their website and a lady picked up the phone and said, "Welcome to Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" Mrs. Batra narrated her condition and felt in dire straits after visiting so many medical lines. But the lady on the other side assured her that she has reached the right place and asked her to email or send all the reports on their WhatsApp number and post all the lab reports and hospital prescriptions that she shared on that number and as always she did that in hurry.

The reply came sooner than expected and she was provided with Psoriasis Care Pack and the prescriptions written on the pack and a diet chart that mentioned which foods to eat and foods to avoid. They also gave her the address of their authorized distributor at Fresno and asked them to get the pack from there and she jumped in her car and sped away to see that distributor. It was open and she purchased the whole pack that had the dosage for a month. She came back home and started the medication from that day itself.

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It did show some positive results within the first 15 days by removing the cracks that had appeared on her elbows and neck. But she was still skeptical as the Homeopathy medicine had similar effects initially but later on stopped completely. She carried on this dosage for the whole month and 70% of her blemishes had disappeared. Her swelling became normal after a month and after 3 month dosage felt completely cured. In the year 2012, in September the Dr. Vikram Chauhan from Planet Ayurveda did visit USA and she along with her hubby came to see the doctor and felt grateful after meeting him. She said lots of thanks and was indebted to Planet Ayurveda in healing her completely, but asked the doctor, "Why didn't I get cured earlier when I took the Ayurvedic medicines earlier?" The doctor replied, "That's the quality of medicine we prepare." She felt overwhelmed by hearing his answer.

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