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Case Study No: 59 | Ulcerative Colitis - Jim

A Young man who never knew what hit him

Jim is a young man who was actually a patient of Ulcerative colitis and never knew anything about this disease and never visited a renowned clinic at any place since 2015. His first symptoms were losing motions that were stopped instantly by a pill from the local pharmacy. These symptoms again flared up after a few days and this time that pill proved to be useless. He, out of curiosity went to a lab and got his local test done and the lab was also below the par as it was situated in a rural area and that person said that he is having an infection in the intestine. He took some local medicine for infection and came home. In the beginning he used to go to the toilet for 5, 6 times a day that kept enhancing in frequency.

After about a few months later he kept going to the toilet and this time the frequency had increased to 8, 10 times every day. He was feeling frustrated that, why is he not getting any cure from this infection, but his destination was a little too far for him. As no one suggested going for a test like a colonoscopy or endoscopy that would have diagnosed his disease. Once he had a tooth problem and he visited a dentist and the dentist prescribed some anti-biotic tablets to him. After taking these anti-biotic tablets, his symptoms flared up and blood also started coming out along with mucus. He panicked and asked a doctor friend of his on phone who prevented him from taking anti-biotic tablets. The symptoms did subside a little after he stopped having them.

In January 2016 he got his colonoscopy test done as he felt that he was losing the appetite and getting thinner. His pants were becoming baggy at the waistline. Its report came after a few days that confirmed the news that he was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, a very rare disease. He used to surf the net and came to know that modern medical sciences don't have a cure for this disease and he searched some other way like Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Acupressure and was informed that Ayurveda does have a cure for Ulcerative Colitis. He visited an Ayurvedic doctor who did produce the medicines that were made from taking the extract from different trees, in whatever way they were grown. These medicines also proved to be total crap for him in withering away his disease and he lost all hope.

He had almost given up when someone known to him rang him up and asked to see the videos on YouTube about Planet Ayurveda. "Even Ayurveda can't treat me well, all are the chips of the same block," he said to the caller. The caller replied, "Never think that all fingers are the same, Jim you better watch them cure patients on YouTube and look at so many patients getting the cure for Ulcerative Colitis and their medicines are blended with Mother Nature and everybody can't tell a lie." He reluctantly turned on YouTube and searched Planet Ayurveda treats Ulcerative Colitis and began watching. There were hundreds of videos of different families getting the cure, from young kids to old citizens. Now he realized that the caller was telling the facts.

Planet Ayurveda is a divine clinic of Ayurveda studies. It relies on producing quality products for its patients that get healed timely. It is managed by a highly educated, experience holder, renowned and reputed association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his better half Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. This pair always keeps a hawk's eye on the production, packing and transporting these medicines that are delivered in all the corners of this world. You can just place the order after telling your problem online and they have a solution for you with no side effects. First, they check the authenticity of all herbs that they receive for manufacturing the medicines in a solid lab. And these extractions come from natural or organic grown plants & trees. If any mistake comes out, the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuses. They make sure that the medicines they produce do not contain anything artificial, but is authentically as bestowed by nature. This is the reason that this Planet Ayurveda is becoming a household name in itself all over the globe.

Jim was impressed and decided to contact them and he did so through his mobile. He rang them up and was answered by a sweetly talking receptionist who asked him that how Planet Ayurveda can help him. She asked him where is he calling from and he named his native place from rural Punjab. Jim began narrating his story and asked that, do they have a remedy that can heal him. She said, "Sure, sir we do have. But is it possible for him to come to the clinic situated at Mohali in Punjab?" "Sure, why not, but when does the clinic open?" he asked. "Exactly at 9:30am sir on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only if you wish to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan," she replied. "So fix my appointment with him and tell me the time, when can I meet the doctor?" he replied. "But sir the doctors are available on first come, first serve basis, you come at any time the doctors will examine you," she said. "OK, fine fix the day and I'll be there on that day," he replied and she fixed the day and put the phone down.

He reached Planet Ayurveda and was highly impressed by seeing so many patients thronging at their threshold. He also entered their premises and went straight to the receptionist and introduced himself. The receptionist noted down his name and asked him to wait as the doctors were about to arrive. He also sat alongside those people who were all waiting for the doctor's arrival. His turn came around 2pm when someone called his name loudly. He got up from the seat and was ushered into the doctor's room where the doctors were sitting. He greeted doctors and narrated his problem and said that he never went for any allopathic medicines as he had done his search on the net and went to a potentially incompetent Ayurvedic doctor who never gave him a slip but just the medicines and just wrote their dosage. Even that didn't help.

The doctor made him comfortable after seeing his colonoscopy report and said, "You need some medicines which come under Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and some diet changes," taking out a printed sheet from his drawer," These are the foods to avoid and these are the foods to be taken," doctor pointing his index finger told him and he later folded it and kept it carefully in his pocket. The doctor further said, "And Mr. Jim, keep telling me the effects every month and you can order the medicines online and no need to come time and again, OK?" "Sure, sir I will," he stated and left the doctor's room and went to the pharmacy and rang up his driver to pick the pack after he had made the payment.

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This medicine did have the positive effects that made him 95% fine after 3 months and the doctor insisted on carrying on with the same medicine for another 2 months and he asked for any dietary changes as he had lost lots of weight. But the doctor said that he can opt for some organic foods like soya, amla and the likewise, but stick to the diet chart given to him for the next 6 months. He did ask him to have cheese once a year, but no dietary powders, etc. that people often use to enhance his muscles that he needs to visit the gym to grow his body again. But the doctor has stopped him from doing any intensified exercise, at least for the first year and after his all functions will get usual he can do anything. Jim was feeling elated as Planet Ayurveda has shown him the right way.

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