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Case Study No: 55 | Scleroderma - Vani

Vani, in her 20's had Scleroderma and is feeling Better Now

Vani is in her early 20's had a very rare disease called Raynaud's phenomenon. This disease is related to the autoimmune system of our body, which get weakens. The skin gets tightened and stiffness sprawls all over the body and you feel tough to squeeze and open your hands. It is such a rare disease that can never be cured by modern medical studies. Even Vani did try to get the medicine from a renowned hospital in Chandigarh for 3 long years, but couldn't get any relief. The doctors kept changing their prescriptions and promising that this medicine will definitely bring out a positive result, but all medicines went down the drain.

She also tried many other hospitals that claimed to minimize her disease effectively, but all of them failed to do so. Every hospital she used to change welcomed her and said it is not a serious issue, such issues have been dealt many times. "Don't worry, you will be fine within a specified time," they used to say but such time never came. She was getting frustrated as there's a bluish discoloration to her fingers due to the toxins get accumulated, hindering the blood circulation and the lack of blood in the fingers turn their color blue. Wounds also started occurring on her fingers. She often used to cry as no hospital could reduce her pain.

Actually she suffered from this horrible disease for the past 6 years. As she could not fold her fingers, she was unable to pick anything from the ground. How can she remove this handicap permanently? This was a question she wanted an answer to. One of her dear friends suggested her to find a different medical line like Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Acupressure. She did try to find a cure on the net and ultimately landed at Planet Ayurveda that claimed to solve her difficulties. But she had heard the same words earlier also as every hospital she visited said the same thing.

But a voice from inside her body said that this could be her final destination. She thought that let's give it a chance and it might be the one to heal her. But first she wanted to check the reputation of this hospital and only then proceed. In fact by now Planet Ayurveda has earned quite a reputation that it makes Ayurvedic medicines that have cured thousands of patients with many different types of diseases. In fact this Planet Ayurveda is managed by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medalist while doing her degree. Both hold an experience, are renowned by now and hold a special reputation. All the material that comes for producing the various medicines is first checked in modern lab. The lab checks their authenticity that it has come from natural or organic grown plants and trees or not. If any defect is found the whole lot gets rejected. While producing medicines this pair keeps a keen eye on its production and packing. The quality of medicines is making it popular globally and a visit to this Planet Ayurveda is worth it.

She took their number from the website and dialed their number and on the other side a lady spoke very sweetly and asked her how Planet Ayurveda can help her. Vani said, "Do you have a cure for Raynaud's phenomenon?" "Yes we do have," came the answer. "You have a permanent cure or just temporary like many others as it has already happened with me?" she asked again and this time the voice sounded more solid, "Ma'am we never make fake promises, we are here to serve people, we heal them and help them get rid of their diseases. Ours is a divine clinic that makes the life of many people better." Vani also had started trusting them by now so she asked, "When can I see Dr. Vikram Chauhan, I want to have a word with him before proceeding." "OK ma'am you can come on any Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of this month. The clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctor's see patients on first come first serve basis," was the answer. She cut her phone and decided to go there on Monday.

On Monday morning she began her journey and reached HQ of Planet Ayurveda and was impressed after seeing the number of cars parked on their premises. The moment she entered the clinic she saw many people sitting on the chairs and waiting for the doctors to arrive. She went straight to the receptionist and narrated the reason for her visit. The receptionist wrote her name on a slip and asked her to get registered and sent her to a room where an assistant to the doctor was doing registration by asking various questions. She sat down and waited for her turn that came a few minutes later. The doctor noted down her symptoms and wrote them on that slip.

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She again came out and sat in the AC lounge and again waited for her turn. Her turn came around 1 pm when someone spoke her name a bit loudly. Hearing her name she got up from her seat and was ushered in the doctor's room. After greeting the doctor she sat down opposite him. The doctor started studying her reports attentively and asked later to reveal her history that she did honestly. While she was speaking the doctor kept scribbling the names of different medicines on her slip and after she had finished addressed her, "Look you need to take these medicines according to the prescriptions mentioned here," and showed her the slip and also gave her a diet chart on which it was printed foods to be eaten and foods to be avoided and then added, "You keep this diet chart and follow it strictly, otherwise the medicines will not cause much effect and keep reporting me every month."

"Thanks doc," she said and came out of his room. She headed to their pharmacy which was located right opposite the doctor's room and got her share of medicines and left their premises. Today 7 months have passed and her fingers show 60% movement and she has promised to make another video for YouTube the day when she becomes 100% fine, which doesn't seem far away.

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