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Case Study No: 87 | Ulcerative Colitis - Binod

Binod, someone who didn't find a treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in USA

Actually Binod is a native of Nepal and lives currently in USA. He is a young man with lots of golden dreams that made him go to USA and earn handsomely. But his luck ran out the moment he suffered from loose motions. Like everybody else he thought he must have eaten something indigestible food that he's not been able to remember and took a pill from a local pharmacy for reducing the frequency of his stools and he forgot all about it. He became a little alert in choosing his diets in the future. But after a few days the symptoms once again flared up and were harsh this time that he had to pay a visit to any local doctor who, after listening to the details, did do his colonoscopy test and revealed that he had Ulcerative Colitis (UC). "And what's that? Do You have a medicine that can cure me or shall I go to some other doctor?" he asked the doctor who said that he did have a medicine that will heal him, but this disease being a prolonged one will take its own time in healing completely.

"Do I have any other option?" stated Binod. The medication started, but the doctor forewarned him that these medicines are laced with steroids and might carry some side effects, but he needn't worry as steroids are the only cure for UC. Reluctantly, he agreed and used to feel some side effects, but thought that once his disease is over he will deal with the side effects later. The medication kept carrying for 2 years and he was getting frustrated. His behavior was also becoming irritable and he began cursing at his own luck, why me? None of the people he worked with had this horrible disease. He asked the doctor that how this disease has infected only him. But the doctor said that there are many reasons and it can affect anybody.

After taking the medicines for 2 years he decided to change the city and will consult some other doctor. He shifted and got in contact with a renowned doctor who scared him further that UC doesn't have a complete and permanent treatment plan. If he has to survive, he will have to take these medicines for his life time. "What if I stop taking these medicines?" he asked the 2nd doctor. "Then your condition might take an ugly turn and make you land in complex situations, somewhere, even I might not be able to help," replied the doctor. So he continued having the same medicines. His stool frequency was reduced a little bit, to around 4, 5 times a day. But he felt cramped in his abdominal area and could feel that the food that he used to eat was not getting properly digested.

All these hiccups made tension engulf him and he used to lose his temper quite frequently. Even his colleagues were afraid of having a word with him. He used to feel lonely. When left all alone, he used to surf the net on his mobile and trying to find a cure for UC, in any way or reduce its symptoms. One day while watching some YouTube channels he saw video of a patient of UC getting the cure from a different medical line, Ayurveda. He knew that Ayurveda is an ancient Indian Science that healed patients of many diseases naturally. He took their E-mail ID and mailed them stating his problem. The reply came sooner than expected.

Planet Ayurveda takes all patients very seriously. It is a brilliant Ayurvedic clinic that is managed by associated Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. The pair is extremely qualified, experienced, talented and holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic world. Both are the gold medalist in their courses. People throng in from all quarters of the globe to their clinic with their various diseases and find a complete solution. All the medicines prepared by this immaculate clinic are judge by their quality in a very modern lab. The raw materials used to produce medicines are first check that it comes from natural & organic herbs and if found that these herbs are not naturally grown, all the quota is straight away dismissed, without hearing any sort of excuses. People these days are shifting from allopathic methods, which carry lots of side effects, to Ayurvedic ways that treat naturally and carry no side effects.

His mail had a reply to get the medicine in the USA as there was an authorized distributor. And the doctor had mentioned WhatsApp number on which he did call very soon. He had a long conversation with the doctor and giving everything in detail. He even clicked the photos of his lab tests and clinic slips that he had all in a file and posted them on WhatsApp number. The doctor guided him very well and asked him to continue having his ongoing medicines and reduce their dosage gradually and gave him a diet chart of what to eat and what to avoid, it was needed to be followed strictly. He even asked him to keep calling every month and telling about the effects, whether it's negative or positive. Mr. Binod readily agreed as he tried to find a cure for the past 4 years, but was unable to do so.

After a month he called again and told the doctor that he got his Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and improving his health outcomes. "Hope my disease withers away very soon," he said to the doctor. The doctor replied in a humble way, "Better is being patient, you are suffering for last 4 years and it will not be tossed aside so soon, it might take some months to get completely cured, but it will, I am sure about that." "Thanks doc and I will keep mailing you and most probably I might be visiting Nepal soon and would love to visit your clinic, can you give me your postal address?" he narrated. The doctor told him the address of Planet Ayurveda.

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He kept mailing him telling him about the improvements. After a period of 3, 4 months in October 2016, he came to Nepal from USA and from there flew to Chandigarh airport and came to Planet Ayurveda HQ in Mohali. He came to see Planet Ayurveda premises and was impressed by a number of patients waiting to see the doctor. The doctor worked on a first come, first serve basis and he waited for his turn that came around 2 pm. He was all praises for the doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan, "Sir, you have done a fantastic job, within a period of the last 3 months I am feeling 60% better than the earlier. Sir, you have done a fabulous job, something that is not available in the USA. I am still feeling the side effects of my previous allopathic medicines which had been taken; I have an itchy feeling in my skin, a million thanks doc." The doctor asked him to continue with same dosage and he will get fully fine after another 3 months and after that he won't be in need of any remedy and if he strictly follows his diet chart, this UC will never dare to recur.

Even he wanted to shoot a video for you tube and shot one and he was just praising the Ayurvedic ways and the quality of Planet Ayurveda.

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