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Case Study No: 56 | Ulcerative Colitis - Deepti

Deepti, a Foreigner who didn't find the Cure for Ulcerative Colitis even in USA

Deepti is an Indian born US citizen and owns a business house over there in Fresno, California. She has many employees that work quite efficiently and she also owns a firm, which is officially run by her husband. It was around 5 months back that she suffered loose motions that were happening many times a day and a pill to curb them was proving ineffective. She checked in with her doctor who preferred that she might go and see a Gastroenterologist. She went to Gastroenterologist and he after watching the symptoms did her colonoscopy test and asked her to come again in a few days. It takes 3 to 4 days for colonoscopy report to materialize.

A few days before she could visit the doctor, blood and mucus also began coming with her stools and she got so scared and asked the doctor for a cure. The doctor was professional to the core and scared her further by saying, "Look Mrs. Deepti, you got Ulcerative Colitis and this disease happens in the rarest of rare cases and is chronic in nature. The modern medical system is yet to find a cure for that." "You mean you don't have medicine to cure it," she was almost shouting. The doctor replied in a very calm manner, "Now see Mrs. Deepti, we do have the medicines to control it but we are not able to discover a medicine that can cure it completely. It will keep your symptoms fully under control but you have to take this medicine for a long time, may be for life time."

She sank down the chair and was frowning with grief and cursing herself, "Why me, I don't smoke or drink alcohol and I'm a complete vegetarian, Why me doc why me?" she looked quizzically at the doctor. The doctor explained all the reasons associated with this disease like change of life style, packaged & processed foods, junk foods, spices we eat daily and many more. Anyone can cause it and asked her to follow a certain procedure and have the prescribed medicines. "What if I don't follow the procedure?" she asked. "That way your case will get more complicated and a surgery might be the only cure then," he said sternly. She was scared about the surgery, but she was also afraid of the long medication too. She didn't have any choice and agreed to have those medicines.

She kept suffering for 5 long months and then decided to search on the internet to find cure in some other medical systems such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda or through Acupressure. She did her search and was impressed after watching a video on YouTube about a patient who had suffered from UC for 4 years and finally found the cure from an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. She watched many more videos of patients suffering for around a decade also finding the cure there. All seemed genuine and no one appeared to be acting and all praised the doctor for rejuvenating their life. She decided to check the authenticity of Planet Ayurveda.

The facts are there to be explained, and Planet Ayurveda is running successfully because it is managed by a pair of highly educated, talented, reputed and by now renowned Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his better half Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medalist while perceiving her degree. First they check the authenticity of the herbs that arrive for making various medicines in a sound and tech-savvy lab. This lab checks that all herbs are grown in a natural or organic ways. If a fault gets detected the whole quota is dismissed. This pair of doctor keeps a hawk's eye on their production. This is the reason why Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the globe.

After checking its authenticity she had a word with her husband who encouraged her to proceed and wished her best of luck. She did send an e-mail on their Email I'd and felt relaxed. She began thinking that if they can cure so many patients, they can also find a cure for her. The reply came sooner than expected and the doctor had also asked her all the details and said that he has a treatment for her. She replied promptly describing her disease in detail and very soon received a reply stating to be strict about her diet and take their Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack from an authorized distributor in her own city, Fresno.

She called up that distributor and asked about his address and went straight away to his shop and collected the pack and began medication. She also brought changes in the diet that was recommended by the doctor. She found the taste of pomegranate tea very soothing and has become habitual in having that tea. As she had lost her appetite that made her lose weight by about 7, 8 kg in those 4 months and these days her appetite has increased once again and she started enjoying her medication as these contain the natural flavors only. She kept alert about her diet and was getting better and her diarrhea disappeared in the first week only. Her bleeding and mucus too vanished away after 2, 3 weeks and that encouraged her more. Gradually she could felt that her symptoms were reducing and had a gut feeling that she will be cured within some months.

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She became totally fine after 4 months of these medicines and felt on cloud nine. Dr. Vikram Chauhan visited USA in January 2019 and Deepti along with her husband came to meet him at Planet Ayurveda store in Fresno and was feeling thankful and grateful for pulling her out from the clutches of this horrible disease. She said that during the time when she was not getting Planet Ayurveda medicine she never had an outing as she never knew when she might need to visit the toilet. She felt too embarrassed to venture out and last week she and her husband had gone for an outing after a long time.

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