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Case Study No: 123 | Ulcerative Colitis - Kamaldeep

Kamaldeep, a young bachelor who suffered from Ulcerative Colitis

Rampur, a district of western UP was formerly known for its various industries, in sugar refining and cotton milling. Its library contains more than 12,000 rare manuscripts and a great collection of Mughal miniature paintings. It is the only Muslim majority district in the state, according to the 2011 Census of India. Kamaldeep, a native of Rampur had a disease popularly known as Ulcerative Colitis (UC). It all began with stools becoming loose and he, as everybody does, took a pill from a chemist to stop these loose motions, which subsided instantly and he forgot all about them. While he got busy with usual chores like visiting a college, but it was only after a few days that the symptoms flared up again and he rushed to the same chemist and got the same medicine that didn't show any effect this time.

He told everything to his parents and his dad took him to a local doctor, who came to know instantly that he was suffering from UC, but to confirm it did recommend the colonoscopy test done at a particular lab and gave them some formal tablets that will not enhance the symptoms. Both went to that lab and got his colonoscopy test done. After 3, 4 days both again took the report and reached the doctor. The doctor went serious after scanning the report and said, "I knew it but just needed to confirm it, sir. Your son is suffering from UC, don't worry it is not a serious issue. My medicines will cure him, but might take some time in doing that." "How long doc?" his dad wanted to know. "Not much say a week or two," replied the doctor. "Fine doctor, prescribe him the medicine and he will take it and avoid going to the college for a week. I'll have a word with his dean and tell him the details," his dad said.

Both took the medicines and came home and Kamaldeep took the medicines as prescribed. After that he hit his bed but was unable to get the proper sleep due to mild cramps surfacing in his abdomen. This treatment kept stretching, the doctor on one excuse or another, kept altering the medicines, but the symptoms instead of reducing deteriorated further and bleeding also started along with the stools whose frequency had increased to almost 20 times a day. His parents panicked and took him to various other doctors and visited even New Delhi also but the symptoms never reduced. Finally his dad suggested to change some line of treatment and opted for Ayurvedic treatment and visited many famous Ayurvedic doctors in New Delhi. All proved to be effective initially, but after they reduced the dosage, he was placed back on square one. He needed a permanent cure, but the Ayurvedic doctors at New Delhi further scared him that he needed to take the medicine for life long.

One day one of his friends suggested to find some remedy on the internet as it was not a big deal and he had heard somewhere that half of the diseases get cured by changing the diet etc. Both were searching Youtube channel and while watching the different videos of many patients, they were attracted by a video of one of the patients of UC that had got the cure from Planet Ayurveda. But he himself had been visited many Ayurvedic clinics, and now he didn't believe that patient. "He must be acting, it's done to get the publicity," he told his friend. "But look over here, " showing his own mobile he showed him lots more patients getting the cure of UC from Planet Ayurveda and everybody praising a particular doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan, "Not everybody can't be fake and look at their faces, do they look fake or acting. I think I have found a genuine one this time, give it a try, if the medicine doesn't show any effects we will search some other option. It doesn't have any kind of side effects" Both decided to visit the clinic after having a word with their respective parents.

Planet Ayurveda is a transport of delight that heals age old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who hold a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic zone. Dr. Meenakshi Chuahan is a gold medalist in Ayurveda. All the remedies that are produced in their premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically sound lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used otherwise discarded, without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the keen eyes of this honest pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity at a hectic pace both nationally and internationally.

He contacted them and told his story to them. The lady that picked up his phone said, "Let me see sir, You can come on any day of this month, do ring us up before coming to know the presence of doctors as they travel a lot to heal patients all over the globe but do bring in all the test reports of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors, both allopathic and Ayurvedic, you get them and also your own history, OK sir, when can I see you? The clinic opens at 9:30am sir." "I am leaving UP right now and will come to your clinic tomorrow or the day after" was his answer.

The next day, both reached Planet Ayurveda in October, 2016, and were quite impressed after seeing the huge rush of patients at their green premises. The people had come from far flung places, there were some foreigners too. They sat with the already waiting patients as the doctors served on first come first serve basis and waited for their turn which came at 1:00pm and both were ushered in the doctor's room. After the greetings he showed him the disease related papers and various labs tests done and also narrated his own history. The doctors scrutinized the whole reports very eagerly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Kamaldeep and said, "Look sir, you have suffered a lot now just relax as you have reached the right place and follow the prescription strictly or you will deteriorate the whole condition. Take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diet that you have to consume and which one to avoid and continue having your previous medicines if any, gradually decline their dosage, but never give up all of a sudden, your body might not be able to adjust accordingly." "Sure sir I will decrease their dosage gradually," said he. He noted all the prescription on his mobile and took a diet chart from the doctor and asked, "Sir how long will it take to get completely fine? It's been a year and a half since I have enjoyed my youthful party or something like that" "All depends on the patient's body. Everybody has a different body structure, it might be over within a fortnight and might take some months, not exceeding 9 months but it will diminish, I am sure about that and has no side effects," the doctor assured him.

"I'll do as prescribed by you sir as I am fed up of these side effects and suffering for so many years, and my studies are also been affected adversely." he assured him. "Call us the moment you feel any kind of effects, good or bad doesn't matter, OK?" the doctor had asked. "Sure sir, I will" he said.

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He got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the premises and left after having the pack headed towards his home in UP. The doctor had asked him to visit or call Planet Ayurveda next month as the dosage was for 28 days only. He called after a month and his voice was in a cheerful mood. "Hi doc this is Kamaldeep and what a remedy you have given me, it is absolutely magic, my UC has decreased by 50%, the bleeding and cramps seem to have vanished, should I order the same dosage?" "Continue the same medicine and are you following my diet chart?" the doctor asked. "Yes sir, I am absolutely veracious regarding that."

He surfaced at Planet Ayurveda after 2 and a half months with a box of sweets that he had brought for everybody working at Planet Ayurveda as he was feeling 90% all right. The doctor asked him to continue with the same dosage for another month or two and he will be 100% fine and his disease will never dare to recur. He had nothing else to say except that UC treatment was not possible anywhere else except at Planet Ayurveda as they use quality herbs to prepare their authentic & 100% herbal medicines.

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