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Case Study No: 144 | Sarcoidosis - Dr. S. K. Bhanote

Dr. S. K. Bhanote had Sarcoidosis and was healed by Planet Ayurveda

Dr. S. K. Bhanote who lives in Hoshiarpur was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in the year 2014 and he like everybody else visited a doctor who did a CT scan. He continuously had dry cough, itchy throat and was losing weight as he had lost his appetite. He took the medicine for 10 days but the medicines reacted otherwise. It enhanced his symptoms and his condition further deteriorated. He even went to Canada to get the treatment done and they did his Nucleo test, TMT test every year from 2014 to 2017 but found no heart problem.

Then he came back to India and began searching on the internet to find a cure for Sarcoidosis in other medical fields like Ayurveda, Acupressure or Homeopathy. He watched a video of a person who got the cure for Sarcoidosis by Planet Ayurveda. The person seemed genuine and was just praising a particular Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

It is a well known fact that Planet Ayurveda has earned a name for itself by providing authentic medicines to their patients of every kind. Actually it is run by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medal holder while studying her degree. Both keep a vigilant eye while the production of the medicines. First of all they check the raw material that comes in to manufacture these medicines in a solid and modern lab. It is checked that it comes from organic or naturally grown plants and trees. If a defect is found, the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda relies on the quality of medicines it makes as it plays safe with the life of its patients than say sorry later. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity all over the globe.

He noted down the phone number from their website and dialed, it was picked up by a sweet sounding lady. He narrated his problem and the lady replied positively. She asked him to bring all his lab reports and the hospital slips and fixed his appointment. She also asked him to come at 9:30am as that was the time when the clinic opens and the doctors examined all patients by serving on first come first serve basis.

He and his cousin brother arrived on the fixed date and were impressed by a huge rush of people at their premises. They went straight to the receptionist and he introduced himself. The receptionist took out the official pad of Planet Ayurveda and wrote his name on it. Then she took him to the doctor's assistant who wrote all the symptoms that he was feeling and he honestly told her. He said that he felt itchiness in his throat and kept coughing a little more than necessary and he was losing weight, from 74 his weight now reads just 62kg. She asked him to wait for his turn and made them sit in the AC lounge.

Both sat in the lounge and waited for his turn. "Dr. S. K. Bhanote" someone called his name a bit loudly at around 1:30pm and they got up and were ushered in the doctor's room. After the initial greetings, the doctor asked him to take a seat opposite him and he did just that.

"Can I see your disease related papers?" asked the doctor. "Sure, here they are" and file he pushed his that he had kept on the table, towards the doctor, who scrutinized the file. After checking the file the doctor asked him to narrate his history, which he did in the most genuinely way. While he was speaking, the doctor kept scribbling some medicines on his slip and after he had finished, he looked up and said, "You are suffering from Sarcoidosis and here are the medicines, take Sarco Care Pack according to the prescription written here." And he showed him the slip on which he had scribbled a few moments earlier. "You also need to take care of your diet. I'll give you a diet chart on which foods to eat and which you should avoid. Stick to the diet chart and very soon your sorrows will fade away," he added. Then he opened a drawer and gave him the diet chart that he kept in his file carefully.

"OK doctor, can I ask you something else?" he asked. The doctor nodded his head and he spoke again, "For how long do I have to take these medicines?" "Not for very long duration, it will begin showing the effects in the first month and will reduce your troubles and sir don't worry, all these medicines carry no side effects as these are made from the extract of natural or organically grown trees and plants that have medicinal properties, "the doctor concluded, and then added, "Sir please call us and tell the effects every month." He got up and headed towards the pharmacy, which is located right in front of doctor's room to collect the medicines.

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Both went to the pharmacy and bought their pack and left the premises. Both went to Hoshiarpur the same day. He began taking the medicines from the very next day and after taking the medicines for 1 month only, his symptoms such as breathlessness withered away. Now he doesn't cough, nor is there any itchiness in his throat and also feels hungry and has started putting on weight. But to play safe, the doctor has told him to take the medicines for another one month to which he readily agreed.

He also shot a video for YouTube where he was accompanied by a relative Gurmukh Singh Rana. He urged everybody who is suffering from Sarcoidosis to come to Planet Ayurveda, if he/she needs an authentic cure. He felt elated as he has come to Planet Ayurveda.

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